FolkWorld Editorial - Issue 31
CD Highlights of 2005

By Michael & Christian Moll

2005 is already over, so FolkWorld indeed only published one issue in 2005! In this, the 31st issue of FolkWorld, you will find a large number of CD reviews which have arrived over the last year. As this issue features more or less all 2005 CD reviews, it did not really feel appropriate to feature in this issue the usual CD Top 10, but we still feel that we should flag up a few CD highlights of the year 2005. Thus these are the FolkWorld editors' favourite CDs amongst those that arrived with us in 2005:

Phamie Gow "Dancing Hands"

The Scottish harpist showing on this album her full breadth and depth of musicianship. A Scottish folk album of the highest calibre.

Read the full review.

Wenzel "Himmelfahrt"

German singer songwriter Wenzel has made with this another great album of songs in German language. I am looking forward to the next one due soon..

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Briganthya "viaje de bruxas"

Exciting folk rock album, combining Basque and Celtic folk rock tune with pop/soft rock songs in Basque language. 10 piece band plus guests, featuring many traditional Basque instruments.

Read the full review.

Michael McGoldrick

One of the most exciting masters of new Irish music. Absoloutly stunning!

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Duane Andrews "Duane Andrews"

International folk music played by a top Jazz guitarist from Newfoundland - the result is refreshing and stunning (CD published in 2004).

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There were of course plenty of other pleasant surprises in the folk CD world. I am thinking of albums such as Kukuma, presenting innovative distinctively Basque world music, Fine Friday's excellent new release of Scottish folk music. Also worth a mention is the most impressive song recorded in 2005, Tam O Shanter, a unique interpretation by Scottish singer/songwriter Jim Malcolm (review of this CD will appear in the next issue).

Our regular contributor Dai Woosnam has also sent us his favourite CDs of the last year, which we are happy to share with you here as well: "360° All Points of the Compass" - Tom Lewis (Canada); "Poeti Arabi Di Sicilia" - Milagro Acustico (Italy); "Other People's Children" - Eric Bogle (Australia); "Crux” by Crucible (England); "dal i drio" - Tudur Huws Jones (Wales).

Due to the long delay of FolkWorld's issue 31, not all albums received in 2005 have been reviewed yet - please bear with us until our next issue!

Wishing all our readers a happy and successful new year,

your FolkWorld editors.

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