FolkWorld #57 07/2015

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Letters to the Editors

  Matt & Shannon Heaton: Tell You in Earnest

Shannon Heaton

"Tell You in Earnest"

Greetings! Thank you for the thoughtful review. It's great to have smart listeners all over the world; and we are grateful to you for taking the time to review "Tell You in Earnest."

With best wishes from Matt & Shannon

  Beyond the Fields: The Falcon Lives

"The Falcon Lives"

Hey, thank you very much for reviewing Beyond the Fields' "The Falcon Lives"!

Always fun learning what others think of your music, especially if the feedback is so encouraging. Getting folk rock album of the year nominations from Celtic sites in both Ireland and England and such positive reviews from FolkWorld and others, we really couldn't be any happier.

So thank you very much again! Much appreciated. Best wishes from Lake Constance, Andre Bollier

  Leo Mac Namara

"Leo Mac Namara"

Hi, thanks for letting me know about the review. It was a very nice review -- thanks.

One small thing -- I've recently relocated to the Los Angeles area so in fact I'm no longer in Seattle and playing at that particular session.

Thanks again and all the best, Leo.

Malanova: A testa o giocu

"A testa o giocu"

  Malanova: A testa o giocu

Hello! Thank you for this wonderful surprise! :-)

For us it is a huge honour to be reviewed on your website and we are very grateful to you. We are also writing to Eelco Schilder to thank him for the kind words he chose for our album.

This September we will be releasing our third album which will come with a book... we would be very happy to send one to you.

Warm wishes from Sicily, Pietro & Saba from Malanova

  Lynne Taylor: When Lightning Strikes

"When Lightning Strikes"

Thanks! I laughed that you mentioned the language sticker on Lynne Taylor's album. It does seem silly, but here in USA you wouldn't believe the things the folk dj's get in trouble for playing!!

Tracey Delfino (Trespass Music)

Kilfenora Céilí Band

"Now is the Hour"

  The Kilfenora Céilí Band: Now is the Hour

Thank you. We will try and get the high b's better next time.

Regards, John Lynch

  Janusz Prusinowski Kompania: Po Kolana w niebie

"Po Kolana w niebie"

Thank you for this review and a really nice words about Janusz Prusinowski Trio (now Kompania) music.

I have doubts about the psaltery, do you use it as a name of any of Janusz’s instruments?

I have no clue - maybe somebody took dulcimer for a psaltery and wrote so? Nevermind! Just it needs correction.

Best:) Joanna Wiedro, Manager Janusz Prusinowski Kompania (Trio)

To be honest, I do not remember from where exactly I got the piece of info about the Trio playing some kind of ‘psaltery’. From a brochure? By listening the CD?....? But of course , any corrections that come directly from the musicians or the record label shall be applied as they say. Pio Fernandez

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