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Letters to the FolkWorld Editors


Hello, I'm a Celtic musician based in the Boston area, and I found FolkWorld while searching the internet (for song lyrics, of all things). J I've explored the site a bit, and I'm really impressed with how well your website is put together, and the quality of writing. Items are short enough to not be overwhelming, but are actually organized and easy to find and read. Thank you so much for putting together something of this quality in support of Folk music. I saw that you're now celebrating your 30th issue. Congratulations! Please keep going for a long time. [...]

Thank you very much for your time, and for putting FolkWorld together in the first place.

Sincerely, Caera

Editors' comment: Thank you - that is what we like to hear!

Dear Sirs,

first of all let me congratulate you to the 30th issue of Folk World magazine. It is long time since I first time visited sites of FolkWorld. I am happy, that folk music becomes popular all around Europe and it is also because of your work.

Who am I? My name is Radovan Tino (my nickname is Radiar). I am slovak songwriter and also editor in chief of slovak internet magazine called ( started in november 1999 a since then we already published more than 900 articles, CD reviews, reports from concerts and festivals, we introduced many slovak folk bands and songwriters. We also founded Society which is trying to help young bands and artists to present their music and helping organizers of concerts and festivals.

Dear sirs, I would kindly like to ask you, if you would be interested in publishing some folk news also from Slovakia. I have read articles about czech, polish and hungarian bands - all countries surrounding Slovakia, but havent read about any slovak band so far. It is a pity that readers of your magazine doesn't know about any slovak performer. It looks like here is no folk, but it is not true. Slovak folk has its own history and is integral part of slovak music. In Slovakia are being organized also some big folk&country festivals (Country Lodenica, Dobro Fest, Strunobranie, Vandermuza ...) visited by hundreds and thousands of visitors.

Editors' comment: We are looking forward to contributions from Radovan!

Danny Kyle Corner
hi just a short note to give you my hartfelt thanks for the danny kyle corner as it keeps my dad alive it also lets his grandchildren know what a wonderful man he was and what they missed out on thanks again rikki kyle


Ritzau Band
Musikchor Ritzau, San Francisco 1882 Hello, I just noticed a picture of my great grandfather's band in an article on your website. He was from Salzgitter and immigrated to America around 1869 with his band. They were in New York for a few years and later came to San Francisco where he lived until his death in 1895.

The band was the Ritzau Band. According to an article in Zu Hause in Salzgitter magazine printed in 1957, the band was called the Gustave Lohse Band sometime after the picture was taken in 1880 in San Francisco. I have never heard of the Gustave Lohse Band. As far as I know my great grandfather's band was always known as the 2nd Regiment Band.

A photo of the band (not including my great grandfather) appeared in the back of the book, Die Wandermusikanten von Salzgitter on page "Abbildung 12 zu seite 321." I have a copy of this book, but I do not read German. I also have a copy of the article that appeared in the above mentioned magazine and have had it translated, but it provides very little information about my ancestor. I am always looking for additional information about him and appreciate anything I can get.

Sincerely, Kenneth R. Tessendorff

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