Issue 7 12/98

FolkWorld Live Review

Luka Bloom in Frankfurt, Germany

1st of December 1998

By Marcus Metz

Luka Bloom Frankfurt venue "Batschkapp" saw Irish songwriter and guitarist Luka Bloom in great form. Playing different acoustic and semi-acoustic guitars with different tunings Bloom introduced the audience to his recent album "Salty Heaven". In the beginning of the gig he played three songs in a row. Later on he started a little chat and the atmosphere got warmer and warmer.

His percussive playing of the guitar was amazing, together with the various sound effects this single instrument became a whole band with drums, bass and keyboard. Apart from that his sudden changes to the "softer" notes where remarkable.

Between songs like "Ciara" - his recent hit single - or "Water Ballerina" and their likes Bloom gave a short but effective introducion. His way of leading the audience through the night reminded me a lot of Christy Moore (forgive me, Luka!) for there was never a boring moment.
Great entertainment!

Luka Bloom Bloom didn't leave the audience alone with his songs, he got himself and them connected to the topics of his own writings: love, spirituality, sorrow, death.
After his last song he thanked the listeners in German but - of course - the people wanted more. Bloom went out on stage again and played Mike Scott's ("The Waterboys") song "Sunny Sailor Boy" which is regarded as one of Bloom's "hits". The audience joined in to sing the chorus. At least he played the only song which is to be found on his album "Riverside": "You couldn't have come at a better time".

Bloom finished his gig with a slow song for his son. "Gabriel" is about angels and with the use of the foot pedal he gave his guitar an organ-like sound he suppressed the sound of guitar picking. That song made the circle complete and fitted into Christmas time as well.

Well done, Luka!

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