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The Young Fables

  The Young Fables: The Fable of A Song

My name is Andrew Herner and I’m a fan of what you do! There is something very special about Folk World. I love your folk coverage and that you remain independent and non-profit. It's great to see that it's still going strong after many years!

I am writing in hopes to procure some coverage for a very unique and heart wrenching story in the music industry.

I am currently stationed in Nashville, Tennessee, where I work as Creative Manager for a label services company called Hope Tree Entertainment. One of the acts on our roster has an absolutely REMARKABLE STORY that makes for a captivating read. The Young Fables (Laurel Wright & Wes Lunsford) are an award winning folk group touring the nation as a duo. I guess you could describe their music as Amerikinda? LOL.

In 2017, they had the idea to film a songwriting session and to share the process with their following. They had no idea where that simple project would lead. Today, the footage is part of a full length documentary highlighting the hair-raising circumstances behind the coincidental death of Laurel's sister and father and how it all ties in to that initial song write. The Fable of A Song, premieres October 2nd at the Nashville Film Festival.

Please consider featuring The Young Fables and helping to raise awareness about this important project.

Thank you and please keep doing what you are doing! Individuals like you are a lifeline to independent artists everywhere. Andrew Herner​​ (

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