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Flook, photo by The Mollis

CD Reviews in English - Page 1
Flook "Haven" England
Julie Fowlis "mar a tha mo chridhe - as my heart is" Scotland
Asterikos "Asino Siculo" Italy
Various Artists "World Tour - world music and cinema" Various
Duane Andrews "Duane Andrews" Canada
Gunter Bauweraerts "Midwinter - Naar de Sterren" Belgium
Fine Friday "Mowing the Machair" Scotland
James Graham "Siubhal" Scotland
Telmo Pires "Passos" Portugal
Alain Pennec Quartet "Bacchanales" France
Oscar Reynolds "Rio de Luz - River of Light" Bolivia
Tony McManus & Alain Genty "Singing Sands" Scotland / France
Alboka "lau anaiak" Spain
The Ukrainians "istoriya - The Best of The Ukrainians" Ukraine / England
Capercaillie "Grace and Pride - The Anthology 2004-1984 " Scotland
Jock Tamson's Bairns "Rare" Scotland
Phønix "Collage" Denmark
Phamie Gow "Dancing Hands" Scotland
Fiddlers Bid "Naked & Bare" Scotland
Various Artists "The Wildlife Album" Ireland / UK
Chris Sherburn & Denny Bartley "Last Night's Fun" England
Aedo "en route" Belgium
Diplomaticos "Kömikandø" Spain
Spindel "Aminje" Norway
Various Artists "An t-Eilean - The Island" Scotland / Canada
Milagro Acustico "Arabic Poets of Sicily" Italy
Eitre "The coming of spring" Sweden / Ireland
Swåp "du da" Sweden
Ulla van Daelen "Metharphosis" Germany
Unni Løvlid "VITA" Norway

Bollywood Brass Band, photo by The Mollis

CD Reviews in English - Page 2

Bollywood Brass Band "Movie Masala" England / India
Riccardo Tesi & Banditaliana "Lune" Italy
Briganthya "viaje de bruxas" Spain
Kukuma "Kukuma" Spain
Eric Eid-Reiner "Grand Tour: Traditional Music on Piano" Canada
Lister "Cold Start" Netherlands
Rick Lee: “Look What Thoughts Will Do” USA
Ron Lindsay: “Americelt Union” USA
Scuttlebut: “Tall Ships” USA
Janis Haves: “Big Front Door” England
Belinda O’Hooley: “Music Is My Silence” England
Brendan Devereux: “Songs From A Yellow Chair” England
Jenny & Martin Schaub: “Kite high” Sweden
Kieran Kane & Kevin Welch (with Fats Kaplin) “You Can’t Save Everybody” USA
Various Artistes (showcase): “Girls With Guitars, London” UK
Rosalie Sorrels: “My last go round” USA
Dr. Max: "Logarhythms" Netherlands
Shannon Saunders & The Splinters: "Cold November" USA
Plethyn: "Best of the rest on CD" Wales
The pickPocket ensemble: "Fingerpainting in Red Wine" USA
Neil Macdonald Thomson: "Common Ground" Scotland
Rik Barron: "The Quiet Faith of Man" USA
Seamus Gavin & The Ocrastra: "Justice" Ireland
Waking The Witch: "Hands & Bridges" England
Barry Dransfield: "Unruly" England
Alasdair Fraser & Natalie Haas - "Fire and Grace" Scotland /USA
Anne Wylie "Silver Apples of the Moon" Ireland / Germany
Dirk Hamilton "The Relative Health of Your Horse" USA
Shad Weathersby "Chomp Chomp" USA
Stephen Simmons "Last Call" USA
Peter Funk & Herbert Wegener "New Day Dawning" Germany
Scallywag "Entschuldiger" Austria

Altan, photo by The Mollis

CD Reviews in English - Page 3
Altan - "Local Ground" Ireland
One Bar Town "Boy Scout Songs" Germany
The Shanes "Pölka" Germany
The Paperboys "Dilapidated Beauty" Canada
Die Schnitter "Orange" Germany
Die Singvøgel "Hart am Rande" Germany
Kim and Reggie Harris & Rabbi Jonathan Kligler "Let My People Go! A Jewish & African American Celebration of Freedom"" USA
Smoky Finish "Tune the Speed" Germany
Mick West "a poor man's labour" Scotland
Castanets "Cathedral" USA
Di fidl-kapelye "Live in Amsterdam" Netherlands
Derrek Jordan "Touch the earth" Australia
Van Verre "Dada un'dela" Netherlands
Harald Haugaard & Anders Mogensen "Spirits" Denmark
The greater good USA
Jablkon "Gods beasts" Tchech Republic
Madlot "Ik hoorde dees dagen" Netherlands
Tigerlily Norway
Ivan Granata Italy
N. Lannon "Chemical friends" USA
Kroke quartet "Live at home" Poland
Sondre Bratland "Syng meg heim" Norway
Tumult "Kværn" Denmark
Klezcore "Hackenbeisser" Germany
Weißwurscht is "Ned ärgern nur wundern" Germany
Elizabeth Cotten "Shake sugaree" USA
Juan Carlos Caceres "Tango negro trio" Argentinia
K.C McKanzie "Weird tunes from a wild mind" Germany / USA
Duo diagonal "Tango 040" Germany
Aufwind "Live" Germany

Afrocelt Soundsystem, photo by The Mollis

CD Reviews in English - Page 4

Klezmatics with Joshua Nelson & Kathryn Farmer "Brother Moses smote the water" USA
Merlons lichter "Lust" Germany
Kerberbrothers Alpenfusion "live in L.A." Germany
Kieran McGee "Anonymous" Ireland
Asa Broomhall "Outside" Australia
Duivelspack "Die spielleut zu theotmalli" Germany
Roger Matura "Time traveller" Germany
The pickpocket ensemble "Finger-painting in red wine" USA
Mazzeltov "Mishpoge" Netherlands
Raya O coal "Hoam" Austria
Tres chicas "Sweetwater" USA
Helmut Eisel & Jem "Midnight dreamer" Germany
The Soweto gospel choir "Voices from heaven" South Africa
Willy Schwarz "Jewish music around the world" USA
Schwerkraft "Nachts" Germany
Roland Heinrich "Common verse" Germany
Ian Moore "Luminaria" USA
Call and response "Winds take no shape" USA
James Talley "Touchstones", "Journey" USA
Shad Weathersby "Chomp chomp" USA
Le Clou "Vérité" Germany
Sarakina "Junctions" Poland
Dennis Schütze Germany
John Train "The sugar ditch" USA
Zulya "The waltz of emptiness (and other songs on Russian themes)" Russia
Klezmer for brass 'n' wood "Best of" Switzerland
Pedro Luis Ferrer "Rustico" Cuba
Freebidou "Baby foot party" France
Carol Grimes "Mother" England
Ruth Yaakov ensemble "Sephardic women's songs of the Balkans" Israel

La Bottine Souriante, photo by The Mollis

CD Reviews in English - Page 5
Terne chave "Kaj Dzas" Slovakia
Strada "Gadjexx" Canada
Terre differenti "Cities of dreams" Italy
Dvergmål "Song i himmelsalar" Norway
Paul Vens and friends "Daughters of light" Netherlands
Various artists "All children in school" Various
Ulrike Dangendorf "Spuren" Germany
Shunsuke Mizuno "Slow time" Japan
Lesley Curtis "Shock delayed" England
R. Carlos Nakai quartet "People of peace" USA
Various artists "Native American moods" USA
Barry McLoughlin "Pieces" Canada
Various Artists "An t-Eilean" Scotland
Roddy Campbell & friends "Back to Barra" Scotland
Beoga "A Lovely Madness" Ireland
Brendan Power "Tradish" Ireland
Niall Vallely "Buílle" Ireland
Ciaran Tourish "Down The Line" Ireland
Peatbog Faeries "Croftwork" Scotland
Darren Maloney "Who?" Ireland
David Power "My Love is in America" Ireland
Paul Dooley "Music from the Robert Ap Huw Manuscript 1" Ireland
Duncan Dyker & Friends "Collectors' Items" Scotland
Eliot Grasso "Standing Room Only" USA
Chris Norman Ensemble "In the Fields in Frost and Snow" Canada
Funky String Band "Mongrel Unleashed" Scotland
Matt & Shannon Heaton "Dearga" USA
Finlay MacDonald, Simaon McKerrell & Chris Gibb "Highland Games" Scotland
James Kelly "Melodic Journeys" Ireland
Gerry O'Connor "Journeyman" Ireland

Phoenix, photo by The Mollis

CD Reviews in English - Page 6
The Kane Sisters "Under the Diamond" Ireland
Laura Risk "2000 Miles" Canada
Altan "Local Ground" Ireland
Luke Daniels "Secret Sessions" Ireland
Martin McCormack "Uilleann Pipes & Whistles" Ireland
Gay, Conor & Sean McKeon "The Dusty Miller" Ireland
Tony McManus & Alain Genty "Singing Sands" Scotland
Mike Katz "A Month of Sundays" Scotland
Johnny Connolly "An Mileoidean Scaoilte" Ireland
Old Blind Dogs "Play Live" Scotland
Tony O'Connell & Andy Morrow" Ireland
Paul O'Shaughnessy & Harry Bradley "Born for Sport" Ireland
Paudie O'Connor "A Different State" Ireland
Providence "III" Ireland
Shooglenifty "Radical Mestizo" Scotland
Fraser Fifield Trio "Slow Stream" Scotland
Tim Collins "Dancing on Silver" Ireland
The Border Collies "Unleashed" Ireland
The Unusual Suspects "Live in Scotland" Scotland
Al-Yaman "Hurriya" Yemen
Kate McDonnell "Where the Mangoes Are" USA
Chatham County Line "Route 23" USA
James Talley "Woody Guthrie and Songs of My Oklahoma Home" USA
Joel Rafael Band "Woodyboye" USA
Darren Maloney "who"" Ireland
Julee Glaub "Fields Faraway" USA
Julee Glaub "Blue Waltz" USA
Bran "Chemins de Sel" Czech Republic
Bran "The Coast of Bohemia" Czech Republic
Kristi Bartleson & Reddesert USA

Gaelic Women at Celtic Connections, photo by The Mollis

CD Reviews in English - Page 7
Barbara Blue "Memphis 3rd & Beale" USA
Janiva Magness "Bury Him At The Crossroads" USA
Pete Gavin "100 Years Tampa Red - a Tribute" Germany
Tony McManus & Alain Genty "Singing Sands"" Scotland
Ulster Scots Folk Orchestra "My Aunt Jane" Scotland / Ireland
Skychasers "Full Moon Session" USA
James Bilagody & The Cremains "Sacred Stage" USA
Ian Smith & Stephen Campbell "Keadue Bar" Ireland
Eugene Brosnan "Solid Ground" Ireland
Kalio Gayo "Fearless" Netherlands
The Kane Sisters "Under the Diamond" Ireland
Graham Dunne "Giotáraí" Ireland
Peggy Seeger "Love Call Me Home" USA
The Duggans & Friends "Rubicon" Ireland
Mic Harrison "Pallbearer's Shoes" USA
Helen Roche "Shake the Blossom Early" England
Anne Price "Remember Me" USA
Rod Picott "Girl from Arkansas" USA
Red Wedding "Red Wedding" England
Claire Mann & Aaron Jones "Secret Orders" England
The Border Collies "Unleashed!" Ireland
Emily Smith "A Different Life" Scotland
Mindy Sotiri "Drink it" Australia
The pickPocket ensemble "Fingerpainting in Red Wine" USA
The Love Hall Tryst "Songs of Misfortune" USA
Lais "Douce Victime" Belgium
Le Vent du Nord "Les amants du Saint-Laurent" Canada
The Bismarcks "Joanna" England
Dearman, Gammon & Harrison "Black Crow White Crow" England
Pete Coe "In Paper Houses" England

Bratsch, photo by The Mollis

CD Reviews in English - Page 8
Chloë & Jason Roweth "The Riderless Horse" Australia
The Kennedys "Half A Million Miles" USA
Noi "Noi" Czech Republic
Maraca - Zimbova "Krvave Balady" Czech Republic
Irish Dew "Sance" Czech Republic
Benedikta "Punky Dumky" Czech Republic
Rig the Jig "Passing Through" Ireland
Skrekk "Skrekk" Norway
Cómhrá na dTonn "The Conversation of the Waves" Ireland
Dana and Susan Robinson "Native Soil" USA
"The Festival in the Desert" [DVD Video] Africa
V/A "The Festival in the Desert" [CD] Africa
Dobrek Brasil "Luz e Sombras" Austria
Kay McCarthy "Rianta" Ireland
Jasna & Balkaneska [Demo] Hungary
V/A "Magic Irish Voices" Ireland
Tim O'Shea & Friends "Lake of Learning" Ireland
Sofia Sandén "Courage" Sweden
Quietly Spinning Man "Inside Out" England
Shawn Phillips "No Category" USA
Darden Smith "Circo" USA
Free Range Pickin' "Free Range Pickin'" USA
Paul O'Shaughnessy & Harry Bradley "... born for sport" Ireland
V/A "The Wildlife Album" England
Golden Bough "Songs of the Irish Immigrants" USA
Stephan Smith "Slash and Burn" USA
Stephan Smith "The Bell" USA
Peter Kerlin with Jens Kommnick "Dancing Days" Germany
Women in Docs "Under A Different Sky" Australia
Women in Docs "Times Like These" Australia

Plommon, photo by The Mollis

CD Reviews in English - Page 9
Dan Treanor & Frankie Lee "African Wind" Africa
Liam O'Connor & Lisa Aherne "Live in Concert from Citywest Hotel, Dublin" Ireland
Liam O'Connor & Lisa Aherne "Live in Concert from Citywest Hotel, Dublin" [DVD Video] Ireland
Kieran Halpin "A Box of Words and Tunes" Ireland
Caoimhín Vallely "Strayaway" Ireland
Robin Laing "Ebb and Flow" Scotland
Peter Nardini "Rain Din" Scotland
Eric Bogle "At This Stage" Australia
Ion Petre Stoican "Sounds from a Bygone Age Vol. 1" Roemania
Patsy Watchorn "Irish Rebel Heroes" Ireland
Miranda Sykes Band "Miranda Sykes Band" England
Mr Love & Justice "Homeground" England
Colvin Quarmby "A Short Walk to the Red Lion" England
Flook "Haven" England
Karen Matheson "Downriver" Scotland
Michael McGoldrick "Wired" Ireland/England /Scotland

Review Special: New German Songs

Furiopolis "Dornröschenwecker" Germany
Lüül "Damenbesuch" Germany
Mathilda "supersexy rational" Germany
Pankraz "Erinnerungen an Morgen" Germany
Bernie Conrads & Pankraz "Drei Flaschen Mondschein" Germany
Wolfgang Riek "Alles muss sich wandeln" Germany
Stoppok "solo" Germany
Wenzel "Himmelfahrt" Germany
VA "Marsch der Minderheiten" Germany
Review Special: Books
T:-)m's Nightshift - Book Reviews various

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Carlos Nunez; photo by The Mollis

CD-Rezensionen in Deutsch - Seite 1
Carlos Nuñez & Amigos "En Casa" Spain
Orkiestra sw. Mikolaja "O milosci przy grabieniu siana" Poland
Rachelina und die Maccheronies "Terra, Terra" Germany
Diverse "Italia 3" Atlante di Musica Tradizionale" Italy
Antonello Paliotti "La montagna fredda" Italy
Massimo Ferrante "U Ciucciu - Voci e suoni dal Sud Italia" Italy
Jydsk på Næsen "Gårn, så gårn" Denmark
Soren Krogh "Fortroligt" Denmark
Lang Linken "Lyst" Denmark
Lirum Larum "Traditional Music of Denmark and Scandinavia" Denmark
BNB "Ein song fra utsungne stunder" Norway
Diverse "30 Years Fidelity: Kirkelig Kulturversted" Norway
Kollegium Kalksburg "Imma des söwe" Austria
Reinig, Braun und Böhm "Johreszeide" Germany
Chelesta "Tanzmusik für Millionen" Germany
Georges Dalaras "Tribute to Vamvakaris" Greece
Ulli Simon und La Kamanchaca "ATodo Trapo" Germany
Lutz Keller "Gnadenlos Handgestrickt" Germany
Lutz Keller "Sprachlos" Germany
Diverse "plaene@world" Various
London Lasses & Peter Quinn "Track across the Deep" England
Carlos Nuñez "Cinema do mar" Spain
Cathrin Pfeifer & Band "Waiting for Valentine" Germany
Mariza "Transparente" Portugal
Filipa Pais "A Porta do mundo" Portugal

Wolfgang Meyering, photo by The Mollis

CD-Rezensionen in Deutsch - Seite 2

Kerstin Blodig "Trollsang" Germany
Olaf Sickmann "Sommertiefe" Germany
Patty Larkin "Red = Luck" USA
Steve Tilston "Songs from the Dress Rehearsal" Ireland
Irish Music "The Rough Guide to Irish Music" Ireland
Freeland Barbour "Winter's Journey" Scotland
Robb Johnson "Beginner's Guide" England
Rainbow Sleeves "painted songs" Germany
Battlefield Band "Out for the night" Scotland
Legacy Celtic Band "Legacy Celtic Band" England
Caetano Veloso "A Foreign sound" Brazil
Stefan Hiss & Ralf Groher "Los Gigantes" Germany
Antichrisis "A Legacy of Love Mark II" Germany
Tuareg "Bacalao" Germany
Die Double Dylans "Ich und ein Anderer" Germany
Roland Heinrich "Einsam und ausgebremst - Lieder von Jimmie Rodgers" Germany
Jimmie Rodgers & Wiglaf Droste "Güterzüge und Gitarren - Die Jimmie Rodgers Biographie" Germany /US
Kharkov Klezmer Band "Ticking Again" Ukraina
Huusmeister "Neuland" Germany
June Tabor "An Echo of Hooves" England
Stoppok "Solo live" Germany
Sir Vincent Lone "Songs for Lonely Americans" Scotland
Poeta Magica "décades" Germany
Thetis "Lost in Time" Germany
Taschakor "Storyteller" Germany

BEV, photo by The Mollis

CD-Rezensionen in Deutsch - Seite 3

K.A. Eickhoff u.a. "Courage" Germany
Okkervil River "Black Sheep Boy" USA
Magnolia Electric Co. "What Comes After the Blues" USA
Statistics "Often Lie" USA
Anders Parker "Tell It to the Dust" USA
Anders Parker "The Wounded Astronaut" USA
"Folkways the Original Vision - Songs of Woody Guthrie and Lead Belly" USA
V/A "Classic Bluegrass Vol. 2" USA
The Lilly Bros. & Don Stover "Bluegrass at the Roots" USA
Peter Kerlin with Jens Kommnick "Dancing Days" Germany
Michelle Shocked "Don't Ask Don't Tell" USA
Michelle Shocked "Mexican Standoff" USA
Michelle Shocked "Got No Strings" USA
The Waterboys "Karma to Burn" Ireland
Levellers "Truth & Lies" UK
Hank Shizzoe & The Directors "Out and About" USA
Deitsch "Königskinder" Germany
Hurdy-Gurdy "Prototyp" Sweden
Corvus Corax "Cantus Buranus" Germany
Van Langen "Zeychen der Zeyt" Germany
Des Teufels Lockvögel "Carmina Mystica" Germany
Nim Sofyan "Düm tek" Austria
The Brimstone Solar Radiation Band "Solstice" Norway
Sulo "Just Another Guy Tryin'" Sweden
The Pushtwangers "We are the Pushtwangers - and you're not" Sweden
V/A "Internationales Hackbrettfestival Volume 1" Germany
V/A "Internationales Hackbrettfestival Volume 2" Germany
Savina Yannatou "Sumiglia" Greece
Karl Seglem "New North" Norway
Zaches & Zinnober "Schräg" Germany
Pit Budde & Josephine Kronfli "Shalom, Salam - peace4kids" Germany
Suli Puschban "Ich sehe aus wie ELVIS!" Germany
Wolfrum & Freunde "Für alle Kinder dieser Welt" Germany

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