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Hauntingly Beautiful Singing

Tama Trio

Artist Video Nando Citarella @ FolkWorld:
FW#36, #57

Tama Trio @ Buskers Bern Straßenmusik-Festival, 6. – 8. August 2015.

Buskers Bern

Buskers 2013


Geschwister Küng

Artist Video www.geschwister

As every year I volunteered to help during the 12th edition of the Buskers Festival, Bern. My personal highlight was the Tama Trio, I was field help for Nando Citarella (vocals, frame drums) from Napoli, Mauro Palmas (10-string-mandoloncello/liuto cantabile, mandola) from Caglieri and Pietro Cernuto (hand-crafted Italian bagpipe and flutes, vocals, frame drums) from Messina on Friday evening.

The first session took place in the atrium of an old palace from the 18th century with awesome acoustics. They started the show with a rhythmic song, “Treno a vela”, flute and mandoloncello accompanied Nando’s brilliant singing, he also beat the handmade frame drum. Mauro enchanted the audience with his virtuoso playing on “Danza in minore”, Pietro added the flute and Nando entertained us with word and drum beat.

Nando exclusively spoke Italian, but he clearly pronounced every word so I could easily understand. However the lyrics were brought forward in their south Italian dialect even a woman from Ticino I spoke to didn’t capture easily.

Pietro made our hair standing on the end with his Sicilian lament “O Nici”, his singing was so intense and showed some significant Moorish bearing, driven by Mauro’s beautiful playing, Nando’s second voice and the frame drums it was definitely my favourite song. Nando dedicated his Neapolitan love ballad “Carmela” to all the women in the audience and he mesmerized (not only) them with his hauntingly beautiful singing.

I saw 3 sets this evening and even though the acoustics at the first venue were so perfect, the three brilliant musicians captured me each time with their joyful performance and wonderful music.

More pictures from Buskers Bern 2015 @ Flickr - Photo Sharing!

The 13th Buskers Bern Festival takes place from 11th to 13th August 2016.

Photo Credits: (1) Buskers Bern (2) Tama Trio (ft. Nando Citarella & Mauro Palmas), (3) Geschwister Küng, (4) La Gâpette, (5) Divano Dromensa, (6) 3 Daft Monkeys, (7) Göksel Yilmaz (by Matthias Luggen/Buskers Bern).

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