FolkWorld #46 11/2011
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Folk music festivals come and go. Way too many happen only once or twice and quickly end in smoke after a promising beginning. There are many reasons for this, of course. To say the least, organizing such an event means much labour and pain. It is a dedication that is often not recognized by the audience but only rewarded by bad weather.

To hold such a festival independently is an act of bravery. If nothing else because folk, world and roots music is only a niche product. So it is good to know that the Folklorefest in Krefeld by the River Rhine was taking place not only for the 34th time in 2011, but is going strong on its own and without any public subsidies since an entire decade.

There is no particular reason why such a festival should not work out in any other location. However, Krefeld is not the rule but the exception, and I'm asking why is that? The people behind the Folklorefest probably could tell many instructive tales to willing ears.

FolkWorld congratulates and, yes, thanks the Folklorefest team for their continuous and lasting commitment. We are sure that the visitors of this year's festival had much fun and did experience some thrilling concerts. With a carefully chosen schedule featuring local artists, an Irish Dance theme night, a children's matinee, and acts such as the Italian folk rock group Riserva Moac and the Danish electro folkies Valravn this really should have been guaranteed.

Keep on folkin', Tom Keller

Photo Credits: (1) Folklorefest Krefeld 2011 (from website).

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