FolkWorld #61 11/2016

Letters to the Editors

Luke Kelly

"Live at Foxrock Folk Club:
The Parish Hall Tapes 1970-72"


  Live at Foxrock Folk Club: The Parish Hall Tapes 1970-72

Hi. Thanks for getting in touch and giving me the link for the review. I like it. It's factual but also understands the spirit of the club, which is what my whole project is about.

Good wishes, Jeremy Kearney

  Annette Wasilik: Songs from the Talking House

"Songs from the Talking House"

Thanks. Just read David Hintz's review. It was thoughtful and supportive. I'm adding it to my on-line press kit along with your website today. Thanks for all that the attention and support you and the staff at Folkworld give us! It means so much. Sometimes howling in the wilderness gets a little old... :)

Best wishes! Annette Wasilik

  Seheno: Hazo Kely

"Hazo Kely"

Thanks for the review. In deed David Hintz has truly understood the innovative and soulful approach in Seheno's music. We'll convey this to her.

Warm regards, Cyrille Totozafy (

  Michel Balatti: The Northern Breeze

"The Northern Breeze"

Thank you. This seems to me more of a copy/paste of the press blurb rather than a review, but it actually helped to sell some CDs in Germany apparently so thanks for that.

Cheers, Michel

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