FolkWorld #60 07/2016

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Letters to the Editors

  Wendy Webb: This is the Moment

"This is the Moment"

Hi David. Thank you so much for the great review you wrote in FolkWorld of my album This Is The Moment. I appreciate your time listening, your insights and your consideration. Found your blog page and enjoyed reading your bio, and favorite lists of movies and books.

I'm currently working on my next album to be titled Step Out Of Line and Peter Holmstedt at Hemifrån will get you a copy in the future. Again, thanks for your support!

Best wishes, Wendy

  Ben Kraftwerx

Hello! Your site is incredible! So much good music I've never heard of on here... Just wanted to tell you about the new experimental folk EP by our nomadic folk artist Ben Kraftwerx

Ben Kraftwerx "parsnip" (2016) @ Bandcamp:

Recorded across space & time, Ben Kraftwerx invokes the various phantoms of highways & interstates across North America. Armed with an acoustic guitar and an array of homegrown sonic manipulators, parsnips blends acoustic and electronic sounds while bridging wild experimentation with classical sensibilities.

Hope you like it! Andy (

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