FolkWorld #76 11/2021
© Editorial by Eric E. van Monckhoven (MUSIC4YOU)

The F Word

Northern Resonance

»The Scandinavian String Trio«

Artist Video Northern Resonance @ FROG


»WOMEX 21 Porto«

If you attended Womex in Porto like me, I’m sure you enjoyed it. It was so nice to see old friends and colleagues, be able to chat and share in person, meet new people, and watch great shows.

Despite the pandemic, music has not stopped, and festivals, venues, agencies are re-inventing themselves. Things will never be like before, but our community is so creative and generous that there is much hope for the future.

The showcase presented by Northern Resonance, the new Scandinavian string trio that I’m coaching, worked extremely well. Because we had worked online since last January, I had not seen them live myself. A lovely surprise! The feedback was excellent and instructive. Many thanks to the band, the technicians, and to all who attended. For those who could not be there, I invite you to discover, follow, promote and book the band. They are full of promise!

There would be much more to say about Womex. I just love it! Hearing from you soon! Eric

Eric E. van Monckhoven at MUSIC4YOU
Enjoy life with good friends and great music!
Take care!

Photo Credits: (1) Northern Resonance, (2) Womex (unknown/website).

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