FolkWorld #57 07/2015

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  English Reviews

GIRO "Galway International Retro Orchestra" Ireland
Twelfth Day "The devil makes three" Scotland
El Naan "Codigo de Barros" Spain
Siobhan Miller "Flight of Time" Scotland
The Moving Violations "Elasticity" USA
Kila "Suas Sios" Ireland
Reg Meuross "England Green & England Grey" England
The Young’uns "Another Man’s Ground" England
Tritonus "urbanus" Switzerland
Damien Clarke "Paths of desire" England
Kraja "Hur långt som helst" Sweden
Dreamers’ Circus "Second Movement" Denmark
Newpoli "Nun te Vuta" Italy
Sharon Shannon & Alan Connor "In Galway" Ireland
The Demon Barbers "Disco at the Tavern" England
Brian McNeill & Friends "The Falkirk Music Pot" Scotland
Skippinish "Western Ocean" Scotland
Dan Walsh "Incidents & Accidents" England
Ian Carmichael "Ten years on" Scotland
Treacherous Orchestra "Grind" Scotland
Danú "Buan" Ireland
Rónán Regan & Irene Guckian "Drumshanbows" Ireland
Skyhook "At the Stringsmith’s Forge" England
Jimmy Aldridge & Sid Goldsmith "Let the Wind Blow High or Low" England
Gillian Head "Spirit" Canada
Robyn Stapleton "Fickle Fortune" Scotland
Barrule "Manannan's Cloak" Britain
Tom Kitching "Interloper" England
Colin Farrell "Make A Note" Britain
Various Artists "The Burren Backroom Series, Volume 1" Ireland / USA
Tommy MacCarthy & Louise Costello "Grace Bay" USA
Wendy MacIsaac "Off the Floor" Canada
Kathryn Roberts & Sean Lakeman "Tomorrow Will Follow Today" England
The Poozies "Into the Well" Scotland
Sally Barker "Maid in England" England
JigJam "Oh Boy!" Ireland
Gwen K Syndicat "Ce que je vois dans mon verre" France
Seiva "Seiva" Portugal
Jansberg "Terra Nova" Denmark
The Revelers "Get Ready" USA
James Murray & Ollie Ross "The Powelsborough Lassies" Ireland
Skenet "Allting Rullar" Sweden
Caitlín Nic Gabhann & Ciarán Ó Maonaigh "Caitlín & Ciarán" Ireland
Ladlane "Crossing the Liffey" Ireland
Arnaud Bibonne & Camille Raibaud "En Cadència" France
Various Artists "Cornemuse Picarde" France
La Societe Fraternelle des Cornemuses du Centre "La Belle si nous Partons" France
Rura "Despite the Dark" Scotland
Mec Lir "Not An EP" Britain
Maja & David "CPH - Café - YUL" Denmark
Sous Le Pont "Et Là C'est Quoi?" France
Spontus "An Huneour" France
Áine Heslin "The Tunes Foundry" Ireland
Finbar Furey "The Slender Promise" Ireland
Red Hot Chilli Pipers "Live at the Lake 2014" Scotland
Lena Jonsson & Brittany Haas "L&B" Sweden / USA
Brendan Keenan "Brendan Keenan" Ireland
SES "Tronzar os Valos" Spain
Pablo Milanés y José María Vitier "Canción de Otoño" Cuba
Mosquera Celtic Band "Outlander" Spain
Aira da Pedra "¡a la calle!" Spain
Kherau "Aukhera" Spain
Dave Perron "Foot to the Pedal" USA
Ron Beer "The Blues don’t say it all" Canada
Lara & the Bluz Dawgz "Devil Moon" USA
The Bush League "Can of gas & a match" USA
Steve Hill "Solo Recordings Volume 1" Canada
Melanie Dekker "Distant Star" Canada
Cajun Roosters "Hell Yeah!" Germany / Britain / Belgium / France
Various Artists "The Native American Music Association presents: Wolf" USA
The Barn Door Slammers "The Barn Door Slammers" USA
Tracie Potochnik "The Dream" USA
Poor Angus "Gathering" Canada
Kandia Crazy Horse "Stampede" USA
Suit Ty Thurrsty "People in the Street" USA
Patti Parks "Cheat’n man" USA
The Smoke Wagon Blues Band "Live in Hamilton" Canada
Bad Brad & The Fat Cats "Take a walk with me" USA
Johnny Cox "Thin blue line" Canada
Brooksie Wells "Down Home Divas" USA
Johnny Drummer "Bad Attitude" USA
Delta Moon "Turn Around When Possible, Live Volume 2" USA
Back Pack Jones "Betsy’s Kitchen" USA
Georgie Bonds "Stepping into Time" USA
Jim Gustin & Truth Jones "Can't Shed A Tear" USA
Brian Kramer "Full Circle" USA
Fairport Convention "Myths and Heroes" England
Bella Hardy "With the Dawn" England
Josh Rouse "The Ember of Times" USA
Andrew D. Huber "Mercury gets a Moon" USA
Myles Manley "More Songs" Britain
Jeff Jensen "Morose Elephant" USA
Johnny Duhan "Highlights" Ireland
Eric Schwartz "The Better Man" USA
Kelly Hunt "The Beautiful Bones" USA
The Levins "Trust" USA
Steve Pledger "Striking Matches in the Wind" England
ODi "Maslow’s Songbook" Ireland
Hat Check Girl "At 2 in the Morning" USA
Faarao & Kakspainen Narttu "Kukaan ei Korvaa Aitia" Finland
The Skints "FM" Britain
The Great Dictators "Killers" USA
Matt Lax and Nearly Beloved "This House of Mine" USA
Astrid Young "One Night at Giant Rock" USA
Dave Desmelik "We Don’t want a Dying Flame" USA
The Porter Draw "The Porter Draw" USA
John McDonough "Dreams and Imagination" USA
Hank Woji "The Working Life" USA
Marco R. Wagner "My Old Spain" USA
Martin Kaplan "The Slow Down" USA
Fuzzbee Morse "Dreams and other Living Things" USA
Paul Brady "The Vicar St. Sessions, Vol 1" Ireland
Robin Adams "The Garden" USA
La Banda di Piazza Caricamento "Il Sesto Continente" Italy
Kieran Halpin "It’s always 3:15" Ireland
Jim Heald "Chiaroscuro" USA
Government Mule "Myths and Heroes" USA
Joscho Stephan "Guitar Heroes" Germany
All Day Sucker "Denim Days" USA
Puta Madre Brothers "Amor y Baura" Australia
Big John Bates "From the Bestiary to the Leathering Room" Canada
Richard Thompson "Still" Britain
Mellow Mood "2 the World" Italy
Andrew Maxwell Morris "Well Tread Roads" USA
Annabelle Chvostek "Be the Media" Canada
ShAnnie "Blame it on the Moon" USA
Jack Kerowax "Jack Kerowax" USA
Bonefish "Time to Market" Sweden
Aaron Newman "Aaron Newman & the OK Caravan" USA
Doug Ingoldsby "I’ve Got a Picture" USA
Reed Turner "Ghosts in the Attic" USA
The Snakes "The Last Days of Rock’n’Roll" Britain
Terry Davidson & the Gears "Sonic Soul Sessions" USA
The Led Farmers "Lucy" Ireland
Gren Bartley "Magnificent Creatures" Britain
HiKS "Operation Malicorne" France
Frank Yamma "Uncle" Australia
Frank Yamma "Countryman" Australia
Short & Sweet: Aidan and the Astronauts, Algambra, Liah Alonso, Adam Andrews, Anna & Elizabeth, Bellowhead, Blazin' Fiddles, Ryan Boldt, Philip Bradatsch, Caçamba, Grant Dermody, Tina Dico, Ani DiFranco, Dubl Handi, Ana Egge, Elles s'y promènent, Ensemble Labyrinthus, Eplemöya Songlag, Fiddle & Banjo, David Franklin, Frazey Ford, FY5, Djivan Gasparyan, Grazztrio, Todd Grebe, Iron Mountain, Jodymoon, Kaia Kater, Kerani, Jess Klein, Gjermund Larsen, StevieRay Latham, Elise Lebec, Lara Leliane, Peter Mulvey, Robb Murphy, Nyckelharpa Orchestra, Antun Opic, Seán Ó Riada, Aidan O'Rourke, Woody Pines, Rodrigo y Gabriela, Saor Patrol, Dana Sipos, Skiltron, Southern Tenant Folk Union, Russell Suereth, Tron Syversen, Jack Tempchin, This is How We Fly, Tiller's Folly, Trad Arr, Trout Steak Revival, The Unthanks, Valkyrien Allstars Various

  Deutsche Rezensionen

Em Huisken "Güntsied - Jenseits" Germany
Stiller Has "Alterswild" Switzerland
Jens Kommnick "Redwood" Germany
The Ukrainians "A History of Rock Music in Ukrainian" Ukraine
Mec Lir "Not An EP" Britain
L'Chaim "Animal Bazaar" Netherlands
Bukahara "Strange Delight" Germany
Annabelle Chvostek "Be the Media" Canada
Gaetano Letizia & the Underworld Blues Band "Voodoo Doll & other Blues Lessons" USA
Ray Fuller and the Bluesrockers "Live at Buddy Guy's Legends" USA
Afenginn "Lux" Denmark
Martina McBride "Everlasting" USA
Nos Honks "Prisma" Sweden / France
Kasai Allstars "Beware the Fetish" Congo
Nando Citarella & Tamburi del Vesuvo "Carosonando" Italy
Gaddafi "Certeza" Peru / Spain
Koenix "Am Fluss" Switzerland
As de Trefle "Comme tout le monde" France
Captain Cougar "Akerblomrörelsen" Finland
Pust "Fryktløs" Norway
All'Arrabbiata "Fischia il Vento" Italy
Sheba "Butter on my Rolls" USA
Nelson Quinteiro "Orquesta Gharbo" Spain
Gray & Wyatt "Naming the Darkness" England
Tetra with Friends "Viv toleranz" Sweden
Armenian Navy Band "Under your Thoughts" Armenia
Sven Ratzke "Songs in a Cabaret" Germany
Canadafrica "Where’s the one?" Canada
Jan Cornelius "Spöölwark" Germany
Aufwind "In Essik un Honik" Germany
Kannemann & Miko "Nordfolk" Germany
Götz Rausch Band "Schaurige Märchen" Germany
Maegie Koreen "Kleine Bühne im Exil" Germany
Molwert "Na denn Prosit liebe Seele" Germany
Anonimi "Rembetika - Live" Greece
Balkansambel "Balkansambel" Slovakia
Carles Dénia "El Paradís de les paraules" Spain
Blassportgruppe "Back in Blech" Germany
Eastwick "Beyond Reason" Sweden
Edler Trio "Edler Trio II" Austria
Iliria Nueva "Wild East" Germany
Otis Gibbs "Souveniers of a Misspent Youth" USA
Various Artists "Morgenland Festival Osnabrück, Recordings 2010 - 2012" Germany
Schlagsaite "Handgepäck" Germany
Ernstgemeint "Jetzt wirds Ernst" Germany
Sterling Koch "Let it Slide" USA
Gjermund Andresen / Berdon Kirksaeter "Emigration" Norway
Gitarre und Cello "Zwei" Germany
Cristina Pato, Davide Salvado, Anxo Pintos, Roberto Comesana "Rústica" Spain
Friedrich Hlawatsch "Die Niederlieder" Netherlands / Germany
Quadro Nuevo "Tango" Germany
Various Artists "Tango – Café de los Maestros & Friends" France / Germany / Argentinia
Die Grenzgänger "und weil der Mensch ein Mensch ist" Germany
Otava Yo "Schto za Pessni" Russia
Söllner "Zuastand" Germany
Attwenger "Spot" Austria
Paul Brady "The Vicar St. Sessions Vol.1" Ireland
Guadi Galego "Lúas de Outubro e Agosto" Spain
Kiran Ahluwalia "Sanata - Stillness" Canada
Milagro Saints "Mighty Road Songs" USA
Waduh! "Sueño" Germany
Duivelspack "Mann sein" Germany
Zargenbruch "Revolte" Germany
Kilkenny Knights "Brady’s Pub Tales" Germany
Yanfoila "Come Together Songs III-2" Germany
The Rathmines "Ramblin' with the Rats" Germany
Jürgen Schwab "Luftschlösser" Germany
I You We Be "I You We Be" Various
Roy de Roy "Civil Riots" Slovenia / Austria
Dieselknecht "Abgebrannt" Germany
Gian Marco Basta "Teatrino di Basta" Italy
Die Feuersteins "Lieblingslieder" Germany
Murat Kayi "Heimatlieder" Germany
Weyland "... bevor der Winter kommt" Germany
Various Artists "Weana Töne – Wörldmiusig vo Wean" Austria
Johan Meijer & Europeana "Zeitenwechsel" Netherlands
LeRoXa "Losts amoi!" Austria
Monika Drasch "Auf der Böhmischen Grenz" Germany
Sagax Furor "Die Buchse der Pandora" Germany
Barbara Cassidy Band "Fly away" USA
Kaia Huuse "Det eneste jeg vil" Norway
Young Chinese Dogs "Farewell to Fate" Germany
Rambling Rovers "Rigs of Barley" Germany
Mischkultur "fliagn" Austria
Sven-Sascha Perkuhn "Tummel aus Gold" Germany
Strömkarlen "Edda Sanger" Germany
Julvisor "Det hev ei rose sprunge" Germany
Chapeau "Claque (klak)" Germany
Zweidieter "dopplet & drüfach" Switzerland
NAM "Schattenbilder" Germany
Hans Theessink & Terry Evans "True & Blue live" Netherlands / USA
Benjamin Folke Thomas "Too Close to Here" Sweden
Ollie Vee "Lonesome Girl" Canada
Casey Weston "Find the Moon" USA
David Serby and The Latest Scam "David Serby and The Latest Scam" USA
Donald Ray Johnson "These Blues – The Best of" USA
Kurz & bündig: Äl Jawala, Achim Amme & Volkwin Müller, Randy Armstrong & Volker Nahrmann, Fiona Bevan, Judy Collins, JP Den Tex, DeSchoWieda, Krista Detor, Gabriel Fliflet, Peter Funk, Glittertind, Flip Grater, Great Lake Swimmers, Hanggai, Hazmat Modine, Ingrimm, Svavar Knutur, Milk Carton Kids, My Darling Clementine, Arvo Pärt, Alexander Peppler, Qetiq, Quintetto Nigra, Ragnaröek, Jürgen Saalmann, Tanzkinder, Riccardo Tesi, Aino Venna, Gina Villalobos, Vladiwoodstock, Weiherer und die Dobrindts, Wenzel, Various Artists "Discover Gypsy Music with ARC Music", "Hart & Zart Vol. 6", "Nordic Notes - Vol. 3 Folk aus Norwegen", "Timezone Neuheiten" Various

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