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La Bottine Souriante, photo by The Mollis

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CD Reviews in English

CD Reviews in English - Page 1
Stine Michel "Til de elskende" Denmark
Kristine Heebøll "Trio Mio" Denmark
Lars Lilholt "De instrumentale" Denmark
Alasdair Fraser with Muriel Johnstone & Natalie Haas "Legacy of the Scottish Fiddle - Vol. 2: Tunes from the life and land of Robert Burns" Scotland
Henrik Jansberg "Signatur" Denmark
Faustino Santalices "Gravacións Históricas de Zanfano 1927-1949" Spain
Susane Seivane "Mares de Tempo" Spain
Various Artists "The Clear Stream: Guitar Music From Scotland & Beyond" Scotland
Dave Bainbridge "Veil of Gossamer" England
Velvetone "Switchback Ride" Germany
Lou Dalfin "L'oste del diau Dunya Records" Italy
Transsylvanians "Igen" Germany/Hungary
West of Eden "A Stupid Thing to Do" Germany
Various Artists "Stockfish Records - Closer to the Music" Various
April Moon "Suddenly September" Germany
Caledonix "Plaid Without Compromise" Germany
Swimmy "The Bed of Justice" Germany
Tommy Byrnes "Alehouse Insurrections" Ireland
V/a "Magic Irish Inspirations" Ireland
Skolvan "Live in Italia" France
Patrick Molard & Alain Genty "To the Bobs" France
Kíla "Live in Dublin" Ireland
Rónán Ó Snodaigh "Tonnta ró" Ireland
Mozaik "Live from the Powerhouse" Ireland
David Faulkner & Steve Turner "English and Border Music for Pipes" Ireland
Angelina Carberry & Martin Quinn "Angelina Carberry & Martin Quinn" Ireland
James Kelly "Melodic Journeys" Ireland
Caladh "Live in Kyteler's Inn" Ireland
Eoin Duignan "Lumina" Ireland
Hugh & Colm Healy "Macalla na hÓige" Ireland
V/A "McCalman Singular" Scotland

Croft No 5, photo by Eugene Graham

CD Reviews in English - Page 2

Various Artists "The Fluteplayers of Roscommon, Vol. 1" Ireland
Gráda "the landing step" Ireland
Danú (Irish traditional music solos played by the members of Danú) "Up in the air" Ireland
Fliflet/Hamret "Eine kleine Kraftmusik" Norway
Gerry O'Connor "Journeyman" Ireland
Gabriel Yacoub "Je vois venir" France
Iontach "The half gate" Ireland/Germany
Bukkene Bruse "Spel" Norway
Archie Fisher & Garnet Rogers "Off The Map" Scotland
David Munyon "More Songs For Planet Earth" USA
David Munyon "Seven Leaves in a Blue Bowl of Water" USA
Eric Andersen "The Street Was Always There" USA
Eric Hansen "A Lover's Lullaby" England
Paul Stephenson: "These Days" England
Pete Gavin "Shanghai Rainbow" England
Rasmus Storm "Dansk 1700 - Tals Musik #2" Denmark
Majorstuen "Joran Jogga" Norway
Croft No 5 "Talk of the future" Scotland
Liana "" Portugal
Vamp "Månemannen" Norway
Milagro Acustico "Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam" Italy/Persia
David Jacobs "Strain Ocean or a teardrop" USA
Ougenweide "Wol mich der stunde" Germany
Hakim "El yomen dol" Egypt
Gazi Yalçin "Daval zurna ile anadolu gezisi no. 1" Turkey
Jæ Sweevers "Online" Denmark
Tangerine trousers "Dressed for success" USA
Imani Ngoma troupe "Bape" Zanzibar
Tummel "Transit" Denmark/Sweden
Reel "Strannie ludi" Russia

Scottish Music Session, photo by The Mollis
Scottish music session, photo by The Mollis

CD Reviews in English - Page 3

Blackthorn Band "Far from Home" England
ThingumaJig "Ceilidh Party" England
Frank Ferrel & Friends "Fiddledance" USA
V/A "Contra Roots and Branches" USA
Frank Harte & Donal Lunny "The Hungry Voice" Ireland
Pauline Scanlon "Red Colour Sun" Ireland
Tarneybackle "The Diamond" Scotland
V/A "Diamond Mountain Sessions presents ..." Ireland
Xenos "Çirikli" Australia/Balkan
Flukt "Drufiacc" Norway
Old Crow Medicine Show "O.C.M.S" USA
Randy Kohrs "I'm Torn" USA
Onion Creek Crawdaddies "Barn Burners & Bathtub Bourbon" USA
The Wailin' Jennys "40 Days" Canada
Amy Fradon "Passion Angel" USA
Clay Bartlett "Fixin' to Break Down" USA
David Francey "The Waking Hour" Canada
Marc Breitfelder & Jack Cook "Feed My Body To The Fishes But My Soul To The Lord Above" Germany/USA
Marc Breitfelder & Ryan Donohue "Take A Butcher´s Knife" Germany/USA
Max Wolff "I´m Bonafide" Denmark/USA
Mike Marriott "In Person" England
Shackleton "No.5" England
The Creekdippers "Mystic Theatre" USA
The Creekdippers "Political Manifest" USA
Robb Johnson "Tony Blair: My Part in his Downfall" England
Steve Tallis and the Holy Ghosts "Loko" Australia
John Wesley Harding "It Happened One Night & It Never Happened At All" USA
Tracey Curtis "If The Moon Could Talk" England
B.B. & The Blues Shacks "Blue Avenue" Germany

Jams, photo by The Mollis
Jams, photo by the Mollis

CD Reviews in English - Page 4

John and the Sisters "John and the Sisters" Canada
Warner Williams "Blues Highway - Live With Jay Summerour" USA
V/A "The Piper & The Maker" Scotland
The Pipers' Gathering "Live from North Hero" Various
Hilary James with Simon Mayor "Laughing with the Moon" England
Simon Mayor & Hilary James "Lullabies with Mandolins" England
V/A "Live! at the Talbot" Wales
V/A "A Chanukah Feast" USA/Jewish
V/A "Indies Records - Original Czech Music - PF 2005" [Promotional Disc] Czech Republic
The NoExcuses Celtic Guide [CD-ROM & DVD] Celtic
The NoExcuses Didgeridoo Guide [CD-ROM & CD] Celtic
The Mosquitoes "The Mosquitoes" Ireland
Genticorum "le galarneau" Canada
Nuada "Open the Door for 3" Ireland
Christy Hodder "Celtic Energy" Canada
Jim McGrath "Melodious Accord" Ireland
Gerry O'Connor "No Place like Home" Ireland
Garry Walsh "Uncovered" Ireland
Blair Douglas "Angels from the Ashes" Scotland
Douglas Montgomery & Stewart Shearer "Crossing Warness " Scotland
Hekety "Furze Cat" France
Mary Bergin "Tin Whistles" Ireland
Paddy Keenan "Paddy Keenan" Ireland
Clannad "2" Ireland
Various Artists "O Riada Sa Gaiety" Ireland
Eoin Duignan "Lumina" Ireland
The Midden "P:igloo" Scotland
Mark Saul "Mixolydian" Australia
BOOK: Steven Spence "Spencie's Tunes" Scotland
Catherine & John McEvoy "The Kilmore Fancy" Ireland

Blazin Fiddles, photo by The Mollis

CD Reviews in English - Page 5

Mynta "Teabreak" Sweden/India
Petra Eisend "A statement of mine" Germany
Paola Lombardo, Donata Pinti & Betti Zambruno "So sol d'amarti alla follia" Italy
The unseen guest "Out there" India
Wylie & the Wild West "Hooves of the horses" USA
Eddie Pennington "Walk the strings" USA
La moresca antica "La turchi alla marina" Italy
Kim Sanders & friends "You can't get there from here" Australia
Geyers "Lästerzungen" Germany
Jeff Callahan "Woebegone" USA
Stefano Valla, Attilio Rocca & Attore Losini "Tilion" Italy
Last call "10" Netherlands
TMO "Me & my raincoat" Austria
Radošov "Láska a vojna" Czech Republic
Karl Ritter "Atmen" Austria
Tenores di Bitti "Caminos de pache" Italy
Donovan "Beat Cafe" England
Strepitz "no. 0" Italy
Strepitz "Suns naturai" Italy
Strepitz "Vangeli apocrifi 01 la nativita" Italy
Strepitz "Vangeli apocrifi 02 passione" Italy
Strepitz "Iluoghi della cornamusa" Italy
Gorchestra Cantarchevai "In concerto" Italy
Tarak Nath Mishra and Keshava Rao Nayak "Varanasi Concert" India
Ustad Shahid Parvez "Magnificent Melody" India
Knut Reiersrud Hans Frederik Jacobsen Vajra "Himalaya Blues" India/Norway
Ustad Bade Ghulam Ali Khan "Regal Resonance" Pakistan
Dr. N. Ramani & Hariprasad Chaurasia "Together" India
The Unusual Suspects "Live in Scotland" Scotland
Review Specials in Englisch
Best CDs of 2004 various
T:-)m's Nightshift - Book Reviews various

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