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FolkWorld's Removal

Europe After eight issues and one and a half year of existance, FolkWorld has finally made the step to move to its own domain, FolkWorld has received during its first 18 months huge support from musicians, fans and press people, helping to establish FolkWorld as a popular information ressource for European folk music in the internet. is called "The Home of European Music"; and with the new domain, FolkWorld will try to focus even more on the folk music scene of the European regions.

We have another Jubilee to celebrate: FROG - the Folk & Roots Online Guide has had in March its third birthday. Right now, it is still found at Geocities, but soon - after a full update - this huge link listing will move over to as well. It is amazing to look back what happened in these three years to folk music coverage in the internet.

We are quite happy about our move, and we hope to be able to offer you from now on an even better service. In the next months, the back issues will move in here as well as FROG. We hope to have soon also a FolkWorld search engine, and zipped download version of the FolkWorld issues.
Our server is, by the way, located in Frankfurt, one of the best internet locations in Europe. And our provider guarantees millenium saftey...

The removal is a good reason to send some "Thank yous" to those who have helped us on the way.

Drawing by German artist Annegret Haensel First thanks go to Jørgen Lang at, who offered us web space at his domain for the first issues, giving us the possibility to work out the FolkWorld idea. We plan that will have a cooperative and supportive relationship with

We thank our main sponsor of this and the next two issues, the Galician Do Fol label, for giving FolkWorld the financial safety to move over to its own domain. We are really happy, even a bit proud, to have support from this label, as it is one of the really excellent folk music labels in Europe, presenting highest quality acts from Northern Spain. FolkWorld's "Best CD of 1998" was also published on the Do Fol label, the solo album of Pancho Alvarez.
In the same way, we thank all other advertisers who trusted and trust FolkWorld, and make with their financial support the existance of the whole FolkWorld project possible.

Going a bit further back, special thanks go also to the now dissolved Folksblatt magazine which was based in Leipzig. They allowed us the first step into folk music journalism several years ago. The end of Folksblatt magazine two years ago was a sad moment; still, it gave us the ambition to start with FolkWorld our own venture. A wee thank you also to Folker! print magazine for having finally found a creative relationship to FolkWorld.
Meanwhile, the magazine that has supported FolkWorld right from the beginning, is the Irish Music Magazine, maybe the most professional folk music magazine around. Thanks, Sean, for the articles and support.

And most of all, thanks to all of you who have contributed articles, reviews and news! It is great to have found in such a short time so many quality contributors! A special hug to Annegret Hänsel who has contributed her pretty folk drawings, giving the look of FolkWorld a very special, in a way traditional, flavour.
And thanks also to everybody who has sent in feedback or review material, and to those who have supported FolkWorld by setting a link from their homepage (don't forget to update the link!)!

Last not least a very big thank you for all of you out there, all FolkWorld readers - without you, this all would not make sense!!

Enough thanked, (although without doubt there still would be plenty of people we would like to thank!). Hope you like the new FolkWorld!
You can, by the way, give from now on your opinions on FolkWorld themes in our "Letters to FolkWorld" system!

All the best, enjoy the spring!

Your FolkWorld Editors.

Second Drawing by Annegret Haensel; more infos on the artist at her homepage

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