FolkWorld #47 03/2012

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  English Reviews

Fiolministeriet "Fiolministeriet" Denmark
Concerto Caledonia et al. "Revenge of the Folksingers" Scotland
Basco "Big Basco" Denmark
The Long Notes "In the Shadow of Stromboli" England/Ireland
Various Artists "A Winter's Night 2011" Various
Hoven Droven "Rost" Sweden
La Bottine Souriante "Appelation d'Origine Contrôlée" Canada
Lone Raven "Flight to the Hinterlands" USA
Laura Risk, Kieran Jordan, Paddy League "Triptych" USA
Nicolas Pellerin et Les Grands Hurleurs "Petit Grain D'Or" Canada
Tom McElvogue & Paddy Kerr "The Long Hard Road" Ireland
David Kosky & Damien O'Kane "The Mystery Inch" Britain
Dónal McCague "Bits'n'Pieces" Ireland
Olivia Korkola "Playing in Traffic" Canada
Kathleen Gorey-McSorley "Cheoil Binn" Canada
Kavan Donohue "Kavan from Cavan" Ireland
Jackie Oates "Saturnine" England
Doimnic Mac Giolla Bhríde "Smúidghealach" Ireland
Uxu Kalhus "Extravagante" Portugal
Gavin Whelan "Homelands" Ireland
The House Devils "Crossing the Ocean" England
Värttinä "Utu" Finland
Kevin Crawford "Carrying the Tune" Ireland
Allan Yn Y Fan "PWNCO" Wales
Kevin Henderson "Fin da Laand Ageen" Scotland
Oliver Schroer & Nuala Kennedy "Enthralled" Canada / Ireland
Mark Anthony McGrath "Champagne & Onions" Ireland
Calan "Jonah" Wales
Fidil "The Old Wheel of Fortune" Ireland
Jaron Freeman-Fox "Manic Almanac: Slow Mobius" Canada
Myserk "Fifty/Fifty" USA
Brendan Mulholland "Jean's Hill" Ireland
Maggie Adamson & Brian Nicholson "Hameaboot" Scotland
Fiona Cuthill & Stevie Lawrence "A Cruel Kindness" Scotland
MAZ "Télescope" Canada
The Bonny Men "The Bonny Men" Ireland
Leilía "Con.sentimiento" Spain
Vaamonde, Lamas & Romero "O Tambor de Prata" Spain
Banda Crebinsky "Crebinsky" Spain
Mosquera Celtic Band "Peregrinatio" Spain
Marc Egea "Flower of Death" Spain
Janni Littlepage "Strange Angels" USA
Paxton Norris "Something’s gotta give" USA
Brian Ashley Jones "Courier" USA
Donal Hinely "The Famous Rocket Cage" USA
Elisabeth Cutler "Slow Release" USA
New Country Rehab "New Country Rehab" Canada
The Crows "One flew over the cornfield" USA
Nearly Beloved "Where’s Bob" USA
Homespun Remedies "Great Depression" USA
Cathal Lynch "The Jolly Roving Tar" Ireland
Lorcan Mac Mathúna "Northern Lights / Dubh agus geal" Ireland
Tim Edey & Brendan Power "Wriggle and Writhe" England / New Zealand
Rapunzel & Sedayne "Songs from the Barley Temple" England
Mili Bermejo, Eugene Friesen, Tim Ray & Dan Greenspan "Love Songs of the Americas" USA
Christian Muthspiel’s Yodelgroup "Huljo" Austria
Asketics "Asketics" Russia
Baraka "Tribute to Muboraksho" Russia
Sultans of String "Move" Canada
Minor Empire "Second Nature" Canada
Ralsgård & Tullberg "Traditional flute music from Sweden" Sweden
Fjärin "Krydsning" Denmark
Yale Strom & Hot Pstromi "The Devils Bride" USA
Klezmaniaxx "Am Ostpol" Germany
Feidman & Gitanes Blondes "Very Klezmer" Argentina
Dené Theron "1000 Cups of Tea" South Africa
Zahr "Zahr" Italy
Mohammad Reza Mortazavi "Geradeaus" Iran
Connie Smith "Long Line of Heartaches" USA
Andrew Cronshaw "The Unbroken Surface of Snow" England
Titi Robin "Les rives" France
Orkiestra św Mikolaja "Drugi Koncert" Poland
Alfa Arroba "Alfa Arroba" Portugal
Sebass "Import muzika" Switzerland
Marisa Monte "O que voce quer saber de verdade" Brazil
Das Grossmütterchen Hatz Salon Orkestar "Gallato Austria
Gansan "Élégie berbère" Belgium
Didier François "Nykelharpa solo" Belgium
Maarten Decombel "October Sunrise" Belgium
Tref "Dampf" Belgium
Aux âmes etc... "Hip-Pop-Song-Citadine Poetry" Belgium
Maria Rylander "Facing South" Sweden
Dwight Lamb & Jensen & Bugge "Live in Denmark 2010" Denmark
Habadekuk "Hopsadaddy" Denmark
Blink "Blink" Norway / Finland / Sweden / Estonia
Moncef Ghachem, Biagio Guerrera & Pocket Poetry Orchestra "Quelli che bruciano la frontier" Tunisia / Italy
Mandolinman "Old Tunes, Dusted Down" Belgium
Lepistö & Lehti "Moskova" Finland
Kenneth de Gala "Spursmann" Norway
Pádraigín ní Uallacháin "Songs of the Scribe" Ireland
Bowing 9 "Force majeur" Sweden
Marin/Marin "Småfolket" Sweden
Tron Syversen "Peaceful Journey" Norway
American Café Orchestra "Nightmare Polka" Denmark
Uwe Gronau "Time Rider" Germany
Abdelli "Destiny" Algeria
Dapper’s Delight "Indoors Netherlands
Mehl Consortium "City Views" Germany
Kerberbrothers Alpenfusion "Rising Alps" Germany
Squeeze "Live" Switzerland
Cankisou "Faÿt" Czech Republic
Cankisou "Faÿt" Czech Republic
Musica folklorica "Spal bych, spal bych, žena mi nedá" Czech Republic
Jarret "Zahrany" Czech Republic
Various Artists "Antologie moravské lidové hudby, CD 3 - Dolňácko 2" Czech Republic
Wayne Haught "The Crying Kind" USA
Brendan Devereux "Into the Orange" Ireland
Little Feat "40 Feat. The Hot Tomato Anthology" USA
Mark Mulholland "The Cactus and the Dragon" Scotland
Wes Tucker & the Skillets "Live in NYC" USA
Priscilla Ahn "When You Grow Up" USA
Ed Hale "Beautiful Losers" USA
Fiddler’s Green "Wall of Folk" Germany
A Seated Craft "The Savage and the Small" Australia
Hi-Lo & In Between "We are not the Wind" Finland
The Monotrol Kid "What About the Finches" Belgium
Cowboy Junkies "The Nomad Series – Volume 3: Sing in my Meadow" Canada
Steven Casper & Cowboy Angst "Kindness" USA
Hat Check Girl "Six Bucks Shy" USA
Trevor Hall "Everything, Everytime, Everywhere" USA
Freebo "Something to Believe In" USA
Son of the Velvet Rat "Red Chamber Music" Austria
Jack Harris "The Flame and the Pelican" USA
Gypsy Soul "Wanderlust" USA
Bottoms Up Blues Gang "Handle It" USA
Ian Foster "The Evening Light" Canada
Mary Black "Stories from the Steeples" Ireland
Andy Poxon "Red Roots" USA
Stan Rogers "Fogarty’s Cove" Canada
Celtic Pink Floyd "Celtic Pink Floyd" USA
Lovestorm "Overripe" Canada
Jumpin’ Jack Benny "I’ll Be Alright" USA
Eichstaedt "My Own Little World" Germany
Catherine MacLellan "Silhouette" Canada
Michael MacLennan "Wolves" Scotland
Lincoln Durham "The Shovel vs. the Howling Bones" USA
Zakopower "Boso" Poland
David Ferrard "Journeyman" Scotland
Mick Rhodes "’Til I am Dust" USA
Don Amero "The Long Way Home" Canada
Emily Yanek "Watching the Highway" USA
Andy Rajeckas "Peacework" USA
Drew Gibson "The Southern Draw" USA
Gretchen Peters "Hello Cruel World" USA
Marco Tansini "Blues Garage" Italy
Ron Hynes "Stealing Genius" Canada
Straylings "Entertainment on Foreign Grounds" Britain
Suzie Vinnick "Me ‘n’ Mabel" Canada
Ernest Troost "Live at McCabe’s" USA
The Paul Daly Band "Down by the Brewery Wall" Ireland
Ladě "Kalná" Czech Republic
Ralf Illenberger "Red Rock Journeys" Germany
The Distillery "What You Told Me" Canada
Tim Bragg "Revamped" England
Denison Witmer "The Ones Who Wait" USA
Finn Olafsson "Music from North Sealand" Denmark
Dave Gunning "We’re All Leaving" Canada
Rodrigo y Gabriela "Area 52" Mexico
David Francey "Late Edition" Canada
Danny Carnahan "Sky in your Pocket" USA
Los Dos y Companeros "Salsa Guerilleros" Germany
Yellow Umbrella "Live at the Groovestation" Germany
Bebe "Un Pokito de Rocanrol" Spain
Whitehorse "Whitehorse" Canada
Bring the Mourning On "Going Going Gone" Sweden
Hoots & Helmouth "Salt" USA
Blame Sally "Speeding Ticket and a Valentine" USA
Blame Sally "Speeding ticket and a Valentine" USA
The Henry Girls "December Moon" Ireland
The Curst Sons "The Original and Genuine" England
Michelle Burke "Pulling Threads" Ireland
Mutefish "On Draught" Ireland
Madison Violet "The Good in Goodbye" Canada
Catie Curtis "Stretch Limousine on Fire" USA
Bearfoot "American Story" USA
Bear Fox "Rich Girl" USA
Noriana Kennedy "Ebb'n'Flow" Ireland
The Scottish Fiddle Orchestra "30 Glorious Years Of The Scottish Fiddle Orchestra" Scotland
Samplers, EP's, Demo CD's, Downloads: Asynje, Chasing Summer, The Civil Wars, Dom Duff, Julian Gaskell, Marketa Irglova, Arto Järvelä, Mike June, Anais Mitchell, Josh Ritter, Tori Sparks, The Steel Wheels, Lucy Ward, Kyle Warren, V/A The Best of American Songwriter Sessions, Chimes of Freedom, Danish Roots, Dusty Banjos, Indies Scope 2011, Roots Moments, This One's For Him Various

  Deutsche Rezensionen

Dragseth "Stää un Stünn" Germany
Kelpie "Desembermåne - December Moon" Norway / Scotland
Litha "Dancing of the Light" Germany / Scotland
Fidil "The Old Wheel of Fortune" Ireland
La Marotte "Faule Fee" Germany
Hilke Billerbeck "Trip to Ireland" Germany
The Long Notes "In the Shadow of Stromboli" England
The Bonny Men "The Bonny Men" Ireland
In Search of a Rose "Reels and Roses" Germany
"Weiherer - koana von eana" Germany
Wirbeley "Nachten" Germany
Eleonora Gehrisch & Georg Wieland Wagner "Puer Natus In Bethlehem" Germany
Foyal "Es ist ein Schnee gefallen" Germany
Defne Şahin "Yaşamak" Turkey
Äl Jawala "The Ride" Germany
The Texas-Bohemian-Moravian-German Bands "Texas Bohemia Revisted" USA
Anoushka Shankar "Traveller" India
Various Artists "Celtic Connection 2" Ireland / Scotland
Mighty Popo "Gakondo" Canada / Ruanda
Massiel Yanira "Una Voz" Canada
Global Kryner "Coverstories" Austria
Gotan Project "Best of" France
Gotan Project "Tango 3.0 Live" France
Biret Álehttá Mienna "Árbán" Norway
Gurrumul "Rrakala" Australia
Shazalakazoo "Karton City Boom" Serbia
Bellowhead "Hedonism" England
Radio Rumeli "Balkan Stories" Turkey / Germany
Cristina Branco "Live in Amsterdam" Portugal
Amorroma "Carrousel" Belgium
Toby "Sleeptalk" Australia
Shad Weathersby "The Beaten Path" USA
André Charbonneau "Flamenco Andalucia" France
Faela! "Camina" Sweden
Psychic Ills "Mirror Eye" USA
Two Dollar Bash "New Adventures" Scotland
Claire Holley "Hush" USA
Elliott Brood "Ambassador" Canada
Klezmer Reloaded "Mahler Reloaded" Poland / Russia
Di Fidl-Kapelye "Trumpets for Di Fidl-Kapelye" Netherlands
David Serby "Poor Man's Poem" USA
Annis Brander "Glas Peoples in the Wood" Sweden
Sean Riley & The Slowriders "It's been a long night" Portugal
Various Artists "Etno Slovenia: Music Routes - Highways and Byways" Slovenia
James Hill "Man with a Love Song" Canada
Concerto Caledonia et al. "Revenge of the Folksingers" England / Scotland
Amy Antin "Just for the Record" USA
Corvus Corax "Sverker" Germany
Various Artists "Legends of Fado" Portugal
Acetre "Arquitecturas Rayanas" Spain
La Chiva Gantiva "Pelao" Columbia / Belgium
Stella & Ma Piroschka "Nakhtike Muzik" Germany
Mi Solar "Havana - Berlin" Germany
Kongero "Bakvända Världen" Sweden
Azadoota "Beyond Bridges" Australia / Iraq
Cathrin Pfeifer & Band "Pousse - Blues - Waltz" Germany
Lauscher "Auf der Pirsch" Germany
Lauscher "Auf der Pirsch" Germany
Tom Liwa "Goldrausch" Germany
Resetarits Lang Molden & Band "weida foan" Austria
Zweidieter "Agglofolk" Switzerland
Grace Griffith "Sailing" USA
Annika Jayne "Fabulous Sceneries" Germany
Faranspil "...die wollen nur spielen" Germany
Sarah MacDougall "Across the Atlantic" Canada
Schlagsaite "und was kommt nun?" Germany
Sharon Shannon "Collaborations" Ireland
Varius Coloribus Experience "555" Germany
Art Gomperz Band "A different story to tell" USA
Stefan Heimoz "D'Pyramide" Switzerland
Osiris T. "Filidh's Blogg no. 1" Germany
Kiki Ebsen "Cool Songs Volume 1" USA
Kim "Siren Songs" Germany
Emily Barker & The Red Clay Halo "Almanac" Australia
Oilensanc "Schwerelos" Germany
Marc Black "Pictures of the Highway" USA
Various Artists "Stubete am See – Ein Querschnitt durch das Festival 2010" Switzerland
The Mahones "The Black Irish" Canada
Günter Hochgürtel "Nach all den Jahren" Germany
Wibbelstetz "Eifelrock Live" Germany
Vivid Curls "Verlockung" Germany
Carinthian Folk Project "hoam" Austria
Tuliaisia 2 & 3000 män "Vinter" Sweden / Switzerland
Zwirbeldirn "Scheibe Eins" Austria
Galia Arad "ooh la baby" USA
Karl Heinz Heydecke "Crossing the Bar" Germany
Clay Ross "Matuto" USA
The Wilders "The Wilders" USA
Dave Gunning "...a tribute to John Allan Cameron" Canada
Nobody Knows "Folking" Germany
Árstídir "Svefns og vöku skil" Iceland
Myrddin "Bridges" Germany
Mick Fitzgerald & Nadia Birkenstock "The Enchanted Lake" Ireland / Germany
Florian Zack "Auf und davon" Austria
Crystal Pasture "Geschichten von Habicht und Holunder" Germany
Terri-Lynn "New Journeys" Canada
blues blosn "boarisch bluesig live!" Germany
Reely Jiggered "Reely Jiggered" Scotland
Alison McNeill & Eleanor Holley "Celtic Magic" Scotland
Goetz Steeger "User" Germany
Götz Steeger "User" Germany
Christophe Bourdoiseau "La Mort du loup" France
Christophe Bourdoiseau "Tant de saisons perdues" France
Various Artists "Antologie moravské lidové hudby, CD 1 - Horňácko" Czech Republic
Various Artists "Antologie moravské lidové hudby, CD 2 - Dolňácko I" Czech Republic
Liederjan "Geschenkt" Germany
Los Dos Y Compañeros "Salsa Guerrilleros" Germany
Jan Degenhardt "Schamlos" Germany
Der Black "Weitersagen" Germany
Finbar Furey "Colours" Ireland
Huaba "Südsaitig" Austria
David & Steve Gordon "Groove Tribe" USA
Anna Depenbusch "Die Mathematik der Anna Depenbusch – in Schwarz-Weiss" Germany
Blues Lick "Da Deifesweg" Germany
Christina Lux "Playground" Germany
Jydsk på Naesen "Vintermusik" Denmark
Letzte Bestellung "Sauweda" Germany
Lüül "Tourkoller" Germany
Peter & Deborah "Wird mir ein Vergnügen sein" Germany
Various Artists "Short Sharp Shanties Vol. I" England
The Athenians "Canto General – Music of Greece" Greece
The Good Intentions "Someone Else's Time" England
Werner Pfeifer "Kleiner Ozean" Germany
American Café Orchestra "Nightmare Polka" Denmark
BudZillus "Auf Gedeih und Verderb" Germany
Chris Kramer "Kramer kommt" Germany
Minor Empire "Second Nature" Canada
Ane Brun "It all starts with one" Norway
Various Artists "Cecil Sharp Project 2011" England
Felix Meyer "Erste Liebe / Letzter Tanz" Germany
Bernd Barbe "Kleines Blümchen" Germany
Philip Omlor "Zuhause unterwegs" Germany
Karl Neukauf "Blaue Erbsen" Germany
Dale Ann Bradley "Somewhere South of Crazy" USA
Dehlia Low "Ravens & Crows" USA
Ensemble Oni Wytars "Mediterraneum" Germany
Schellmerÿ "von pfaffen und leyen" Switzerland
The Scottish Fiddle Orchestra "30 Glorious Years Of The Scottish Fiddle Orchestra" Scotland
Sampler, EPs, Demo-CDs, Downloads: BRDigung, Jah Chango, Juan Luis Guerra, Hion Martell, Eva Jagun, Jenny & Tyler, Jewrhythmics, Hugh Laurie, Natalie Merchant, Karen Mose, Youssou N'Dour, Amy Ray, Various Artists Bagpipe Hero, Devil Duck Records Various

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