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Across the Western Ocean

Bouquet: Never Sounded Better

Robbie Basho

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Robbie Basho @ FROG

The remastered reissue of Robbie Basho’s Bouquet will be released via Lost Lagoon Records / MVD Audio on 9 September. This is the album’s first release on vinyl and CD.

Robbie Basho

Robbie Basho "Bouquet (2022 Remastered Edition)", Lost Lagoon Records / MVD Audio, 2022

Almost 40 years since its original release on cassette, cult guitarist and singer Robbie Basho's 13th album will be available for the first time on vinyl and CD on 9 September. Remastered from the original master recording (discovered during the production of Voice of the Eagle: The Enigma of Robbie Basho), it has never sounded better.

Affording us a greater insight into his remarkable vision, this long-awaited release is a critical piece of the puzzle that was Robbie Basho. The extensive booklet includes rare photos, images from Basho's illustrated songbook and notes from the original lyric sheet, as well as texts from Glenn Jones, Henry Kaiser and others. Bonus tracks include an epic 13-minute solo version of "Land of Our Fathers".

Released with the full approval of Basho's estate.

About Robbie Basho

Robbie Basho’s innovative pieces for the steel-string acoustic guitar incorporated American, European, and Eastern influences, while his unique voice appeared to emanate from another world.

Along with John Fahey and Leo Kottke, Basho was a part of the triumvirate of guitarists on the legendary Takoma Records, and one of the foremost proponents of elevating the steel-string acoustic guitar to the level of a concert instrument.

In his brief and troubled life he laid the foundations for radical changes to the musical landscape of America during the 1960s and '70s but reaped little more than a sparse (if fervent) following during his lifetime. Fortunately, this situation is now changing, as reissues and lost recordings continue to attract new fans.

Photo Credits: (1)-(2) Robbie Basho (unknown/website).

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