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David Wilcox

»Eye Of The Hurricane«
by David Wilcox

Do you remember that soon after we first "met," Dai, you sent me a mixtape of songs you thought should go on a subsequent volume of "Before Their Time" -- sans identifications or explantations, which raised my curiosity to a high pitch. It included several that I knew and hadn't thought of, and others I'd no idea of, and what I eventually learned was "Eye of the Hurricane" was one of my faves. I'm glad you've undertaken close analysis of some great songs, and your ability to include different versions and auxiliary material is more enriching than any article could be. Brilliant, dear Dai, to mine the vast possibilities of today's medium -- now THIS is creativity in a review, and I love it! No young sprat could do this, and to experience it focused on a work that is a favorite, is giving me an exhilarating high.

I've long maintained that songwriting is a pinnacle of creativity, as it requires multiple gifts... melody creation and insightful poetry. Then, even higher, some few songwriters add the abilities to accompany themselves, sing, AND deliver a performance that can connect strongly, deeply, with their audience. Now, some performers can cover others' songs well, but a performance by the songwriter his/herself [pronounced "hizzerself," I decree] usually tops all.

Now, we may re-read a book we liked the first time through, or several times if we really like it, and m-a-y-b-e one or two books more than that -- or maybe a favorite poem many times over the years -- but NO writers' works receive the number of "plays" that songs do. I listen to favorite songs tens and hundreds of times, and I myself am just a single audience member! Not only that, but does a story ever get retold exactly as in its author's carefully honed and polished final form? Not likely!

A song's recording preserves this creative work exactly as its writer intended, melody and lyrics mnemonically reinforcing each other so that it can be easily memorized. Oh, yes, subsequent performances may introduce small variations by the songwriter his/herself, and covers introduce even more variety, but the original song remains -- over and over and over again. What a deserved tribute to the writer, this exact preservation.

Whoo -- you really got me going, Dai. I expect many others will enjoy this as much as I. However, "Spare me an hour" seems hardly fitting, as you've given us a gift by sharing your insight.

Your New England admirer, Michael Whitman

  BackWest: The Long Walk

"The Long Walk"

Thank you very much for letting us know about the reviews. We appreciate it.

We have a new album coming out in Spring 2019 which we are very excited about. We have a promotional clip coming out in October and we will be appealing to everyone to like and share to spread the word so we would very much appreciate if you would be so kind as to give it a plug on your social media network.

Hope all is very well with you. Kindest regards, Maureen Browne (BackWest)

Breizh an Ankou

"Breizh an Ankou"

  JC Guichen: Breizh an Ankou

Hello. Thank you very much for this beautiful article, it touches me, the pleasure of meeting you one day.

For info: I will present this album with all my guests, Dan, Denez, the Bagad etc on November 17 Reindeer at the Park of exhibitions ;)

See you soon, Jean Charles

  Ange Hardy: Bring back home

"Bring back home"

Wow! What can I say? That is such a stunning review, thank you so much! I’m blown away by it. I shall get sharing it and make sure I link to it on the website etc. I hugely appreciate you taking the time to do this and also for letting me know about it, most importantly, I’m thrilled that the album went down so well and is being enjoyed.

Ange x

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