Issue 19 9/2001

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Being now quite at the end of the festival summer, many of us and you have many new memories of special moments with folk music. My most unforgettable moment was when arriving at the two one-evening open air festivals Jazz and Folk at The Fram in Suffolk, England. Not having paid attention to that little sentence "bring along chairs and picknick", I ended up being the most unorganised looking person in the maybe 1000 person audience. While definitely 4 out of 5 visitors brought along their chairs, nearly everybody had at least a huge huge picknick with them. I have never before seen so many garden chairs at one place. I tell you, these have been the most "professional" festival goers I have ever seen.

Although having taking very long and much longer than planned to bring out the new issue: FolkWorld is still as alive as ever, and our team has collected plenty of material during the festival season. Some of these live reviews and interviews will only appear in the next issue. This issue is filled with material from spring as well as with the first festival reports of the summer. The CD review section is once again huge - more than 100 CDs being reviewed! You can look forward to this issue, and hopefully plenty more FolkWorld issues!

Enjoy reading!

Your FolkWorld Editors.

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