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Honorably, Festively, Innovatively

International Gipsy Festival Tilburg

28 May 2016

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International Gipsy Festival Tilburg 2016


The 20th edition of the International Gipsy Festival Tilburg, focused on the art and culture of the Roma and Sinti community, has been celebrated honorably, festively, innovatively, ... and in style.

Bohemian Betyars

Artist Video Bohemian Betyars @ FolkWorld:


Artist Video Haydamaky @ FolkWorld:

Bohemian Betyars (Hungary): This Hungarian band was formed in 2009 after a long night of wine and throat burning pálházi pálinka. The six men play 'speed-folk-freak-punk' in a mix of old folklore, Carpathian melodies, ska and punk. A great formula with which they have already conquered many squares, pubs and festivals. Time to also turn the International Gipsy Festival upside down!

Haydamaky (Ukraine): Haydamaky belongs to the urban folk category, with modern interpretations and variations on traditional melodies, provided with their own lyrics. They can definitely be referred to as rock and roll and punk, supported by a rock-solid back line of drums, bass and guitar. Between these poles, they create their own magic, spiced with a dose of dub, ska and rap. In short: numerous musical bridges between past and present, and different cultures.

Paulus Schäfer Trio & Sandro Roy (Netherlands/ Germany): In the past 19 years, Paulus Schäfer performed on our stage in many different formations. We are honored to also welcome him at the anniversary edition. The classically trained German Sandro Roy has been asked to provide an additional twist to the Paulus Schäfer Trio with his expressionist violin play.

Maurice Leenaars Flamenco (Netherlands): Absolute flamenco top from our own city. Tilburg resident Maurice Leenaars can count himself among the upper ranks of the Dutch flamenco scene. Especially for this performance a group is formed with Brussels-based Spanish musicians and a female dancer.

Photo Credits: (1)-(2) International Gipsy Festival Tilburg, (3) Bohemian Betyars, (4) Haydamaky, (5) Paulus Schäfer Trio, (6) Maurice Leenaars Flamenco (by Jan van Eerd/International Gipsy Festival Tilburg).

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