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FolkWorld CD Reviews

CD Reviews in English - Page 1
Fromseier Rose "Contradiction" Denmark/Ireland/US
Pekka Lehti & Outo Voima "Sohjo" Finland
Daniele Sepe "Anime Candide - war and love songs" Italy
The pickPocket ensemble "If I Were A Highway" US
Terra Folk "Pulover ljubezni - jumper of love" Slovenia
Denny Bartley "Midnight Feast" Ireland
Maite Dono "O Mar Vertical" Spain
Felippo Gambetta "Pria Goaea" Italy
Betti Zambruno & Tendachent "al lung de la riviera - ballate piemontesi dalla raccolta Sinigaglia" Italy
Fred Morrison with Jamie McMenemy "Up South" Scotland
John McCusker "Goodnight Ginger" Scotland
Kate Rusby & John McCusker "Heartlands" England/Scotland
Sicra "Here Among Strangers" Ireland
Flukt "Spill" Norway
sturla|andreas "Glimmer" Norway
Majorstuen "Majorstuen" Norway
Vintermne "Vintermne" Norway
David Rovics with Allie Rosenblatt "Hang a Flag in the Window" US
Stephan Smith "New World Worder" US
Townes Van Zandt "Live at The Old Quarter" US
CD Reviews in English - Page 2
Fnix "eu, causa e efeito" Brasil
Various Artists "Let Scotland Flourish - The bright young stars of Scottish traditional music" Scotland
Angus Lyon & Ruaridh Campbell "Simple Tricks" Scotland
Birkin Tree "3(three)" Italy
Lisa Ekdahl "Heaven, Earth and beyond" Sweden
The Poozies "Changed days, same roots" Scotland
Felpeyu "Y!" Spain
El Nombre "Poetry of Rhythm" England
Danny Guinan & red "live" Netherlands/Ireland
North Cregg "Summer at my feet" Ireland
Annbjrg Lien "Aliens Alive" Norway
Christy O Leary & Bert Deivert "Song's sweet caress" Ireland/US/Sweden
Corrina Hewat "My favourite Place" Scotland
Joseph Cormier & J.P. Cormier "Velvet Arm Golden Hand" Canada
Salsa Celtica "El Agua de la Vida" Scotland
Panta Rhei "StriDes" Belgium
Riccardo Tesi & Maurizio Geri "Acqua Foco E Vento" Italy
Various Artistes: "Milagro Acustico" Italy etc.
Michael Snow "Never Say No To A Jar" England
CD Reviews in English - Page 3
Gilbert Isbin: "Red Wine" Belgium
Jez Lowe and the Bad Pennies: "The Parish Notices, the Art Edition" England
Back Of The Moon "Fortune's Road" Scotland
Jim Condie: "Distant Cousins" England
Dom Duff: "Straed an amman" Brittany
Tom Russell "Modern Art" US
Black Sheep "Rapparees" Germany
Smoky Finish- The Rock N' Reel Connection "clear this planet immediately" Germany
Steve Skaith Band "Mexile" UK
Serah "Late Harvest" US
Richard Thorne "Freight Trains and Strange Dreams" England
Richard Thorne "Undercover Overachiever" England
DAFT- Deutsch-Amerikanisches Folksnger-Treffen 2003 Germany/US
Eric Andersen "Beat Avenue" US
Baka Beyond "East to West" UK
Rnn Snodaigh "Tip Toe" Ireland
Two Time Polka "About Time Two" Ireland
Gavin Whelan "Gavin Whelan" Ireland
GiveWay "Full Steam Ahead" Scotland
Mike & Mary Rafferty "The Road From Ballinakill" US
CD Reviews in English - Page 4
Donna Long "Handprints" US
Eileen Ivers & Immigrant Soul US
Kila "Luna Park" Ireland
BOOK REVIEW: Donogh Hennessy "Lnasa: The Music 1996-2001" Ireland
Kevin MacLeod & Alec Finn "Polbain To Oranmore" Ireland
Shooglenifty "The Arms Dealer's Daughter" Scotland
Emer Mayock "Playground" Ireland
Saltfishforty "Goose Music" Scotland
Dervish "Spirit" Ireland
La Volee D'Castors "VDC" Canada
Warsaw Village Band "people's spring" Poland
Regina Lindinger "jahreszeiten" Germany
Various artists "4 cd's: morning, noon, evening, night" Germany
Balkan Playboys "Balkaninis" Hungary/Balkan
Wimme "Barru" Finland
Bio Bonsai "big band" Swiss
Herman van Veen "Unter einem hut" Netherlands
Massel-tov " Vos iz vikhtik" Klezmer
Klezmorim "Klezmeshugge" Klezmer
Stille volk "maudat" France
CD Reviews in English - Page 5
Chris Conway "My mind's island" US
Chris Conway "Alien salad abduction" US
Geyers "Und dein roter mund" Germany
Nada Belgium
Various artists "The secret power of the singing bowls" Asia
Various artists " Vencermos!" Chile
Von Langen " Ask the runes / des teufels lockvogel" Germany
Linde Nijland " sings Sandy Denny" Netherlands
Foo Foo Band " Heren van zes weken" Netherlands
Mariachi dos mundos "El jugador" Germany/Mexico
Paul Vens " the white lake / open" Netherlands
Zapf'nstreich " MMII" Germany
Dave Swarbrick "Swarb! forty years of folk's finest fiddler" England
Peter Grafen "Manchmal" Germany
Huun huur tu "more live" Mongolia
Adrianne Greenbaum "Fleytmuzik" US
Michael Weston King "a decent man" US
Urban Trad " Sanomi" Belgium
Spaelimenninir "Malargrot" Faeroer
Mat Walklate "Harmonica & Flute" England
Richie Dwyer "In A Creative Mood" Ireland
CD Reviews in English - Page 6
Kla "Handels Fantasy" Ireland
Kla "Mind the Gap" Ireland
Kla "Tg Go Bog " Ireland
Kla "Lemonade & Buns" Ireland
Kla "Monkey!" Ireland
Kla "Luna Park" Ireland
Kla "Glanfaidh M" Ireland
Hom Bru "No Afore Time" Scotland
Robin Laing "The Water of Life" Scotland
Dervish "Spirit" Ireland
Niall Callanin + Band "Live" Ireland
Ennis Cel Band "Traditional Dance Music from County Clare" Ireland
Garmarna "Garmarna" Sweden
Pete Seeger & Friends "Seeds: The Songs of Pete Seeger" US
V/A "Spain In My Heart: Songs of the Spanish Civil War" US
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