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30 years Tønder Festival
A photo report of the 30th festival

As this is the 30th issue of FolkWorld, we want to look back to the 30th issue of the Tønder Festival, which took place end of August 2004. A full review was already in FolkWorld 29, so we are restricting ourselves here to a photo review. All photos by The Mollis.

Wellies for sale, photo by The Mollies

A muddy festival: Wellies on sale in town...

Wellies in the audience, photo by The Mollis

... and on the feet of the Tonder audience

Danu in the Visemollen, with John Sheahan, photo by The Mollis

Another unforgettable late night concert of Danú in the Visemollen, with a host of guests - here with John Sheahan

Karen Mose & Helene Blum, photo by The Mollis

One of the highlights of this year's festival - the Danish duo Karen Mose & Helene Blum, with a terrific modern folk band

Le Vent du Nord, photo by The Mollis

Le Vent Du Nord's Benoit Bourque stepdancing - he even managed to get Tent 2 dancing to a Bouree!

Le Vent du Nord, photo by The Mollis

Le Vent Du Nord - top band from Québec, full of energy. Just the perfect festival band!

Eddie Reader Band, photo by The Mollis

For me a positive surprise and highlight: Eddie Reader with her new folk band, singing Robert Burns, traditional and modern songs

Carsten Panduro, photo by The Mollis

Carsten Panduro, the man behind the organisation of the festival

The Sunday Afternoon Ceilidhs - traditionally the highlight of Tonder, creating new combinations of bands on stage. I went, as usual, to Tent 2, where Ron Kavana is the master of ceremonies...


The finale of the Tent 2 ceilidh, with, among others, Eddie Reader. Danú and Lunasa.

And a look back at the 25th anniversary of the Festival in 1999:

Festival Homepage:

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