FolkWorld Issue 32 12/2006; Article by Pío Fernández

The Magazine on Spanish Traditional & Folk Music

This is an introduction to the paper magazine which has become a capital reference on the folk & traditional music in Spain. INTERFOLK provides an extensive perspective, covering the traditions, artists and events taking place in all parts of the Iberian peninsula and the islands. Such broad view may seem peculiar for a non-Spanish reader, normally just familiarised with Flamenco as the most famous musical tradition from Spain.

As an example of the diversity of subjects covered by INTERFOLK, the latest issue in our hands (No. 30) features:

Eliseo Parra, Every issue of INTERFOLK also includes:

Each magazine has plenty of short articles and advertisements about upcoming folk festivals and concerts taking place in Spain and our neighbours: Portugal and France. However, there is also a special summer issue which compiles the information about all the festivals and concerts taking place in the Iberian peninsula and the islands until the end of the year.

INTERFOLK is the remarkable eight year effort of a group of fans from Madrid and other parts of Spain, to support and promote the folk & trad music made in this part of Europe. But the world perspective is not ignored, and past issues of the magazine have also included extensive articles on international folk music topics, most of them interviews to some of the artists which tour in Spain:

… and many others.

Llan de Cubel, There are several other periodic publications in Spain about folk and traditional music, but they are either too general (practically a compilation of ‘standard’ interviews to top world music artists), or too focussed on local traditions of limited scope. INTERFOLK is the magazine which looks deeply into the many details of our music, while providing the best global perspective.

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