FolkWorld #56 03/2015
© Seán Laffey

Cold Old Fire

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We always sing, even when were losing
'Cos Dublin's drone is hard enough especially 
When you're down and you're boozing
We sing the Oul' Triangle and then the Tommy Ryan
'Cos all the world's a jail and we can't remember why

Why we agreed to live and lie in embers of a cold old fire
     nobody remembers
They hand the ashes back to me down the button factory,
     we're cattle at the stall

We look for signs that Dublin's heart's still beating,
That concrete and glass and peelers and mass,
They haven’t stopped the people from screaming,
Being trapped by all the cameras you're inclined to stay at home,
And forget some songs were written to remind you
     You weren’t born

We see the cracks under the foundation,
Smouldering on the faces of the people on the drip of isolation,
We hear the sounds come streaming across the crackling air,
The broken words of swine who would tell us that we were


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