FolkWorld Issue 34 11/2007; Photo Report

A Decade of Folk A Decade of Folk

A Decade of Folk

Folkwoods Festival

What do you get if you put some veteran pop and festival experts together to organise a completely new festival? A good festival, just like the old days. That was (and is!) exactly what the organisers of the Folkwoods Festival meant to aim.

Folkwoods Festival ground 2000

Folkwoods 2004
Folkwoods 2003
Folkwoods 2002

In 1998 there were a lot of rumours about our target group, the folkies, being overlooked by synthesizer and guitar violence. Many people complained about festivals. They got thin beer in plastic cups and there were only fattening snacks available. They had to wait for hours to get tokens. They stayed at remote campings with filthy chemical toilets and no showers. They could listen to some good bands, but there were no activities whatsoever for children.

Urban Trad 2003
Urban Trad (2003)

In 1999 we managed to put our (slumbering) plans into action and in August 2000 the first Folkwoods Festival was born. While other folk festivals tend to dilute, by presenting a wider program with a lot of pop acts and world music, Folkwoods mostly aims at European traditional music. This doesn't mean that we present traditional folk music only; within the borders of its style, Folkwoods is going deeper and wider. As a matter of course there is room for Irish, Scotish and Breton folk music, which form the basis for what usually is called 'folk'.

Fluxus 2001 Ambrozijn 2004
Fluxus (2001)     Ambrozijn (2004)

Folkwoods, however, broadens the geographical and musical perspective; from the USA to Germany, from traditional jigs and reels to electric guitar-folk and American singer / songwriters. It is a festival for people who like tuneful music from The Netherlands, Europe and the rest of the world!

Lunasa 2001 Värttinä 2003
Lunasa (2001)     Värttinä (2003)

The Folkwoods Festival takes place in a wonderful setting, in the middle of the woods, and is surrounded by provisions of an unusual high standing. 4.000 people at the most are allowed at the festival and camping grounds.

Flook 2007 Iva Nova 2007 Marike Jager 2007
Kerstin Blodig 2007 Gerard van Maasakkers 2007
Folkwoods 2007:     Flook, Iva Nova, Marike
Jager, Kerstin Blodig, Gerard van Maasakkers

Text by courtesy of the Folkwoods website.

Photo Credits: (1) Urban Trad (by Finn Snaters); (2) Festival site; (3) Fluxus; (4) Ambrozijn; (5) Lunasa; (6) Värttinä (by Christian Moll); (7) Flook, (8) Iva Nova, (9) Marike Jager, (10) Kerstin Blodig, (11) Gerard van Maasakkers (by Folkwoods).

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