FolkWorld #55 11/2014

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Letters to the Editors

  Mat Callahan: Songs of Freedom

Songs of Freedom - The James Connolly Songbook

"Songs of Freedom - The
James Connolly Songbook"

Thanks. I appreciate your attention to detail and the breadth of your research.

All the best, Mat Callahan

  Ange Hardy: Bare Foot Folk, The Lament of the Black Sheep

"Bare Foot Folk"
"The Lament of the Black Sheep"

Hi. Thank you for that, what a cracking review. I've popped it on all my sites etc and will spread word as much as I can.

Hopefully by now you have also received my next album 'The Lament of The Black Sheep' ... I very very much look forward to hearing what you think of that one after such a lovely review of 'Bare Foot Folk'.

Thanks again for your time. Ange Hardy

  Rattle On the Stovepipe: Old Virginia

"Old Virginia"

Hi - Thanks so much for the nice and interesting review in Folkworld.

We, Rattle On the Stovepipe, have never played in Europe (Japan, USA, India etc. yes, but not mainland Europe). I think our music would go down well over there but have no connections or thoughts about how to get our music out live to European audiences in Germany, Scandinavia, Belgium, France etc. Any suggestion or contacts would be gratefully received.

Wishing you all that's best, and thanks again for the positive review. Dave Arthur

  Colleen Raney: Here This Is Home

"Here This Is Home"

Hello and thank you so much for your email and the kind words that you wrote about the album! I’m very grateful.

I wanted to make you aware of a couple of things in the review that might bear correcting if you think it would be appropriate. The album was not produced by Trevor Hutchinson, but rather by Aidan Brennan who also played all of the guitar tracks as well as the bouzouki tracks on the album. Aaron Jones added a second, guest, bouzouki track only to The Boys of Mullaghbawn. Trevor, of course, contributed his wonderful bass playing and acted as our recording engineer. The wonderful band was collected by myself and by Aidan in both Portland, Oregon where both Johnny B. Connolly and I make our homes, and Ireland.

Thank you again for your very nice review and for emailing me to tell me about it. Very best, Colleen

  Jennifer Evans: The Last Cheap Hotel

"The Last Cheap Hotel"

Thanks for sending the review of Jennifer Evans. We certainly appreciate it Tom. It’s more than worth waiting for. :) I appreciate David Hintz insights.

Kari Estrin (Kari Estrin Mgt/Consulting - Celebrating 40 Years Working with Amazing Artists!)

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