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100% Music Songwriting Contest Logo
Overall Winners
1 Rachel VanSlyke (Acoustic, USA) 
2 Brite Lite Brite (Electronic, USA)
3 The Thing (World, France)

Winners - Acoustic Music
1 Rachel VanSlyke (USA) 
2 John O'Connell (United Kingdom)
3 Paul Cresey (Canada)

Runners Up - Acoustic Music
Danny Hooper (Australia)
Dominik Plebanek (Poland)
Joseph Pfeifer (USA)
Kevin Reardon (USA)
Nadir Babouri (France)
Scott Dameron & Jay Ladd V (USA)
The Woodlands (USA)
Fany et Myliame (France)
Freak Owls (USA)
Hayla Weisz (Israel)
Jessica Grosman (France)
Jon McLurg (Canada)
Joseph Escribe (France)
Kiersten Holine (USA)
Por H o por V (France)
The Lucky Wonders (Australia)
Victor Michon-Petit (France)

Connecting 100%

The 100% Music Songwriting Contest is an annual songwriting contest that connects songwriters from all over the world with music industry and media professionals.

Rachel VanSlyke |

Promoting her debut album in 2008, Rachel VanSlyke set out on an epic concert tour from Florida to Canada, covering a distance of more than 6,000 kilometers on a bicycle.

For sure, many of the shows involved raising awareness on environmental issues, local community bike co-ops and community centers.

Whoever was lucky to attend one of Rachel VanSlyke's performances, was treated to catchy tunes and gritty lyrics.

And the journey continues ...

John O'Connell has a ringing name Merseyside. In the late 1970s, he formed the almost mythical Liverpudlian group Groundpig, playing a crossover of bluegrass, folk, country and pop music.

Since the death of Groundpig co-founder Graham Evans in 2006, John O'Connell concentrates on his solo career, which led him from his weekly residency in O'Neill's pub to supporting Martin Carthy. John plays anything from Bob Dylan and James Taylor to The Pogues and Snow Patrol, and increasingly his own songwriting is gaining recognition by an interested audience.

CKUA Radio says, whatever Neil Young, Leonard Cohen and Bob Dylan have, Paul Cresey has it too!

The young - he's in his early 20s - but lyrically mature songwriter is currently an education student at the University of Alberta, Canada. Nighttime sees him in the coffee houses and playing folk music, blues and whatever comes to his mind - like a latter-day Gordon Lightfoot.

Paul Cresey is currently recording his second album.

Winners - World Music

1 The Thing (France)
2 La Banda del Alunizaje (Spain)
3 Ely Qurbelo (Spain)

Runners Up - World Music

An Danzza (Spain), Angela Maria (Netherlands), Kitus (France), Leonardo Tembe Domingos (France), Oxym R (France), Sanrek (Belgium), Xera (Spain), Anissá Bensalah (France), Avaghys (DR Congo), Carine Karkour (Canada), Franck Yrven (France), Jana Vizdal (Canada), Lenka Lichtenberg (Canada),[44] Mayela Band (France), Pheelip Zora (Reunion), The Jocelyn Pettit Band (Canada), Toshiya Ochiai (Japan)

Photo Credits: (1) Logo (by 100% Music Songwriting Contest); (2) Rachel VanSlyke, (3) John O'Connell, (4) Paul Cresey, (5) Jocelyn Pettit (6) Kitus (from websites).

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