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Gaelic Women, photo by The Mollis
Gaelic Women at Celtic Connections, photo by The Mollis

CD-Rezensionen auf Deutsch - Seite 1
Zupfgeigenhansel "Miteinander" Deutschland
Songs an einem Sommerabend 4 Various
José Maria "As luck would have it" US
Glissando "C'est une fête" Deutschland
Rassegna "Dominos (Chants de Méditerranée)" Frankreich
Barbara Thalheim "Insel sein" Deutschland
Beth Nielsen Chapman "Look" US
Zezo Ribeiro/Chico César "Brincadeira" Brasilien
David Roth "Pearl Diver" US
Ennio Morricone & Dulce Pontes "Focus" Italien / Portugal
Shura Lipovsky "Heroes and Poets" Österreich
Bilwesz "Hardigatti" Österreich
Lúnasa "The Kinnitty Sessions" Irland
Norland Wind "From Shore to Shore" Deutschland / Irland
Hans Söllner + Bayaman'Sissdem "Oiwei I" Österreich
Weiherer "Scheiß da Hund" Deutschland
Adaro "Schlaraffenland" Deutschland
Cara "In Colour" Deutschland
Morris Open "Seasons" Deutschland
Budweis - Wunderlich "Frisbee Rhodopsko" Deutschland
Alasdair Fraser & Natalie Haas "Fire & Grace" Schottland
The Irish Folk Festival 04 "Celtic legends" Irland
CD-Rezensionen auf Deutsch - Seite 2
Spinning Wheel "Live in Concerto" Österreich
Hans Fredrik Jacobsen "Vind" Norwegen
Sharrie Williams & The Wiseguys "Hard Drivin' Woman" US
Stoppok "Bla-Bla Nonstop" Deutschland
Revelling Crooks "From Heaven into Hell" US
Willie Nelson "Smokin' at the Paradiso - Live in Amsterdam" US
Ursula Burns "Spell" N. Irland
Ursula Burns "Rollercoaster Castaways" N. Irland
V/A "Pearls Vol. 1 - Songs for Heart and Soul" Various
Frank Torpey "Bodhran CD ROM Tutorial" Irland
Luka Bloom "Before Sleep Comes" Irland
Margaret & Michael Dwyer "Na daoine atá imithe" Irland
Richie Dwyer "In A Creative Mood" Irland
Lack of Limits "Live too" Deutschland
Whistling to the bird: "but faster than the world turns round" Deutschland
Bríd Ní Mhaoileoin "Ar Mhuin na Muice (On the Pig's Back)" Irland
Mary Smith (Mairi Nic a'Ghobhainn) "Sgiath Airgid" Schottland
Geraldine MacGowan "Somewhere along the road" Irland
Jon Wood "One to Five" US
Steve Schuch "Trees of Life, songs of friendship and the earth" US
Review Specials in German
Neue Scheiben aus Irland - CD Rezensions Kolumne various
T:-)m's Nachtwache: Buchrezensionen various

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CD Reviews in English - Page 1
Karen + Helene "solen" Denmark
Le Vent Du Nord "Maudite Moisson!" Canada
Gwenaël Kerleo "Yelen" Brittany
La Lionetta "ballate 1978-1996" Italy
Kenneth Thompson "Seòladh Dhachaigh" Scotland
WoodworX "Two short planx" Australia
Triakel "Sånger från 63° N" Sweden
Lews Castle College 50th Anniversary Commemorative CD "Breaking the Ground" Scotland
Xosé Manual Budiño "Zume de Terra" Spain
La Ciapa Rusa "Diario di bordo" Italy
Bagad Kemper "Sud -Arsu" Brittany
Steampacket "Homecoming" Germany
Jaune Toujours "barricade" Belgium
Jasna & Balkaneska - demo" Yugoslavia / Hungary
Capercaillie "Grace and Pride" Scotland
Andrew Cronshaw "Ochre" England
"The Big Session: Volume 1" (Oysterband plus guests) England
Sean Keane "A Portrait: The Best Of 1993 - 2003" Irlande
Lila Downs "Una Sangre" Mexico
CD Reviews in English - Page 2
Cynthia Hart "Let Me Make Music In Your Life" US
Detlef Bunk "Two Stones" Germany
Alistair Hulett & Dave Swarbrick "Saturday Johnny & Jimmy The Rat" UK
Iron & Wine: "Our Endless Numbered Days" US
James Thurgood: "Handy Little Rig" Canada
Kathy Kallick: "Reason & Rhyme" US
Tad Marks: "Our Crazy Love Affair" US
Annbjørg Lien "Aliens Alive" Norway
Troy MacGillivray "Boomerang" Canada
Brian Kelly UK
Brian McNamara "Fort of the Jewels" Ireland
Borders Young Fiddlers - BYF Scotland
Chris Stout - "First o' the Darkenin'" Scotland
Maeve Donnelly & Peadar O'Loughlin "The Thing Itself" Ireland
Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver "Beyond The Shadows" US
Ivan Drever & Duncan Chisholm "A Long December Night" Scotland
Allan Henderson "Estd 1976" Scotland
Alasdair Fraser & Natalie Haas "Fire & Grace" Scotland / US
Farquhar MacDonald "The Ghost Shirt" Scotland
Grainne Hambly "Golden Lights & Green Shadows" Ireland
Richard Wood "Infectious" Canada
Keep It Up "On Safari" Scotland
Philip Duffy "Killin' Clocks" Ireland
Les Langues Fourchues "Cache Ta Barzatte" Canada
Grey Larsen & Paddy League "Dark of the Moon" Ireland
CD Reviews in English - Page 3
Leahy "In All Things" Canada
Mick Mulvey "Within A Mile O' Jamestown" UK
Nollaig Casey "The Music of What Happened" Ireland
Sean O'Driscoll & Larry Egan "The Kitchen Recordings" Ireland
Paul Smyth "Up and Away" Ireland
The Finlay MacDonald Band "Pressed For Time" Scotland
Rona Lightfoot "Eadarainn (Between Us)" Scotland
Michael Rooney & June McCormack "Draíocht" Ireland
Pierre Schryer & Ian Clark "Heat of the Moment" Canada
Cathrine-Ann MacPhee "Sùil Air Ais" Scotland
Various Artists "Thistle Do 1&2" Scotland
BOOK REVIEW - Hidden Fermanagh by Cyril Maguire Ireland
Alwa "Alwa" Sweden
Kathryn Tickell "Back to the Hills: Solos, Duets and Trios" UK
Cosmic Drone UK
XIM "989" UK
Christian Vesvre & Fabien Guiloineau and friends "Irish Music" France
Neumann, Reeves & Barabasch "Scéal Eile" Germany
James Thurgood- Handy Little Rig "Celtic & Old-Time Harmonica from the Maritimes" Canada
Depot "Payday" UK
Mark Saul "Mixolydian" Australia
Cyril Tawney "Nautical Tawney: Songs of the Old Seafarers" UK
Dursey Sound Connection "Forgotten Moons" Ireland
Steve Schuch "Trees of Life: Songs of Friendship & the Earth" US
CD Reviews in English - Page 4
Palava "Fallen in Clover" UK
Craig and Kara Markley "Once Upon a Winter Moon" US
Barrage Canada
Simbi "Kalalou" Sweden
Cajole "Unreel" Belgium
Various Artists "Nowt So Funny as Folk" UK
The Real McKenzies "Oot & Aboot" Canada
Finisterra "Kein Evoë Kein Requiem" Germany
Sliabh Notes "Along Blackwater's Banks" Ireland
Steve Hughes "The Love You Shared" UK
Rabies "Bad Ass Molly" Germany
Dave Goodman "Rocks, Skies & Waters" Canada
Harry Manx "West Eats Meet" UK
Amadou Kiénou "Sya (Rythmes de la tradition du Burkina Faso)" Burkina Faso
Shane Flew "7,000 Miles" Australia
Bernie Leadon "Mirror" US
Sara Marlowe "Times Like These?" Canada
Mason Jennings "Use Your Voice" US
Solas "Another Day" US
Schandmaul "Wie Pech & Schwefel" Germany
Anders Hagberg "Earth Songs" Sweden
Téada "Lá an Dreoilín" Ireland
Susan McKeown "Sweet Liberty" US
Boxty "Seisiún" France
Roger Landes "Dragon Reels" US
CD Reviews in English - Page 5
Patricia Daly "The Rolling Wave" N. Ireland
Maeve Donnelly & Peadar O'Loughlin "The Thing Itself" Ireland
Miranda Sykes "Don't Look Down" UK
Maranna McCloskey "Fraser Island" N. Irelannd
Aranmore "Bygone Days" UK
Sperris & Wicca "Falling up the Sky" Germany
McDermott's 2 Hours v Levellers "Disorder" UK / Ireland
Alambic "Tournée générale" France
Tore Bruvoll & Jon Anders Halvorsen "Nattsang" Norway
Tim Eriksen "Every Sound Below" US
The Crooked Jades "Seven Sisters: A Kentucky Portrait" US
The Crooked Jades "The Unfortunate Rake Vol. 1" US
The Crooked Jades "The Unfortunate Rake Vol. 2" US
John Reischmann & The Jaybirds "Field Guide" Canada
Eliza Gilkyson "Land of Milk and Honey" US
David Rovics "Songs for Mahmud" US
The Racketeers "Exit Hellsville" Ireland
Janet Holmes "The Road to the West" N. Ireland
Kevin Bowe and the Okemah Prophets "Angels on the Freeway" US
Mary Lou Lord "Baby Blue" US
The Choosy Beggars "The Choosy Beggars" US
Wunderkammer "Today I Cannot Hear Music" Norway
The Saw Doctors "Live in Galway" Ireland
The Saw Doctors "Live in Galway" [DVD Video]" Ireland
V/A "Live Recordings from the William Kennedy Piping Festival" Ireland
CD Reviews in English - Page 6
V/A "Highlands and Islands - Vol. 1: Loch Shiel" Scotland
"The NoExcuses Harmonica Guide" [CD-ROM/DVD] UK
Christel Rice "Tunnel Vision" US
Lehto & Wright "A Game of Chess" US
Rise "Uncertain Wonders" Scotland
Rise "Posing as Human" Scotland
Pete Lashley "Slate" UK
Cuppatea "Love and care" Germany
Kona boj "Ja sa kona bojim" Czech Republic
Atahualpa Yupaqui "Concierto instrumental (Live in Cologne 1978)" Argentina
Trovaci "Balkanplatte" Germany / Yugoslavia
Various artists "The best of Indies records 2000" and "The best of Indies records 2003" Czech Republic
The Borders "Inspired" Australia
Ray Mason band "Idiot wisdom" US
Klaus Trabitsch "Zeit" Austria
The brothers in the kitchen featuring the Moore sisters "Bring it back alive" US
Wolfe bros "Old roads new journeys" US
Nikitov "Amulet" US / the Netherlands
Julian Spizz "Incipit" Germany
Chuck Suchy "Evening in Paris" US
Ben Suchy "Head for home" US
Landluft "Steirisch und modern" Austria
Adaro "Schlaraffenland" Germany
Various artists "World reggae" Various
CD Reviews in English - Page 7
Hepa halme prespekt "Nine steps in line of beauty" Finland
Paul Seitz "Only the beginning" US
Marike Jager "Focus" The Netherlands
George Papavgeris "Ordinary heroe" Canada
Namgar "Hatar" Russia
Volga "Concert" Russia
Amortal "Danza" Germany
Amortal "Escualo" Germany
Telenn Gwad Russia
Frederic Galliano & the African divas "Sacre live" France etc
Rada Synergica "Isgrelaje" Germany
Ron Spears & within tradition US
Shamaila Khan "Oi" UK/Pakistan
Sharron Kraus "Songs of love and loss" UK
Mary Smith (Mairi Nic a'Ghobhainn) "Sgiath Airgid" Scotland
Bríd Ní Mhaoileoin "Ar Mhuin na Muice (On the Pig's Back)" Ireland
Review Specials in Englisch
T:-)m's Nightshift - Book Reviews various

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