FolkWorld #78 07/2022
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Five Bustling Days


Lisbon, Portugal
19 - 23 Oct 2022

Womex @ FROG


"After two years of hiatus, it's a chance to perform in front of an audience of professionals from all walks of life. We have been performing abroad for several years now and we are always looking to develop and discover new countries and cultures that are as attached to their roots as we are, and we hope that this WOMEX will help us greatly."

Artist Video Startijenn @ FROG


"The past 2 years have been some of the most challenging times artists have ever faced. During the period of lockdown, Windborne has kept striving to create art that speaks to current struggles and joys while drawing power from traditions and struggles of the past. We are honoured and grateful to be chosen by WOMEX to bring our vocal harmonies to the world stage."

Artist Video Windborne @ FROG

Piranha Arts, the producers of WOMEX, along with AMG Music, the local partners for WOMEX 22 in Lisbon, reveal the complete Jury-selected Showcase artists, Lusofónica Stage (the Regional stage), the Club Summit and the Opening line-up. So far, the upcoming 28th edition of WOMEX in Lisbon features 51 artists representing 37 countries, not including the offWOMEX line-up and the WOMEX 22 Award recipients that will be announced in the coming weeks.

The official programme is put together from the pool of proposals that are received from around the world during an open call for submissions - open to any artist residing in any country worldwide. Altogether more than 1,600 conferences, showcases, and film proposals were received. The official programme is curated together by the annually changing independent and international WOMEX Jury, also known as the '7 Samurai': five focusing on the Showcase proposals and two on the Conference.

The line-up brings you Venezuelan joropo, Argentinian chacarera, and Peruvian waltz performed by Aguamadera (Argentina/France); folklore from the Maghreb mixed with Gnawa-rock and electro-pop from Djazia Satour (Algeria/France); Sara Correia (Portugal): the rising star who grew up in a family of fadistas inhabiting the middle ground between traditional, dark fado and its modern, lighter incarnation; The Dizzy Brains (Madagascar) - four musicians with a garage-rock sound spreading their music beyond their native Madagascar to vent their anger against social injustices, and Lagos-based Etuk Ubong & The Etuk Philosophy (Nigeria), Afrobeat-rooted, hard bop-influenced trumpeter, who reaches back to the great Tunde Williams (a founder member of Fela Kuti's seminal band Africa 70 in the 60s) - to name a few artists!

The Jury-selected WOMEX 22 Showcase artists are:

    Afrotronix (Chad/Canada)
    Aguamadera (Argentina/France)
    Al Bilali Soudan (Mali)
    Alicia Edelweiss (Austria/UK)
    Aywa (Morocco/France)
    Brenda Navarrete (Cuba)
    Dani Larkin (Ireland/UK)
    Daniel Herskedal (Norway)
    Derya Yıldırım & Grup Şimşek (Türkiye/Germany)
    Djazia Satour (Algeria/France)
    Djely Tapa (Mali/Canada)
    Duo Ruut (Estonia)
    Etuk Ubong & The Etuk Philosophy (Nigeria)
    Firas Zreik (Palestine/USA)
    Fra! (Ghana)
    groove& (South Korea)
    Israel Fernández (Spain)
    La Brigida Orquesta (Chile)
    La Mambanegra (Colombia)
    Les Mécanos (France)
    Lia de Itamaracá (Brazil)
    Mark Eliyahu (Israel)
    Ngulmiya (Australia)
    Pilani Bubu (South Africa)
    PoiL Ueda (Japan/France)
    Rangamatir Baul (India)
    Sara Correia (Portugal)
    Selma Uamusse (Mozambique/Portugal)
    Son Rompe Pera (Mexico)
    Startijenn (France)
    Tęgie Chłopy (Poland)
    The Dizzy Brains (Madagascar)
    Windborne (USA)

Club Summit

Carrying forward from the past year, the Club Summit curator, Juan Ortiz de Zaldumbide, co-founder and partner of M3 Music, the management company behind the global success of Latin alternative and electronic music artists such as Bomba Estéreo, Mitú, and many others, along with the WOMEX Showcase team once again hand-picked the upcoming DJs and electronic music producers from the underground scenes around the world for the Club Summit programme.

    Alligatorz (France)
    Aunty Rayzor (Nigeria)
    DJ Diaki (Mali)
    Imed Alibi feat. Khalil Epi (Tunisia/France)
    Savan (Colombia)

The Regional Stage: Lusofónica Stage

Continuing the annual tradition of representing and supporting talents from the host country and its connections, this year's WOMEX programme edition will once again feature a regional stage: 'Lusofónica'. Nine artists will perform live at Cinema São Jorge in Lisbon, representing five countries, drawn from the Lusophone community, Galicia and the Lusophone diaspora.

The Lusofónica Stage is supported by our cultural partner SPA, the Portuguese songwriters' copyright society.

    Ana Lua Caiano (Portugal)
    Bia Ferreira (Brazil)
    Duarte (Portugal)
    Karyna Gomes (Guinea-Bissau/Portugal)
    Kastrup Quartet (Brazil)
    Pedro Jóia (Portugal)
    Prétu (Cabo Verde/Portugal)
    Sheila Patricia (Spain)
    Tito Paris (Cabo Verde/Portugal)

WOMEX 22 Opening

Every year, WOMEX kicks off with an Opening event, highlighted by the Opening Concert, which focuses on the host country or musical region and is curated and produced by experts from that area. It celebrates the start of five bustling days bursting with music, networking and cultural exchange and sets the standard for the rest of the expo.

The WOMEX 22 Opening: Lisbon Sounds - The New Traditional Lisbon - presents four incredible music projects that are reinventing tradition.

This year's Opening is presented by WHY Portugal. It is curated by Produtores Associados, and with AudioGest and Fundação GDA support.

    Beatriz Felicio (Portugal)
    Club Makumba (Portugal)
    Expresso Transatlântico (Portugal)
    Júlio Resende (Portugal)

You can listen to all the WOMEX 22 Jury-selected Showcase artists on Spotify.

Photo Credits: (1) Womex, (1) Startijenn, (1) Windborne, (1) Sara Correia, (1) Aguamadera, (1) Duo Ruut, (1) Daniel Herskedal, (1) Mark Eliyahu (unknown/website).

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