FolkWorld #59 03/2016
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The Multifaceted Sound of the Kantele

Vilma Timonen Quartet

Artist Video Vilma Timonen @ FolkWorld:
FW#43, #59

Vilma Timonen Quartet "Drops" Album Release Concert - Allotria, Helsinki, 18th November 2015.

The Vilma Timonen Quartet, or VtQ as this fusion band is otherwise known, has pulled off a remarkable combination and a unique sound that you have never heard before. Contemporary folk music combining musical elements from all over the world, blended together with the ancient sound of the Kantele.

Vilma Timonen Quartet: Drops

»Finnish folk pop territory«

The band’s repertoire is a synthesis of compositions by Vilma Timonen and a collection of traditional melodies adapted by the Quartet. The result is an epoch-making musical arrangement that accentuates strong vocals and the rich and multifaceted sound of the Kantele.

Imagine on the one hand a small cottage in the Finnish countryside filled with the bright sound of kantele, and on the other hand the dim confines of urban music clubs. VtQ leaps into the ancient world of music to build an arch between these two worlds.

Band members:
Vilma Timonen - kantele, vocals.
Tuomas Timonen -percussion, vocals.
Topi Korhonen -guitar, trumpet, mandolin, vocals.
Jaakko Kämäräinen - bass, vocals. 

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Photo Credits: (1)-(2) Vilma Timonen Quartet (by Aija Lehtonen / Bafes Factory).

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