FolkWorld's best CDs 2002
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FolkWorld's editors, Michael & Christian Moll, have taken here the difficult task to find out - subjectively - about the best 10 CDs of 2002 that have arrived for review at FolkWorld magazine.

  1. The best CD of 2002: Flook "Rubai" (England/Ireland)
    Flook has gone from strength to strength during their carreer, more and more maturing their very own distinctive soundscape. "Rubai" is without doubt the highlight of their existance, an outstanding CD which is perfect from start to finish. Flook features two of the best flautists from the British Isles, Brian Finnegan (also playing whistle) and Sarah Allen (also playing accordion), and likewise probably the best and most driving acoustic rhythm section around, with John Jo Kelly on Bodhrán and Ed Boyd on guitars and bouzouki. Most of the tunes on Rubai are composed by Sarah and Brian, taking their inspiration in the Celtic world and well beyond that, with influences from all over Europe. And to add a new dimension to the unique Flook sound, they have invited for the recording some special guests, most notably on a couple of tunes Rory McLeod, offering some trombone blast - sounding superb in the Flook soundscape.
    Additionally, this CD could also receive an Award to the most tastefully designed CD, with its beautiful painting in shades between orange, red and green on the cover of one of those folding all-in-one boxes without much plastic.
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  2. The second best CD of 2002: Danny Guinan & Red "If I was wise" (Ireland/Netherlands)
    Danny Guinan has built himself a reputation 10 years ago, when still being the lead singer with the Irish band Speranza. These days, Danny lives in the Netherlands, and has formed a band, "Red", with Dutch musicians which can well compare to the excellence that Speranza provided a decade ago. Writing his own songs, the arrangements of "Red" are excellent, featuring, in the centre of the music, fiddle (Siard de Jong) and accordeon (Onno Kuipers), rhythmically backed by drums, double bass and guitars. A wonderful album of Celtic folk pop, with that distinctive, charming touch to it. Highly recommended.
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  3. The third best CD of 2002: Phönix "Pigen og Drengen" (Denmark)
    Absolutely wonderful stuff! Phønix come with their fourth album with a big surprise. They have built up their fame from their exciting and innovative, purely instrumental New Danish Folk music. And this album has surprisingly a focus on songs! Their new singer Karen Mose Nørgaard has an highly attractive singing style, breathing life into traditional Danish songs, and she also has a hand for choosing songs that both suit her voice and the Phønix sound. The unique Phønix sound stays also with the singer alive - a strong and powerful, inventive blend of Danish music traditions with modern and Jazz music influences. The grooving bass clarinet makes the sound rather unique, joined by the attractive combination of accodrdion, recorder/flute/violin and percussion. Phønix has been for a long while one of the most exciting bands from Denmark, if not from Europe. The addition of the singer can only add to the band's attraction.
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  4. Ialma "Ialma" (Spain/Belgium)
    An all-female pandereita band, originally from Galicia, now based in Belgium. The singers are backed by an exciting band sound, crossing borders between the traditional pandereita style and other folk music styles. Lovely music.
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  5. Gràda "Endeavour" (Ireland)
    Young Irish band playing Irish music on the highest level - one of the best Irish trad CDs I have listened to in years.
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  6. Sari Token "(Finland)
    Though quieter than her last album, this is another exciting work of unique modern roots music, a strong voice and tastefully arranged modern music.
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  7. Fillippo Gambetta "Pria Goaea" (Italy)
    Young Italian melodeon player with great talent. This album will be reviewed soon.

  8. Dochas (Scotland)
    Young Scottish all female band, full of talent, playing traditional music mainly from the West Coast..
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  9. Barahúnda "Al Sol de la Hierba" (Spain)
    An intriguing album combining the different cultural influences that Spanish traditions are made up from - arab-andalusian, sephardic and regional spanish styles.
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  10. Eyfo (European Youth Folk Orchestra) "enfants terrible " (Europe)
    A band bringing together some of the young folk music talent from across Europe to showcase the wealth of music traditions. A lot of potential in this band that unfortunately had to split shortly after the CD release due to lack of funding.
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The Mollis - Editors of FolkWorld; Published 05/2002

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