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Brian Finnegan
CD Reviews in English - Page 1
Rua MacMillan "Tyro"Scotland
Trigomigo "Scuza-ou aqui"Italy
Talèh "Ratapunto"Italy
Altan "25th Anniversary Celebration"Ireland
A Brigà "Sul Tempo"Italy
Bizantina "Orlando tarantato"Italy
Briganti di Terra D'Otranto "Focu de Paja"Italy
Mattanza "Il Meglio dei"Italy
Olle Lindvall "Placebo"Sweden
Musicanti del Piccolo Borgo "Ecchite Maje"Italy
Malanova "No iabbu e no maravigghia"Italy
Tim Eriksen "Northern Roots - Live in Namest"USA
Tradish "Beyond the Borders"Denmark
Peter Carberry "Traditional Irish Music from Co. Longford"Ireland
Pur "The Lassies' Reply"Scotland
Jim Malcolm "Bard Hair Day"Scotland
Various Artists "The Complete Songs of Robert Tannahill, Volume II"Scotland
Hanneke Cassel "For Reasons Unseen"USA
Sonnich Lydom & Morten Alfred Høirup "Svip Svap Svovlstikke"Denmark
BraAgas "Tapas"Czech Republic
Bellevue Rendezvous "Salamander"Scotland
Vincent Campbell "The Purple Heather"Ireland
Sean Magee "Ye Fidlers Fate"Ireland
Tendachënt "Arnèis"Italy
Karan Casey & John Doyle "Exiles Return"Ireland
Seoirse "Mná na hÉireann - The Women of Ireland"Ireland
Seoirse "Sheep May Safely Graze"Ireland
Junior Crehan 1908-1998 "The Last House in Ballymakea"Ireland
John McSherry "Soma"Ireland
Burning Bridget Cleary "Everything is alright"USA
Eric Monbel & Bruno Le Tron "Vertigo"France
Paul O'Reilly & Helen Kirwan "The Poet's Dream"Ireland
The Henry Girls "Dawn"Ireland
Eduardo Laguillo
CD Reviews in English - Page 2
Pressgang "Outlandish"England
WilloS' "Dirt Tracks"Italy
Danú "Seanchas"Ireland
"Learning to Play the Hurdy-Gurdy"Germany
The Three City Four "Smoke & Dust"England
Leon Rosselson with Reem Kelani and Janet Russell "The last chance"England
Lionel Loueke "Mwaliko"Benin
Incendio "Seduction"USA
Ida Kelarova "Aven bachtale"Czech Republic
Marbin "Marbin"USA
Nicolas Simion Group "Transylvanian Jazz"Romania
Vincent Herring & Earth Jazz "Morning star"USA
Max Nagl "Sortiléges"Austria
Nifty’s "Naftularasa"Austria
Boban I Marko Markovic "Devla, blown away to dance floor heaven"Serbia
Balkan Beat Box "Blue eyed black boy"Various
Shazalakazoo "Speaking Balkanian"Serbia
Nayekhovichi "Klezmer is dead"Russia
Klezmic Zirkus "13 chemin des mandarins"Belgium
Red Hot Chachkas "Beats without borders"USA
I See Hawks in L.A. "Shoulda Been Gold, 2001-2009"USA
Joy Kills Sorrow "Joy Kills Sorrow"USA
The Mayflies "A thousand small things"USA
Loyko "Hotza"Russia
The Hut People "Home is where the hut is"England
Cassis & the Sympathies "Analog love"USA
Grant Peeples "Pawnshop"USA
Márta Sebestyén "I Can See the Gates of Heaven"Hungary
Sons of the Never Wrong "On a good day I am"USA
Luigi Cinque "Tangerine Café"Italy
Marco Zurzolo Band "Migranti. Un mare di sogni"Italy
Mudestra "Serenata a Napoli"Italy
Lang Linken "Liv"Denmark
Urban Trad
CD Reviews in English - Page 3
Orquesta Pinha "Suit"Spain
Orquesta Pinha "Jabali"Spain
Josh Rouse "El Turista"USA
Unni Løvlid, Becaye Aw & Rolf-Erik Nystrøm "Seven winds"Norway
Pad Brapad "Satumare-Bristol"France
Gurzuf "Non-existent-movie"Belarus
Ian Melrose "Around the corner in 80 minutes (more or less)"Scotland
Kelpie "Live"Germany
Angie Palmer "Meanwhile, as night falls"Britain
Zengö "Pördület"Hungary
Ghetonia "Riza"Italy
Antonio Placer "Atlantiterraneo"Spain
Embryo "40"Germany
Zivatar utca "Zivatar utca"Austria
Soïg Siberil "Botcanou"France
Spakka-Neapolis 55 "Janus"Italy
The Bulgarian Voices Angelite with Huun-Huur-Tu & Moscow Art Trio "Legend"Bulgaria/Tuva/Russia
Wimme "Mun"Finland
Ougenweide "Herzsprung"Germany
Various Artists "Tribut an Ougenweide"Germany
Various Artists "Merseburger Zaubersprüche"Germany
Martin Kälberer "Between the horizon"Germany
Esquisse "Live"France
E&TC "Erland and the carnival"England
Tunng "And then we saw land"England
Tommy Hayes & Ian Leslie "Almost home"Ireland
Soledad "In concert"Belgium
Lisa o Piu "Behind the bend"Sweden
Ariondassa "Campagne grame"Italy
Suonabanda "La bella e entrata in ballo"Italy
Vairas Dziesmas "Vairas Dziesmas"Latvia
Variuos Artists "Sviests 3"Latvia
NMB "A do baile"Portugal
Pristup "Parannonien"Austria
Harry Manx
CD Reviews in English - Page 4

Eric Vloeiman’s Gatecrash "Heavens above!"Netherlands
Terje Isungset "Winter songs"Norway
Al-Yaman "Insanyya"Czech Republic
Eugene Ruffolo & Doc Schneider "Songs & stories live"USA
Ragnheiður Gröndal "Tregagás"Iceland
Mikado Sphinx "Live"Germany
Previte/Petrella/Salis "Big Guns"Italy
Steve Raegele "Last Century"Canada
Larry Porter "Silk Road Blues"USA
Matt Darriau & Paradox Trio "Matt Darriau & Paradox Trio"USA
Danjal "The Palace"Faroe Islands
Sheng "Derriere la façade"Belgium
Turdus Philomelos "Ici maintenant la pouf!"Belgium
Txütxükan "Acoustic"Belgium
Sophie Cavez & Baltazar Montanaro "Sophie Cavez & Baltazar Montanaro"Belgium
El Boy Die "The black hawk ladies"Canada
Zachary Richard "Last kiss"USA
Anna Wolfe "Love"USA
Joanna Chapman-Smith "Contraries"Canada
Crai Nou Ensemble "Les flutes roumaines"Romania
Coronal Rain "Memories of Suns"Germany
Nim Sofyan "Agora"Austria
Les Pommes de ma Douche "Five men swinging"France
Rangin "Panorama"Germany
Big Low "The junction of the two rivers"Netherlands
Al Andaluz Project "Al Maraya"Spain
Ophiusa "Sen planeta"Spain
Ophiusa "Sen Planeta"Spain
Various Artists "Cantigas do Camiño"Spain
SonDeSeu "Barlovento"Spain
Linho do Cuco "3"Spain
Pìvari Trio + Compagnia del Maggio di Frassinoro "E ghè pü temp che vita / C’è più tempo che vita"Italy
Quempallou "Polo Aire!!"Spain
CD Reviews in English - Page 5

Vibhas Kendzia "Light on the Path"Germany
Vibhas Kendzia "Longing"Germany
The Kittiwakes "Lofoten Calling"England
Mawkin : Causley "The Awkward Recruit"England
Wicked Tinkers "Loud"USA
Wicked Tinkers "Banger for Breakfast"USA
Wicked Tinkers "Whisky Supper"USA
Wicked Tinkers "Rant"USA
Chumbawamba "ABCDEFG"England
Nuala Kennedy "Tune in"Ireland
Allan Yn Y Fan "Lle Arall / Another Place"Wales
Wendy Weatherby "A Shirt of Silk or Snow"Scotland
The Cottars "Feast"Canada
The Askew Sisters "Through Lonesome Woods"England
Lúnasa "Lá Nua"Ireland
Lúnasa "Lá Nua"Ireland
Jim Guttmann "Bessarabian Breakdown"USA
Breabach "The Desperate Battle of the Birds"Scotland
Tony DeMarco "The Sligo Indians"USA
Gannon, Smith & Blake "The Ewe with the Crooked Horn"Ireland
Julie Fowlis "Uam"Scotland
Slide "Beo"Ireland
Xarnege "Ixo-Sho"France/Spain
Fidil "3"Ireland
Jeremy Kittel "Chasing Sparks"USA
Kasír "Chilling on a Sunday"Denmark
The Outside Track "Curious Things Given Wings"Scotland/Ireland/England/Canada
Solas "The Turning Tide"USA
Genticorum "La Bibournoise"Canada
Pørtners Komplot "Oldefar på Tour"Denmark
Le Vent du Nord "La Part du Feu"Canada
Anxo Lorenzo "Tirán"Spain
Chrissy Crowley "The Departure"Canada
Dàimh "Diversions"Scotland
Gabe McVarish "Eclection"Scotland
Toy Hearts
CD Reviews in English - Page 6

Dervish "From Stage to Stage"Ireland
Paul Dooley "The Harper's Fancy"Ireland
Duncan Chisholm "Canaich"Scotland
Rachel Davis "Rachel Davis"Canada
Susana Seivane "Os Soños Que Volven"Spain
Gary Innes & Ewan Robertson "Shouts"Scotland
Mike Vass & Dave Wood "Wait What?"Scotland
Gráinne Murphy "Short Stories"USA
Gráda "Natural Angle"Ireland
Kíla "Soisín"Ireland
Steve Mednick & Eddie Seville "La Collaborazione Dei Due"USA
Pistol Pete’s Dinosaur Truckers "Down This Road"Germany
Jim Savarino "Sun Dreams"USA
Marty Finkel "The Good Life"USA
And Did Those Feet "Best of 1997 – 2007""England
Roger Watson "Past and Present"England
ABAK Projekt "Aufbruch"Germany
Ray Hearne "The Wrong Sunshine"England
Terrible Lizard "Terrible Lizard"USA
Dana and Susan Robinson "Big Mystery"USA
Evangenitals "Evangenitals"USA
Steve Howell "Since I Saw You Last"USA
Meg Hutchinson "The Living Side"USA
Pieta Brown "Shimmer"USA
David Gogo "Different Views"Canada
Carla Ulbrich "Live from Outer Space"USA
Dan Hubbard and the Humadors "Dan Hubbard and the Humadors"USA
Luka Bloom "Dreams in America"Ireland
Get the Cat "I Sing You the Blues"Germany
Kev Boyle "Palestine Grove"England
The Brilliant Mistakes "Distant Drumming"USA
Patrick Crowson "Finito la Comedia"USA
Michael Miller "I Made You Up"USA
CD Reviews in English - Page 7

Lonnie Kjer & Stefan Mork "13 Songs"Denmark
Slowman "I’m Back"Sweden
Maia "Maia"England
JP Den Tex "American Tune"Netherlands
Jon Strider "Fresh Tracks"USA
Ashley Hutchings and Ken Nicol "Copper, Russet and Gold"England
Symplybill "Sound Experiment"USA
Matt Keating "Between Customers"USA
Peter Gallway "Manhattan Nocturne"USA
Brooks Williams "Baby O!"USA
Kat Eggleston "Speak"USA
Kate MacLeod "Blooming"USA
Lowri Evans "One Way Ticket"Wales
Girlyman "Everthing’s Easy"USA
Joe Mock "Capgun Cowboy"Canada
Le Clou "Café Louisiane"Germany
PicAce "Authentic"Germany
Four 2 the Bar "Second Hand"Germany
Paul-Simpson-Project "A Hunger for Life"Germany
Angus & Julia Stone "Down the Way"Australia
Keith Donnelly & Flossie Malavialle "Dark Horses"France/Britain
Reto Burrell "Go"Switzerland
Drive-By Truckers "The Big To-Do"USA
Bernd Rinser "Got You"Germany
Janet Robin "Everything Has Changed"USA
Kim Richey "Wreck Your Wheels"USA
Dold "Out of the Blue"Germany
Janet Martin "Passage"USA
Adam Arcuragi "I am Become Joy"USA
Pollyanna "On Concrete"France
Alcoholic Faith Mission "Let this be the Last Night We Care"Denmark
Lee Harvey Osmond "A Quiet Evil"Canada
Janet Bates "The Little Spinner"Canada
Last Orders
CD Reviews in English - Page 8

Tori Sparks "The Scorpion in the Story"USA
Richard Julian "Girls Need Attention"USA
The Grand Paradiso "A Farewell to Oblivion"Germany
Amparo Sanchez "Tucson-Habana"Spain
Sir Oliver Mally "Ol’ Dogs, Nu Yard"Austria
Jess Klein "Bound to Love"USA
Gogol Bordello "Trans-Continental Hustle"Ukraine
Justin Currie "The Great War"Scotland
Damien O’Kane "Summer Hill"Ireland
Will Branch "Fog of War"USA
Eryn Shewell "4th & Broadway"USA
Davie Lawson "Tree tumble Wake Mother"Wales
Ben Bedford "Land of the Shadows"USA
The Sadies "Darker Circles"Canada
Lynne Heraud & Pat Turner "Tickled Pink"England
Katzenjammer "Le Pop"Norway
Various Artists "How To Make an Arrow – Philly Comp One"USA
The Blues Masters ft. Mickey Thomas "The Blues Masters ft. Mickey Thomas"USA
Andy McKee "Joyland"USA
David Carroll and the Migrating Fellows "The Guest"Ireland
The Miserable Rich "Of Flight & Fury"England
Red Rooster "Walk"USA
Si Kahn "Courage"USA
The Iain Ad Venture "Ride the Times"England/Netherlands
James Gordon "My Stars Your Eyes"Canada
The Moonband "Open Space"Germany
MC Hansen "Pariah"Denmark
Edgehill Avenue "Rambler"USA
Frazey Ford "Obadiah"Canada
Tim Easton "Love at Water Canyon"USA
Adas "Echo"Germany
Blitzen Trapper "Destroyer of the Void"USA
Samplers, EPs & Demo CDs: Fionnar, More Citizen K, JARO 2010 - Gone to the Dogs, Valve Records 2010Various

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Weepin' Willow
CD Reviews in German - Page 1
Gráda "Natural Angle"Ireland
Kíla "Soisín"Ireland
Jeremy Kittel "Chasing Sparks"USA
Laura & The Comrats "Creating Memories"Austria
Ray Cooper "Tales of Love War & Death by Hanging"England
Oysterband "The Oxford Girl and Other Stories"England
Rua MacMillan "Tyro"Scotland
Alambic "Rue du Sablier"France
Kasír "Chilling on a Sunday"Denmark
Juan Lorenzo "Flamenco de Concierto"Spain
Téada "Ceol & Cuimhne"Ireland
Gasslspieler Trio "Lieder und Tänze I"Austria
"Drehleier spielen lernen"Germany
The Outside Track "Curious Things Given Wings"Scotland/Ireland/England/Canada
Solas "The Turning Tide"USA
Annbjørg Lien & Bjørn Ole Rasch "Come Home"Norway
Chasing Gravity "Autumn in the Platinum Desert"USA
Diknu Schneeberger Trio "The Spirit of Django"Austria
Folkstone "Damnati ad metalla"Italy
Gráinne Murphy "Short Stories"USA
Brandan "Manu Scriptum"Germany
Wiener Tschuschenkapelle "Haus am Wasser"Austria
Jeff & Vida "Selma Chalk"USA
Various Artists "5 Jahre Folk'n'Fusion"Various
Phønix "20"Denmark
Hubert von Goisern "Goisern Goes West"Austria
Lyapis Trubetskoy "Agitpop"Belarus
Anxo Lorenzo "Tirán"Spain
Dàimh "Diversions"Scotland
Gabe McVarish "Eclection"Scotland
Mike Vass & Dave Wood "Wait What?"Scotland
Cuppatea "Echo"Germany
Cuppatea "Balance"Germany
CD Reviews in German - Page 2

Across the Border "Hag Songs"Germany
Devon Sproule "!Don't hurry for Heaven!"Canada
Frauenkompott "Ausgekocht"Austria
Goetz Widmann "Hingabe"Germany
Howlin' Bill "Live at ancienne Belgique"Belgium
John Shipe "Yellow House"USA
Mad Buffalo "Wilderness"USA
Maya Mo "A Singer's Soul"Canada
Marisa Yeaman "Roadmap Heart"Australia
Michael Tomlinson "The Way out West"USA
Mr Love & Justice "Watchword"England
Noah and the Whale "The first Days of Spring"England
Various Artists "Tambours du Monde"Various
Tumultus Simplex "... nun denn"Germany
Wide Range "Steppin' out"Germany
Meet Citizen K "Somewhere up North"Sweden
Lutz Drenkwitz "Lieder von schräg gegenüber"Germany
Tiller's Folly "Stirring up Ghosts"Canada
Bach3Barden1Band "live!"Germany
First Aid Kit "Drunken Trees"Sweden
Hartmut Krug "Ausländer im eigenen Land"Germany
Katy Lied "Echo Games"England
Ugly Stick "Still Glistening"USA
Volkwin & Co "Live"Germany
Catherine Durant "Coeurs migratoires"Canada
Pork Belly "Futures"Canada
Skilda "Glenan Blue"France
Stiff la Wolf "Thorns"Germany
Pat Fritz "Bluer than blue"Germany
Downtown Ramblers "Downtown Ramblers"Sweden
Preston Grey "First and Vine"USA
Martina Gemmar "Liederliche Absichten"Germany
Martina Gemmar "Gehn se rein in den Verein"Germany
CD Reviews in German - Page 3

Johnny Hawthorn "Death & Taxes"USA
Robert Wachsmann "Sleeping on a Golfgreen"Germany
Heavy Water Experiments "Heavy Water Experiments"USA
Jackie Tice "Second Skin"USA
Joshua Singleton "Joshua Singleton"USA
Mark Cryle "House of Cards"Australia
Brian Dale "Sticks and Stones"USA
Punch'n'Judy "Punch on!"Germany
Suzanne Doucet "Wo sind all die schönen Jahre"Germany
Die Aeronauten "Hallo Leidenschaft!"Switzerland
Martin Schmitt "Schmitt"Germany
Zipfelhaum-Bande "Gschmacksach"Germany
Umnachter Project "Schall und Rauch"Austria
Shari Ulrich "Find Our Way"Canada
K.C. Clifford "Orchid"USA
Tibetréa "Mimirmeidr"Germany
Le Cairde "Live im Jagdhofkeller"Germany
Zur Wachauerin "In meina Wöd"Austria
Gisbert zu Knyphausen "Hurra! Hurra! So nicht"Germany
Crazy Chris Kramer "Chicago Blues"Germany
Ganes "Rai de Sorëdl"Italy
Stoppok plus Worthy "Grundblues 2.1"Germany
Flogging Molly "Live at the Greek Theatre"USA
Tiree "Over the Moon"Germany
Urban Trad "The Best of"Belgium
Der Odenwälder Shanty Chor "Per B.E.M.B.E.L. durch die Galaxis"Germany
Volker Vorberg "Koffein im Blut"Germany
Erik Sumo Band "The Trouble Soup"Hungary
Fremitus "KulTourSchok"Germany
The Biblecode Sundays "Boots or No Boots"England
Boggin Leprechaun "As we set the Sails"Germany
Various Artists "Native America Calling"USA
Edelschwarz "Briten, Bauern und Barone"Germany
CD Reviews in German - Page 4

The Running Kind "The Girl for all the World"USA
Totus Gaudeo "Aus der Bredouille"Germany
Jan Graf "Mit den Regen"Germany
Schelmish "Persona non grata"Germany
William Wetsox "30 Jahre ... vaganga, aber ned vergess'n"Germany
Mohammad Reza Mortazavi "Green Hands"Iran
Adas "Echo"Germany
Blues Lick "Sekt und wuide Weiber"Germany
Caedmon's Fayre "Return" Austria
Nobody Knows "We Folk YOU"Germany
Doppelbock "Voodoo Jodel"Switzerland
Lawaschkiri "Lume"Germany
Liz Madden "My Irish Home"USA
Various Artists "Tribut an Ougenweide"Germany
Various Artists "Merseburger Zaubersprüche"Germany
Born 53 "Foreign Accent"Sweden
Solid Ground "Running up to Paradise"Germany
Tim Sparks "Little Princess"USA
Allan Taylor "Leaving at Dawn"England
La Mar Enfortuna "Convivencia"USA
Grayson Capps "Stavin' chain"USA
Roberto Rodriguez "Timba Talmud"USA
Various Artists "Diaspora for Africa Vol.2"Various (Africa)
John Salazar "Full Moon Session"USA
Two Dollar Bash "Lost River"Scotland
Rans & Flagel "Three Scenes of War"Netherlands
Radiokijada "Nuevos Sonidos Afro Peruanos"Peru/France
Mama "Crow Coyote Buffalo"England
Chris Garneau "El Radio"USA
Enda Kenny "Pearler"Australia
Mulo Francel & Evelyn Huber "Songs of Spices"Germany
Karim Baggili "Lea & Kash"Belgium
Somi "If The Rains Comes First"USA
Jaya Lakshmi "Radiance"USA
Matthias Lenz
CD Reviews in German - Page 5

Soledad "In Concert"Belgium
Acho Estoly "Buenosaurios"Argentina
Grupo Fantasma "El Existential"USA
Trio Ivoire "Across the Oceans"Germany
Matou Noir "Matou Noir"Germany
Ana Moura "Leva-me Aos Fados"Portugal
Uusikuu "Babylonia"Finland/Germany
Die Wilden Weyber "Die Wilden Weyber wirbeln wieder"Germany
Anne Hills "Points of View"USA
Lutz Keller "Immer Weiter"Germany
Carmen Souza "Protegid"Cape Verdes
Corazón Quartett "Wasser, Licht und Zeit"Germany
Eleven Hundred Springs "Country Jam"USA
Los Santos "Blue in Hawaii"Germany
Freshlyground "Radio Africa"South Africa
Netsayi "Monkey's Wedding"Zimbabwe
The Chieftains ft. Ry Cooder "San Patricio"Ireland/USA
The Wichita "Songlines"Austria
Carlos Nuñez "Alborada do Brasil"Spain(Brazil
Markscheider Kunst "Utopia"Russia
Rupert Wates "Joe's Cafe"USA
Binder & Krieglstein "New Weird Austria"Austria
Tri Muzike "Pause"Italy
Sarah Mac Dougall "Across the Atlantic"Canada
Rainald Grebe "Die Besten Lieder meines Lebens"Germany
Oumar Ndiayte Xosluman "Talibe"Senegal
Sampler, EPs & Demo-CDs: Apples in Stereo, Chris Everett, Vaughan King, Krissy and the JackdawsVarious

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