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Letters to the Editors

++ North German Folksong ++ Kíla: Pat the Piper ++ FolkWorld's Best Loved Artists / 10th Anniversary ++

North German Folksong
Jo Meyer; Photo by The Mollis

I ran across your article on Jams' when I was searching for a German folksong. I hope you can help or find someone who might know.

My grandmother emigrated to the US not long before WWI from Oldenburg. She sang German songs when she put us to bed. (This was in the 1950s.) Unfortunately, she and my mother did not teach us German, and I'm only beginning to learn now, so I still have no ability to search lyric sites. One song she would sing she said was about a woodsman who cut down a tree and then regretted what he had done. It was beautiful, but I can't remember any more details.

It would mean a great deal to me to hear this, find the lyrics, or have a recording. I'm sorry, it's not much to go on. There's a possibility it was in Platt, although it may not have been. My grandmother could speak Platt, but it was not her primary language. But my guess is that this song may have had to do with North German culture.

Thanks in advance for your help, Penny Allen (Cleveland Heights, Ohio)

You may contact Penny through FolkWorld.

Herbert Bartmann [-> FW#34] answered: Hi Penny, I am sorry to say, that I have no idea, what the songtitle could be. I live in Oldenburg but I am originated in Ostfriesland (East Frisia). There as well I did not came across such song. (Listen to some snippets of my album with traditional East Frisian songs: Perhaps a posting to the following list helps: (Discussion List for Germanic Lowlands Languages and Cultures). Best regards, Herbert Bartmann (

Kila at dinner

Kíla: Pat the Piper

Thank you for the kind words about Kíla. I have indeed written a novel and would like to translate it some day - maybe if I get a quiet month someday!!!

It is all about Dublin in the late eighties/early nineties and piping and busking and drugs and scizefrenia!

Take care, Colm O'Snodaigh (Kíla)

FolkWorld's Best Loved Artists 1997-2007 / FolkWorld's 10th Anniversary
Kadril, photo by The Mollis,

Dear all at Folkworld, Im impressed and very happy you choose us to be amongst your most popular artists.

We had a great talk once in Tatihou and I hope well have one soon. And I promise you will receive more from us soon.

Thanks guys and girls, Erwin Libbrecht (Kadril, Wild Boar Music)

>> A Decade of Folk: FolkWorld's Best Loved Artists <<

Fabulous! Congrats on yer anniversary! Seth Kibel (The Alexandria Kleztet)

German Letters

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