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Welcome to FolkWorld!
In front of you you are having the first issue of the new online magazine for folk and world music on the screen.
The aim of FolkWorld is especially - besides informing the hard core of folk fans - to give information on folk and world music to people who like it but do not have enough interest to subscribe one of the folk scene magazines.
The content is thought to be based on the music of Europe; but the African drummer, the Native American Flute player or the Chinese folk music hero is very welcome in our FolkWorld, too. We will try to focus especially on the regional cultures of Germany and Europe (and the rest of the world).
The first issue is - as you can see - mainly our work; from the next issue on we will also have an enthusiastic team of contributors and supporters.
If you also like to contribute your part of work to FolkWorld - it can be as a writer, web designer or also (web) promoter (who e.g. brings FolkWorld into the search engines) (skills in internet programming may be helpful but are not necessary!) -
please contact us! There will be enough web work to be done!

Our CD review policies are the following:

The Critical View
The Critical View is a series of FolkWorld, which shall start in one of the following issues and which will use the possibilities that an online magazine has compared to a paper issue.
In The Critical View we want to establish a forum of discussion for the folk scene. A critical, maybe exaggerated text shall be the basis of discussion. We think that this part of FolkWorld can discuss questions like:

If you have already an idea or opinion which you would like to have discussed in this forum, again please contact us.

Also planned are columns to be looked after by one and the same person. We think of e.g. regional columns, where say Helmut writes on folk music news from South-West Germany or Tony on world music news from Scotland or whatever; as well as specialised columns - like Rolf's Irish corner or Paul's Africa news. Or simply person' columns - simply like John's music column from Africa to the North Cape or Ronnie's folk column.
This is up to now just an idea; we do not have any contributors announced yet.

The folk scene from inside - musicians/folk music activists talk
Another planned column is the folk scene from inside. Here musicians, bands or also label bosses or agents (just everybody who is actively involved in the folk scene) can write about a theme of their own choice (which must of course have something to do with folk/world music).
Possible would be e.g.:

Also for this you can contact us; but we will also ask ourselves musicians and bands to contribute a feature.

To make these plans all happen we need your help! Also opinions, criticism, feedback etc. on the FolkWorld project are more than welcome!
'nough said for now - enjoy reading!

The Mollis as the editors

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