FolkWorld's best CDs 2002
The Readers' Choice

FolkWorld asked its readers for their favourite three CDs of 2002. Below you find the 10 most voted for CDs. (Each CD voted "Best" county three times, "second best" twice and "third best" once).

  1. Altan album coverAltan "Blue Idol" (Ireland)
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  2. Jaune Toujours "Camping del Mundo" (Belgium)
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  3. Flook "Rubai" (England/Ireland)
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  4. I Muvrini "U Mani" (Italy)

  5. Ialma (Spain/Belgium)
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  6. Gjallarhorn "Grimborg" (Finland)

  7. Malinky "3 Ravens" (Scotland)
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  8. Waterson:Carthy "A Dark Light" (England)
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  9. Blue murder "No one stands alone" (England)
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  10. Smoky Finish "Clear this planet" (Austria)

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