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Robb Johnson & Leon Rosselson

"The World Turned Upside Down"

  Rosselsongs 1960-2010

Thanks to David Hintz for his kind words. It's odd that critics, almost without exception, focus entirely on the 'political' songs though there are children's songs and relationship songs in the collection. I don't compartmentalise the songs or make any distinction between what is 'political' and what is personal. The personal is political, as they say. And the other way round. The political is personal.

All the best, Leon Rosselson

David Hintz: His political songs smash you with sledgehammer and the other songs nicely float by. It's pretty clear where the focus will be, so I'm not surprised I joined the pack. This was a nice collection and I'm glad to see he's still playing and recording, since we don't hear much of him over here.

  Danny Carnahan

"Sky in your Pocket"

Hi there... thanks for the note and I had to doublecheck that your magazine was different from Folkmagazin, for whom Gabriele Haefs recently wrote a nice review for me of the new CD. If, indeed, you two are entirely separate and distinct, I'd be more than happy to send you a CD and hope for some laudatory ink. Since my old friend and long-time collaborator Mick Fitzgerald[47] has in recent years been building a nice following in Germany, perhaps there's hope for me as well.

And on your site, I learned for the first time of the passing of Danny Kyle. I was very sad to hear about it and will toast his memory this evening. He was one of my first European supporters when I was first starting out in the early 80s and wrote some great articles about me and my music over the years. We never met face to face, but corresponded regularly for over a dozen years. I will miss him.

Danny Carnahan

ps: If you're not aware of either my mystery novels or my current band, Wake the Dead, feel free to visit the two sites for probably more information than you need. Cheers.

  Ursula Burns


HELLO ALL MY LOVELY CONTACTS......... some people buy houses and cars..........instead I made albums usually I keep them in the wardrope and give lots away for free............

I got locked out of my paypal account for 10 years because I could not clear security because I move house so much....... They finally let me in and there was the £400 from all the lovely german people who bought SPELL. Now I can get a flight case made and travel the world with my new Harp, such is the life of a musician who had no head for business.

Music has been my love and passion and 3 of my independantly made albums are available for download by donation on BANDCAMP.......... if you feel inspired please pass on the word to your friends.................. lots of love ursula

  David Rovics: Stop ACTA

David Rovics


The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), Big Pharma and other corporate scum have been holding secretive negotiations for years now to try to change the basic nature of the internet, in their never-ending quest to make yet more money. They claim they are doing this on behalf of working musicians, among others. As a member of the American Federation of Musicians I receive a mostly useless publication called International Musician every month. In this month's edition the union president is encouraging members to support legislation to protect Intellectual Property - he doesn't even name which legislation we're supposed to support. Presumably any of it...? It's myopic, in my humble opinion.

These are the same corporations who destroyed the once-thriving media landscape of the United States. The same corporations who lobbied (bribed) Congress to deregulate the media - first under Reagan and then, even more broadly under the 'liberal' Bill Clinton. The independent radio stations that once played a wide variety of music now primarily play pre-programmed 'hits' provided by Clearchannel or Viacom. Untold thousands of journalists, musicians and others are out of work as a result of the massive consolidation of the media in the past several decades. And now they want us to believe they represent our interests. What utter garbage.

If there is a silver lining to ACTA (the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement) and other such legislation, it is this: if the corporate content providers are going to be suing, jailing and fining music fans for digital 'theft,' if they are going to be confiscating equipment and bankrupting small businesses in their zeal to collect royalties for the very few musicians, actors, etc. who benefit from their cultural-killing schemes to dominate every corner of the global media, perhaps then the masses of people will look even more actively for independent music online -- and sales and interest in major label artists and Hollywood movies will continue to decline. This is my tentative prediction on what will happen if they succeed in passing ACTA.

For artists, musicians, scientists, etc., doing the good work they do, making a living is essential, and there needs to be a way for them to do that. ACTA is not it. For more of my thoughts on the subject of copyright and this sort of legislation, see my essay published in Counterpunch in 2007, the RIAA vs. the World - little has changed since then (except for the email address they include at the end of the article):

For more on why ACTA must be stopped, all the information you need is here:

And here are songs from me which is part of a series on the subject:


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