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America At It's Best

Guy Forsyth @ Tønder Festival, 25 - 28 August 2011.

There are voices not made to be ignored. One of these young voices is that of Guy Forsyth, notwithstanding if delivering a great love song of his own, an angry, electrified version of Bob Dylan's "Masters of War" at Tønder's D-Day Tribute,[45] a carefree "Summertime" when living is easy, or his friend Eliza Gilkyson's "Slouching towards Bethlehem".[45] |

The singer/songwriter from Austin, Texas, did help found and make famous, or rather infamous, the theatrical and musical group The Asylum Street Spankers.[34] The rest is history, so they say, Guy Forsyth became the travelling hobo ever since.

Supported by a bass guitar player and a female drummer, he plays both acoustic and electric guitars, harmonica and ukulele, and could furthermore have been seen playing the Singing Saw at Tønder's festival ceilidh.

Actually, Guy's been given an Austin Music Award for Best Miscellaneous Instrument Player because of his skills performing on the Singing Saw, as well as several other AMA’s in categories such as Best Male Vocalist over the past decade. Indeed, Guy puts extraordinary force into his vocal delivery.

Set on the track by the music of blues legend Robert Johnson, Guy spawned a particular fusion of American roots music - folk and blues, country and rock -, held together by his charisma alone. A mixture you cannot easily pigeonhole, but sit back and watch the spell-binding show he puts on.

This is America at it's best; you can clearly see the reason why the 19th/20th century American fusion music became so popular all over the world. However, though Guy Forsyth is in the music business for two decades, he is still kind of a secret on this side of the pond. He shouldn't. So let's spread the message.

Photo Credits: (1) Tønder Logo (by Tønder Festival); (2)-(9) Guy Forsyth (by Walkin' Tom).

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