FolkWorld Issue 40 11/2009

FolkWorld CD Reviews

CD Reviews in English - Page 1
Brian McNeill "The Baltic tae Byzantium"Scotland
Harald Haugaard "Burning Fields"Denmark
Pancho Alvarez "Solidos Galicianos"Spain
The Poozies "Yellow like sunshine"Scotland
Paul Anderson "home+beauty"Scotland
Cillian Vallely & Kevin Crawford "On Common Ground"Ireland
Steph Geremia "The Open Road"Ireland
The Red Wellies "The Red Wellies"USA
Lauren MacColl "Strewn with Ribbons"Scotland
Willie Kelly & Mike Rafferty "The New Broom"USA
Donal Murphy "Happy Hour"Ireland
Dean Warner "Northern Box"England
Alan Kelly "After the Morning"Ireland
Baltinget "Alive"Denmark
Catherine Fraser & Duncan Smith "Rhymes & Reasons"Australia
Grainne Hambly & William Jackson "Music from Ireland & Scotland"Ireland/Scotland
Guidewires "Live"Ireland
Wendy Stewart & Gary West "Hinterlands"Scotland
The Martin Green Machine "First Sighting"England
Mick, Louise & Michelle Mulcahy "Reelin' in Tradition"Ireland
Joanie Madden, Brian Conway, Billy McComiskey & Brendan Dolan "Pride of New York"USA/Ireland
Tsuumi Sound System "Growing Up"Finland
CD Reviews in English - Page 2
Iron and Wine "Around the Well"USA
Manfred Leuchter and Ian Melrose "Vis-à-vis"Germany/Scotland
Lawrence Blatt "Fibonacci’s Dream"USA
Lawrence Blatt "The Color of Sunshine"USA
Celarda "Wood"Germany
Magic Brook "The Source"USA
The Sarah Burnell Band "Return Ticket"Canada
Newfound Road "Same Old Place"USA
The Molenes "Songs of Sin and Redemption"USA
Railroad Earth "Amen Corner"USA
Vince Bell "One Man’s Music"USA
Patrick Molard "The Waking of the Bridegroom"France
Dailey and Vincent "Brothers from Different Mothers"USA
Jimi McRae and Sam Okoo "Scottish Pipes and African Drums"Scotland/Nigeria
Ali Eskandarian "Nothing to Say"USA
Silta "Kjetto"Ireland
Glasgow Gaelic Musical Association "The Silver Way"Scotland
Four Men and a Dog "Wallop the Spot"Ireland
Denis Carey "Moving On"Ireland
Red Shamrock "Desert Snow"Switzerland
Paul and Margie "20 Best Folk Songs of America"USA
CD Reviews in English - Page 3
Ewan McLennan "Ewan McLennan"Scotland
Doğan Mehmet "Gypsyhead"England/Turkey
Fiona J Mackenzie "A Good Suit of Clothes"Scotland
Spiro "Lightbox"England
Lluis Gómez & Joan Pau Cumellas "Barcelona Bluegrass Band"Spain
Harry Bradley & Michael Clarkson "The Pleasures of Hope"Ireland
Tommy Sands "Let the Circle Be Wide"Northern Ireland
Brad Reid "The Conundrum"Canada
Hot Griselda "Hot Griselda"Belgium/Netherlands
EmBRUN "No.2"Belgium
Andy May "Happy Hours"England
Battlefield Band "Zama Zama"Scotland
Belshazzar's Feast "Frost Bites"England
Mórga "Mórga"Ireland/Denmark
Larry Gavin, Micheál O'Rourke, Charlie Lennon "Two Miles to Tulla"Ireland
Bella Hardy "In the Shadow of Mountains"England
Transkaakko "Kulo"Finland
Danar "Danar"Poland
Pipeline "The Red Line"Ireland
Desi Wilkinson, Mairtin O'Connor, Frank Hall, Lena Ullman "Buffalo in the Castle"Ireland/USA/Sweden
Le Vent du Nord "La Part du Feu"Canada
Torben Kaas "On the Other Hand"Denmark
Jamie McClennan "In Transit"New Zealand
RhythmnReel "The Crossing"Scotland
Orion "Strawberry Town"Belgium, France, Ireland
Dingle Females
CD Reviews in English - Page 4

Jillian Ladage "The Ancestry"USA
The Why and Wherefores "Alright"USA
Barbara J. Hunt "Play my Heart"Britain
Ember "Open all the doors"Wales/USA
Viarosa "Send for the Sea"England
Joanne Shenandoah & Michael Bucher "Bitter Tears Sacred Ground"USA
Bearfoot "Doors and Windows"USA
Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer "Gleowien"England
Rick Shea "Shelter Valley Blues"USA
Dave Riley & Bob Corritore "Lucky to be living"USA
Lightning Red "The Groovemaster"USA
Front Porch Picking "Front Porch Picking"Germany
Ben Winship & David Thompson "Fishing Music"USA
The Fabulous Horndogs "Dog Tracks"USA
Hans Theessink "Birthday Bash"Netherlands
Barry Charles "Self Induced Cause"Australia
Barry Charles "Something Goin On Out There"Australia
Loco Zydeco "Time to turn the key"Canada
Jeremy Udden "Plainville"USA
Karl Seglem ""Norway
Sophie Bancroft "Handwritten"Scotland
Mimi Jones "A New Day"Scotland
Miss Leslie "Between the whiskey and the wine"USA
Sara Grey "Sandy Boys"USA
Tim Grimm "Holding Up the World"USA
Danny Santos "Say you love me too"USA
Will Merriman "The Light of Which I Speak"USA
Phil Smith "Goldmine"USA
Eamon Friel "Smarter"Ireland
James Keelaghan "House of Cards"Canada
CD Reviews in English - Page 5

Ilgi "Īsākās nakts dziesmas"Latvia
Jean Pierre Sedjerari & Aurelien Chambaud "Paris - Guinguette"France
Eric Brace & Peter Cooper "You don’t have to like them both"USA
2men and a Campfire "I hate dead rabbits"USA
V/A "UK Underground 1965-1971"Britain
Terje Isungset "Hibernation"Norway
Christine Albert "Paris, Texafrance"USA
Transpiradansa "Granuba"Belgium
My Sweet Patootie "Nowheresville"?Canada
Eric Bogle "The Dreamer"Scotland/Australia
Elisabeth Vatn "Piper on the Roof"Norway
Liv Runesdatter "Syng hjerte"Norway
Mario Poletti "Andando"Italy
Ensemble Nachtigall "Rapsodia Romana"Germany
Ensemble Vinorosso "Wirbel"Germany
Shantel "Planet Paprika"Germany
Dschané "Pal’o kham"Switzerland
Michael Samson "A Still Motion"USA
Chris Flegg "The Sound of Life"England
Fanfare Ciocărlia "Live"Romania
Madlot "Ons is geboren"Netherlands
Törf "Schoon van de wind"Netherlands
Trio Mio
CD Reviews in English - Page 6

V/A "Röseligarte - Neue Schweizer Volksmusik"Switzerland
Stelzhamma "Frisch aussa wias drin is"Switzerland
La Musgaña "Idas y venidas"Spain
Nefes in Motion "Sabah"Germany
Ahmet Aslan "Dance of the Angels"Turkey
Somar Music "Siesta en Sevilla"Germany
Burlakat "Oma"Finland
Dante Ferrara "Bazimakoo"England
Monika Stadler "Between earth, sea and sky"Austria
Nicholas Gun, Johannes Linstead, Loren Gold & David Arkenstone "Live"USA
Willie Nelson "American Classic"USA
Ljiljana Butler "Frozen roses"Bosnia
Celilo "Bending Mirrors"USA
Hans Dans "Folksdans & Kandidel"Germany
Lumayna "Fussi ‘nfatata"Italy
Orchestra Bailam "Harem Bailam"Italy
La Moresca "Ammore trivolo currivo e devozione"Italy
Greg Wall "Ha’orot"USA
London & Sklamberg "Tsuker-zis"USA
Eyal Maoz’s Edom "Hope and Destruction"USA
Koby Israelite "Is He Listening"Israel
London & Sklamberg "Tsuker-zis"USA
Samplers, EPs & Demo CDs: Phillip Bracken, Čači Vorba, Steven Casper, Chasing Pandora, Eamon Friel, Ivor Game, Dean Moriarty, CAT NAV, Amchitka, UN-HERDAustralia, England, Ireland, Malta, Poland, USA

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Leschenko Orchestra
CD Reviews in German - Page 1
Lüül "Spielmann"Germany
Stellmäcke & Band "Augenlieder"Germany
Smoky Texas "Hamburg - Berlin"Germany
Riserva Moac "La musica dei popoli"Italy
V/A "Alle oder keiner - Tribut an Gerhard Gundermann"Germany
Steeleye Span "Live at a Distance"England
Reel Bach Consort "Quod Libet"Germany
Alan Kelly "After the Morning"Ireland
Steph Geremia "The Open Road"Ireland
Guidewires "Live"Ireland
Cochise "Rolltreppe Rückwärts"Germany
Peter Kerlin "Finding Ways"Germany
Molden Resetarits Soyka Wirth "ohne di"Austria
Unfolkkommen "Abendlust"Germany
Blyth Power "Land Sea & Sky"England
Palodine "Garden of Deceit"USA
Fiddlers' Bid "All Dressed In Yellow"Scotland
Fullsceilidh Spelemannslag "Spreefix"Scotland
Brian McNeill "The Baltic tae Byzantium"Scotland
Grainne Hambly & William Jackson "Music from Ireland & Scotland"Ireland/Scotland
Wendy Stewart & Gary West "Hinterlands"Scotland
The Poozies "Yellow like sunshine"Scotland
Äl Jawala
CD Reviews in German - Page 2

Paul Anderson "home+beauty"Scotland
Cumulo Nimbus "Totensonntag"Germany
Ingrimm "Todgeweiht"Germany
Lauren MacColl "Strewn with Ribbons"Scotland
Joe Moe "Mainland"USA
John Vaughan "Rhapsody from Sixth Avenue"USA
Dennis Kolen "Hard Road / Muddy Track"Netherlands
Slowman "The Best of"Sweden
The Service Industry "Keep the babies warm"USA
Elisir "Elys im Dysterwald"Germany
Ramesh B. Weeratunga "This is"Sri Lanka
All Day Sucker "The Big Pretend"USA
Strom & Wasser "Live in Rudolstadt"Germany
Kent Eastwood "Through the Days"Australia
Randall Williams "Praying for Land"USA
Foitnrock "Des Leben is a stoaniger Weg"Germany
Georg Siegl "Beim Stromwirt – Lieder nach Texten von Theodor Kramer"Austria
The Summer Wardrobe "Cajun Prairie Fire"USA
V/A "Obacht! – Musik aus Bayern"Germany
MT Robison "Promise"USA
Mark Boulle and the Haba Dudes "Music will make you go insane"Australia
The Mark Bennett Band "Tripping the Light Fantastic"Ireland
Jacanda "Skimming Stones"Britain
Safkan "Safkan"Turkey/Germany
La Marmotte
CD Reviews in German - Page 3

Headwater "Lay You down"Canada
Bini Zuchini "Ondrweags"Germany
Naomi Sommers "Gentle as the Sun"USA
The Paul Daly Band "Emeralds and other Gems"Ireland
Zengarten "Tokio Tattoo"Austria/Japan
Saitenwynd "Haam! Foddgenn und widder haamkumma!"Germany
Atsiaktonkie "Four Wolves Prophecy"USA
Reencuentros "My Spirit Sings"USA
Mélissa Laveaux "Camphor and Copper"Canada
Lisa Marshall "Simple"USA
Liederleute "Nord-Ost-Süd-West"Germany
Langhorne Slim & The War Eagles "Langhorne Slim & The War Eagles"USA
Fred Ape & Rudi Mika "Zeit"Germany
Dropkick "Patchwork"Scotland
Bill Abel "One Man Band"USA
5/8erl in Ehr’n "Es muss was wunderbares sein"Austria
Audrey Auld Mezera "Lost Men and Angry Girls"Australia
Steve Rowe "Five"Canada
Fogelscheuche "X Folkinstrumentals"Germany
Jessie Jones "Towers"England
Stephen Hedley "Scenes"Canada
Jehanne Boka "Darkness & Light"Germany
Des Königs Halunken "Irrfahrt"Switzerland
Tony O’Leary "Rocks the Rock"Canada
The Villains "Slow Train"Germany
Violons Barbares
CD Reviews in German - Page 4

Lee Penn Sky "Prelude to Hindsight"USA
Amby, Nino Deda, Michael Marx "Lieder der Poesie 2"Germany
Jon Strider "White Wings"USA
Strömkarlen "…spelar"Germany
Peatbog Faeries "Live"Scotland
Dunkelschön "Katharsis"Germany
Patent Ochsner "The Rimini Flashdown"Switzerland
V/A "The Irish Folk Festival 2009 – Between Now and Then"Ireland
Blechforest Steelorchester "unfassbar"Germany
Pflanzplätz "querbeet"Switzerland
The Carrivick Sisters "Jupiter’s Corner"England
A Life, A Song, A Cigarette "Black Air"Austria
Wolfenmond "Neumond"Germany
Martin Simpson "True Stories"England
Zimt & Zauber "In mir daham"Austria
V/A "Folk aus Skandinavien - Highlights des Nordens"Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Faroe Islands, Iceland
Joanne Shenandoah & Michael Bucher "Bitter Tears Sacred Ground"USA
Mundy "Strawberry Blood"Ireland
Big City Indians "Tribal Vision"Austria
Tommy Sands "Let the Circle Be Wide"Northern Ireland
L.Bow Grease "Let’s call it home"Germany
Allan Thomas "Brooklyn Boy in Paradise" USA
Arroyo, Engler, Schläppi "Puerta Sur"Argentina/Switzerland
Muyayos de Raïz "Muyayos de Raïz"Spain
Vayo "Tango"Uruguay
Baaba Maal "Television"Senegal
Die Strottern
CD Reviews in German - Page 5

Tam Echo Tam "Dawn"Belgium
Wyatt Easterling “Where this river goes”USA
Somar Music "Siesta en Sevilla"Germany
Lila Downs "The Very Best of El Alma de Lila Downs"Mexico
Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingi "Gurrumul"Australia
Rainald Grebe "Das Hongkong-Konzert"Germany
Túcan "Aliquot Strings"Ireland
Jayme Stone & Mansa Sissoko "Africa to Appalachia"Canada
Luke Powers "Texasee"USA
Frank London/Lorin Sklamberg "Tsuker-zis"USA
Jobarteh Kunda "Aha"Germany / West Africa
Jon Brooks "Ours and the Shepherds"Canada
Maria Jimenez "Donde más duele - Canta por Sabina"Spain
La Banda del Pepo "Tanto Por Hacer"Spain
Bellowhead "Live at Shepherds Bush Empire"England
The Alexandria Kleztet "Peace, Love and Coffee"USA
Brave Old World "Dus Gezang fin Geto Lodzh"USA
Zapf'nstreich "MMIX"Germany
Polkastra "Apolkalypse Now"USA
Minnesangs Frühling "Nibelungenlied"Germany
VocaMe "Kassia"Germany
Beyond the Pale "Postcards"Canada
Samplers, EPs & Demo-CDs: Die Aeronauten, Eliana Burki, European Minnesang Festival, MaCajun, Mel D'oro Quintett, Die Verhältnisse rockenGermany, Switzerland, UK

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