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Christophe Bourdoiseau

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C. Bourdoiseau @ FROG

Constellation périphérique

What is homeland? The new chanson album from Christophe Bourdoiseau.

Christophe Bourdoiseau

Christophe Bourdoiseau "Migrant", MusicHub, 2022

What remains of one's homeland when one has left it for too long (Title: Mon beau pays) or when one is forced to leave it (La chanson du migrant)? The memories of teenage years in the suburbs (Ô ma banlieue!) or of the first kiss (Sur ma barrière en bois), escape through drugs (Cocaïne) or alcohol (Adieu Polo) further play into this reflection on exile, be it geographical or internal.

In a series of 15 songs dedicated to the themes of exile, homeland, origins and identity, the album, which features new pieces as well as rearranged old ones, reflects the personal biography of the French singer-songwriter.

The musicians who have contributed to the album likewise share this experience of being uprooted through their geographical, cultural and musical origins. They come in particular from Ukraine and Russia, bringing a touch of authenticity to this complex theme.

Photo Credits: (1)-(2) Christophe Bourdoiseau (unknown/website).

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