FolkWorld Issue 33 05/2007; Photo Report (compiled by Walkin' T:-)M)

Johanna Juhola, folkBALTICA 2007

folkBALTICA 2007
Northern Germany, 18-22 April 2007

The 3rd folkBALTICA festival was a big success: more than 4,000 visitors attending 30 events at 24 different sites on the German-Danish border region of Sønderjylland-Schleswig. Though there were no big names this year, there was plenty of excellent folk music from Northern Germany, Scandinavia and the Baltic states.

Johanna Juhola (on the right) is a young accordion virtuoso from Finland. She was the star of Timo Alakotila's Concerto for Accordion and Chamber Orchestra and also part of the 50th anniversary concert on the death of composer Jean Sibelius, featuring norddeutsche sinfonietta and Suden Aika.

Moscow Art Trio, folkBALTICA 2007 Helene Blum Band, folkBALTICA 2007

The Moscow Art Trio (above left), featuring clarinet player Sergeij Starostin (-> FW#11, FW#12, FW#14, FW#14, FW#19), blends East European and Nordic folk music with jazz and contemporary art music. Helene Blum (above right with her band) is a young folk singer, regarded by many as one of the greatest vocal talents from Denmark.

Tophøj, Hockings & Graubæk, folkBALTICA 2007 Kraja, folkBALTICA 2007

Tophøj, Hockings & Graubæk (above left) perform traditional Danish tunes with much swing and vigour; Fiddler Andreas Tophøj is a well-known face with his band Zar (-> FW#28). Kraja (above right) is a sensational young acappella quartet from Northern Sweden.

ulman, folkBALTICA 2007 ulman, folkBALTICA 2007 ulman, folkBALTICA 2007

ULMAN (above -> FW#33): folk-grooves, world-beat and ethno-jazz from Eastern Germany. Such thing is rarely heard over here in Germany, but no exclusive right to Nordic bands anymore.

Photo Credits: (1) Johanna Juhola; (2) Moscow Art Trio; (3) Helene Blum Band; (4) Tophøj, Hockings, Graubæk; (5) Kraja; (6)-(8) ulman (taken from folkBALTICA website).

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