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The Great Gazzoon

"The Great Gazzoon"

  Rick Scott: The Great Gazzoon

Hi, thanks for the great review of The Great Gazzoon.

Originally we only planned to release the 4th CD GAZZOON TUNES as a stand alone CD to send to radio, but we started getting requests for it from our fans so we're making it available.

Folks who listen to the first 3 CDs are telling us their kids love having the music CD to remind them of the story so it's all good.

All the best, Valley and Rick

  Jamie Laval: Murmurs and Drones

"Murmurs and Drones"

I can't thank you enough for taking the time to listen to my album "Murmurs and Drones" and for writing such a flattering and observant review for FolkWorld. Your love of this genre and your dedication to sharing it with a wider audience does a beautiful service to acoustic artists like me.

Roots-based music is a fragile thing. It may not have the flash appeal of more modern forms, and may not have the financial support of corporations, but we all know how artistically important it is and recognize its ability to touch hearts. I am grateful for the wonderful contribution to the genre you are making with your CD reviews.

I look forward to keeping in touch and sending you my upcoming recorded work. Kindest respect, Jamie Laval

Lindsay Lou & The Flatbellys

"Yeats' Bee-loud Glade"
"In Good Company"
"When We Get To Shore"
"Release Your Shrouds"

  Hearth Music: Alden, Evans, Hogue, ...

Wow, looks great! That is quite a lot of reviews as well! Very impressive.

Thank you so much for covering music we've been promoting, like Kyle Alden, Bill Evans, Coty Hogue, Mary Jane Lamond & Wendy MacIsaac, and Lindsay Lou & The Flatbellys. Thank you!

Best, Devon Leger (HearthPR/Hearth Music)

  Kari Estrin Mgt/Consulting: Bedford, Bartley

"What We Lost"
"Mercy for the Dispossessed"

Hi – what an amazing site – all those reviews.

Thanks so much for reviewing both Ben Bedford’s WHAT WE LOST and also Geoff Bartley’s MERCY FOR THE DISPOSSESSED.

We appreciate it! Kari Estrin

  Richard Thompson: Electric

Richard Thompson


Firstly, I just wanted to say a big thanks for supporting the new Richard Thompson album. The record charted at 16, making it not only the highest charting album of his whole career but also the joint highest charting independently released ‘Folk’ album ever. Not bad!

So, thank you. Jay Taylor (

  FolkWorld Editorials

"Here's a modern irony..."

"Banjos galore! ..."

Hello Folkworld, I want first to say thank you for your really refreshing editorials!! I dropped on an old one by Sean Laffey, who speak about what could have been the situation for Bob Dylan in our years, found it really good. And I love banjo too! Specialy tuned!

Good road to you! Anthony Varwin (

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