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Session A9
CD Reviews in English - Page 1
Mau Mau "Dea" Italy
Ned Ludd "Lavoroedingita" Italy
Trio Mio "Stories around a Holy Goat" Italy
Visby Allmänna Sången "Utlottningen" Sweden
Zulya and the Children of the Underground "3 Nights" Russia
Mette Kathrine "Ojeblikke" Denmark
Kirstine Sand "Det dansende par" Denmark
Fiamma Fumana "Home" Italy
Tsuumi Sound System "hotas" Finland
Faltriqueira "effecto" Spain
Faltriqueira "Faltriqueira" Spain
L'Ham de Foc "Cor de porc" Spain
Rudovous "s Cizkem po funuse" Czech Republic
Kepa Junkera "Hiri" Spain
Frigg "Live" Norway
Maria Misgeld, Olof Misgeld & Olle Lindvall "Margits sånger" Sweden
"Peerie" Willie Johnson "Willie's World Scotland
Posmrtne Zkusenosti "Aither" Czech Republic
Bevinda "Outubro" Portugal
Uaragniaun "U diavule e l'aqcua sante" Italy
Nuovo Agricola Associazione Italy
Gjallarhorn "Rimfaxe" Finland
Crasdant "Dwndwr - The Great Noise" (CD & DVD) Wales
Grada "Cloudy Day Navigation" (CD & DVD) Ireland
Fiona MacKenzie "Duan Nollaig - A Gaelic Christmas"(Double CD) Scotland
Compagnia di musiche populari "38 parallelo instabili terre" Italy
Instinkt "Grum" Denmark
Folklorum 2007
CD Reviews in English - Page 2
Steve Eaves "Moelyci"Wales
V/A "The Imagined Village"England
Lowri Evans "Kick the Sand"Wales
Maggie Reilly "Rowan"Scotland
Pamela Wyn Shannon "Courting Autumn"USA
Rory Campbell "Intrepid"Scotland
Ar Log "Goreuon - The Best of Ar Log"Wales
Robin Huw Bowen "The Road to Aberystwyth"Wales
Erik Ask-Upmark "Himlens Polska"Sweden
Maria Jonsson, Ian Carr & Mikael Marin "Timber!"Sweden
Battlefield Band "Dookin'"Scotland
Boldwood "Feet Don't Fail Me Now"England
Mawkin "The Fair Essex"England
Celtish "Centrifusion"England/Wales
Chulrua "The Singing Kettle"USA
Dervish "Travelling Show"Ireland
Katie Doherty "Bridges"England
Dave Flynn "draíocht"Ireland
Eliza Gilkyson "Your Town Tonight"USA
Eliot Grasso "Up Againts the Flatirons"Ireland
Martin Hayes & Dennis Cahill "Welcome Here Again"Ireland
Ross Kennedy "Scottish Voice and Acoustic Guitar"Scotland
Kennedy's Kitchen "A Pocketful of Lint"USA
Kilshannig "On Holy Ground"Netherlands
Last Orders "Last Orders"England
Henrik Jansberg "Omnivor"Denmark
Robb Johnson & The Irregulars "All That Way For This"England
Wilde Töne 2007
CD Reviews in English - Page 3
Rose Laughlin "Souvenir"USA
Le Vent du Nord "Dans les airs"Canada
Romi Mayes "Sweet Somethin' Steady"Canada
Joanne McIver & Christophe Saunière "Glenfinnan to Glasgow"Scotland/France
Joanne McIver & Christophe Saunière "The Three Sisters"Scotland/France
Alan Moorhouse "Travellers' Tales"USA
Franco Morone "The Road to Lisdoonvarna"Italy
Moving Hearts "Live in Dublin" (CD & DVD)Ireland
Phønix "Folk"Denmark
Poor Man's Fortune "In Good Time"France
Potes Flor' "Roc'h Vran"France
Potes Flor' "Folk-noz"France
Remmelt, Muus & Femke "The Long Way Round"Netherlands
Remmelt, Muus & Femke live "Evensong"Netherlands
Kate Rusby "Awkward Annie"England
Mick West "A Poor Man's Labour"Scotland
Sligo Rags "The Whiskey Never Lies"USA
Heidi Talbot "In Love + Light"Ireland
Tarneybackle "Winds of Freedom"Scotland
"A Journey Through the Blues - The Son Seals Story" (DVD)USA
Peggy Seeger "Bring Me Home"USA
Lorcán MacMathúna "Rógaire Dubh"Ireland
V/A "Sunrise on the Wicklow Hills" (DVD)Ireland
Billy Craig "This Side of Somewhere"USA
Tau Emerald "Travellers Two"England
Beequeen "Sandancing"Netherlands
Sharron Kraus "The Fox’s Wedding"England
Pantaleimon "Mercy Oceans"England
Hazmat Modine
CD Reviews in English - Page 4

Rameses III "Basilica"England
Chieko Mori, Helena Espvall, James Blackshaw & Josef van Wissem "The Garden of Forking Paths"Various
Kurt Weisman "Spiritual Sci-fi"USA
Daniel Menche "Glass Forest"USA
Taraf de Häidouks "Maškaradă"Romania
The Polina Shepherd Vocal Experience "Baym Taykh"Russia/Britain
Tiris "Sandtracks"Western Sahara
Tom Paxton "Comedians & Angels"USA
Janos & Gilles "Janos & Gilles"Netherlands
Klezmic Zirkus "Vitamine K"Belgium
Kristine Heebøll "10 Point"Denmark
Colm Ó Snodaigh "Giving"Ireland
Kalman Balogh Gypsy Cimbalom Band "Live in Germany"Hungary
Maalstroom "Open Window"Netherlands
Jo Freya "LAL"England
Brian Bender and the World Beatniks "Urban Jungle"USA
V/A "Gypsy Songs and Fiddles"Russia
R Carlos Nakai & Nawang Khechog "Winds of Devotion"USA/Tibet
David Buchbinder "Odessa / Havana"USA
V/A "Dutch Rare Folk"Netherlands
Monsdrum "Folktronic"Denmark
Klezzmates "Reflections"Poland
Klezmer Alliance "Mir Basaraber"Germany/Britain/Moldowa
Jai Uttal "Dial M for Mantra"USA
Eddie Nünning & Lara Schallenberg "From a Wooden House"Germany
Carolina Chocolate Drops "Dona Got a Rambling MindUSA
Shantel "Disko Partizani"Germany
Ersatzmusika "Voice Letter"Russia
Peter Kerlin, photo by Tom Keller
CD Reviews in English - Page 5

Matt Callahan & Yvonne Moore "Welcome"USA
Twee Violen en een Bas, Madlot, Tjane & Lirio "De manuscripten"Netherlands
Ro:toro "Estonian Bagpipe"Estonia
Plantec "A-raok"France
Téa Hodžić Trio "Stay awhile"Bosnia
Nuit Tsigane "Gypsy Night at the Divan du Monde"France
Jude Johnstone "Blue Light"USA
Artie Traum "Acoustic Jazz Guitar"USA
Artie Traum "Thief of Time"USA
Mitch Marcus Quintet "The Special"USA
The Farewell Drifters "Sweet Summer Breeze"USA
V/A "Allons Boire un Coup"USA
La Fleur Fatale "Night Generation"Sweden
Esquisse "Dual"France
Kefir Kvartet "Kefir"Denmark
Percival "Eiforr"Poland
Cousin Emmy "Cousin Emmy and her Kinfolks 1939-1947"USA
Jim Lauderdale "The Bluegrass Diaries"USA
David Celia "This Isn’t Here"Canada
Harry Manx "Mantras For Madmen"Canada
Paul Joses "Roadstories"Scotland
Barry & Beth Hall "A Feast of Songs"USA
Eileen Ivers "An Nollaig - An Irish Christmas"USA
Matt & Shannon Heaton "Fine Winter's Night"USA
V/A "Wish You - Best Christmas Ever"Various
EP's & Demo CD's: Emma & The Professor & Friends, John Graham Leslie, Bill Price Britain, USA

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Folklorum 2007
CD-Rezensionen in Deutsch - Seite 1
Adas "Gezeiten"Germany
Clare Burson "Thieves"USA
City Fritter "From the Ocean to the Desert"USA
The ClanMakeNoise "Green and Grey"Germany
Damien Dempsey "To Hell or Barbados"Ireland
eCHo "Schnitter"Switzerland
Günter Gall "Klassiker op platt"Germany
David Gogo "Vibe"Canada
David Gogo "Official Bootleg Series Volume 2"Canada
Iridio "Endless Way"Italy
Jawbone "Live"Germany
Bernd Köhler "Die neue Welt"Germany
No Snakes in Heaven "Underwater"Germany
Last Train Home "Last Good Kiss"USA
Saitenwind "An den Ufern der Nacht"Germany
Schelmish "Wir werden sehen"Germany
Tom Bombadil Folkband "Dans mon village"Germany
Whisht! "Touchdown"Germany
WirrWahr "Pest Of"Germany
Betty Harris "Intuition"USA
Bill Bourne "Boon tang"Canada
Karin Jana Beck et al. "Siya Bonga"Switzerland
Karin Jana Beck et al. "Saravaá"Switzerland
V/A "Walther von der Vogelweide - Saget mir ieman: waz ist Minne?"Germany
Dizzy Spell "Ten Songs from Abroad"Germany
Chumbawamba "The Boy Bands Have Won"England
Stoppok "Sensationsstrom"Germany
"France: Musiques des Provinces"France
Woody Guthrie "The Live Wire"USA
Pete Seeger "In der Schaubühne"USA
Arlo Guthrie "In Times like These" USA
CD-Rezensionen in Deutsch - Seite 2

Lisa O’Kane "It Don’t Hurt"USA
Celtic Chakra "Moving Stones"Germany
Four Men & A Dog "Wallop the Spot"Ireland
Jubal Lee Young "Jubal Lee Young"USA
Jamestown Ferry "When the bluebird sings…"Germany
Michel Ferry & Antoine Leclercq "The Winding Way"France
Beth Hirsch "Wholehearted"USA
Hannes Löschel "Herz.Bruch.Stück"Austria
Brad Colerick "Lines in the Dirt"USA
Charly Schreckschuss Band "Ne Menge Leben"Germany
Amy LaVere "Anchors and Anvils"USA
V/A "La nuit des fées"France
Caledonix "Fields o’ Storied Fame"Germany
Hardingrock "Grimen"Norway
Danbert Nobacon "The Library Book of the World"England
Fraunhofer Saitenmusik "Dreissig"Germany
Doyle Bramhall "Is it News"USA
Hans Söllner "Viet Nam"Germany
Sweet Honey in the Rocks "Experience …101"USA
Christian Kjellvander "I Saw her from here"Norway
Billy Craig "This side of somewhere"USA
Willie Salomon "Just in Time"Germany
Woltähr "Mir schwaeze Platt"Germany
Michael Black "Michael Black"Ireland
Mary Kathryn "Dreams & Vision"USA
Meic Stevens "Ikarus"Wales
Dave Gleason’s Wasted Days "Just fall to Pieces"USA
Fiddlers 3 "Volume 3: The Rhythm Chapter"Canada
Finsbury Park "Fading"Germany
Natural Blues "Roots & Fruits"Germany
CD-Rezensionen in Deutsch - Seite 3

Stacy Mitchhart "Gotta Get the Feeling Back Again"USA
Vince Bell "Recado"USA
Velvetone "Yip-Yip!"Germany
Sonor Teutonicus "…durch manche Land"Germany
The Kennedys "Better Dreams"USA
Finbar Furey "No Farewells, No Goodbyes"Ireland
Áine Furey "Sweetest Summer Rain"Ireland
Calaveras "Calaveras"Germany
Keith Miles "What it was they became"USA
Moya Brennan "Signature"Ireland
The Borderers "A Time for Change"Australia
Nadja Petrick "The Night with You"Germany
Rench "Life in Mean Season"USA
Antonio Paolo Pizzimenti "Adagio"Italy
Das Blaue Einhorn "Verkauf dein Pferd"Germany
Tschuschen "A cappella"Austria
LaXuLa "In X-ile"Spain
Mario Poletti "Baith"Italy
Esther Bertram "Alchemy of the heart"Australia
Yasmin Levy "Mano Suave"Israel
Peerie Willie Johnson "Willies’s World"Scotland
Julian Dawson "Nothing like a dame"England
Abnoba "Vai facile"Italy
Tim Scott "Fabletown"USA
Terrance Simien & the Zydeco Experience "Live worldwide"USA
Stilo "Lisboa Avenue"Poland
Kvasir "Nye sko"Denmark
Ahoar "Between Rivers"Germany
EP's & Demo CD's: B.B. & The Blues Shacks, L.Bow Grease, Nobody Knows Germany

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