Issue 25 6/2003

The FolkWorld Editorial

6 months since the last Folkworld issue - finally No. 25 is out, about 4 months later than we expected and intended. A variety of personal and private reasons have led to this long delay. So much has happened in the world since the last issue, making these 6 months appear even longer.

We hope that the next issues of FolkWorld will be more regular again, and we will be working on reviewing most of the backlog of review CDs that have arrived during the last few months but did not find their way into FolkWorld yet. And yes, new review CDs are now welcome again!

Although I doubt that many of you have suffered their way through the horrible Eurovision Song Contest, some of you might have watched the moment when the Belgian folk band Urban Trad was voted 2nd! Maybe there is still a slight hope?!?

I wish you a beautiful summer, and hope you will find your way on some great folk festivals. Meanwhile, use one of the few rainy days in June to read your latest issue of FolkWorld!

Your FolkWorld editors.

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