Issue 14 6/2000

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Gabriel Yacoub; photo by The Mollis

Folk Old & New

This issue of FolkWorld is dedicated to the old and new folk music of Europe. We give an up-to-date presentation of some of the most exciting new folk bands that Europe has currently to offer - from the "icons" of Flemish folk music, Laïs, via the new voice from the Western Isles Alyth McCormack to one of the best young Galician bands, Berrogüetto - the folk music of the new millennium. The flag of the "old" folk music scene back in the 20th century is represented by the former singer of one of the most important bands that France has ever produced, Gabriel Yacoub of Malicorne, then there is a feature about Folk in East and West of Germany during the last 50 years (where you can win 3 CDs with all in all 225 minutes music), and from the Netherlands we have a report about the new programme of old band Flairck. Exciting stuff!

Looking at these articles it seems that Europe's folk music scene is currently at an exciting point, with the next generation after the revival scene growing very strong, and getting musically better and better. A lot of new things to discover, yet some of the old talents try to get their show uptodate - Flairck with a new major and exciting show, Gabriel Yacoub with his back to the roots trio. It seems that these years will decide which of the professional bands and musicians will remain or become major acts of the scene and which not, convincing or not convincing with their stage performance, their musical originality, their authenticism (if you can speak of authentic music at all!). The test of time will finally decide which bands have the real quality.

Lais, photo by The Mollis After having produced this 14th issue, we like to note once again that FolkWorld is still only a hobby business... Often enough we are asked if this is our main job, and we always have to answer with a clear "No". This is the reason why FolkWorld is by far not "perfect", why it comes out whenever it is complete, etc. It is a lot of work, yet it is a lot of fun and fulfillment.

Now the real "working time" for folk music journalists is just coming: The summer festival season, with a huge number of festival with a huge number of great and fascinating European talent. And with quite a few very new festivals... You can find a little feature about Continental European festivals in this issue to help you in your decision which festival to take. And if you see some people with FolkWorld T-Shirts there, it is quite likely that they have some relation to FolkWorld, so just say hello to them!

Your FolkWorld Editors.

Photo Credit: All photos by The Mollis; (1) Gabriel Yacoub; (2) Laïs

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