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Alistair Ogilvy "Leaves Sae Green" Scotland
Various Artists "Big River Big Songs - The Tyne" England
Karen Ryan "The Coast Road" Ireland
Rura "Break it up" Scotland
Colletivo Mazzulata "Scecchendaun" Italy
Le Vent Du Nord "Tromper le Temps" Canada
Le Vent du Nord "Tromper le Temps" Canada
Zoox "Ups & Downs" England
Brian Friel "Karusell" Ireland
Ian Hardie "A Breath of Fresh Airs" Scotland
Cormac Breatnach "Éalú" Ireland
Simon Chadwick "Old Gaelic Laments" Scotland
Clairseach "Let Erin Remember" USA
Clairseach "Ann's Harp" USA
Fergal Scahill "Wayfaring" Ireland
Hoven Droven "Rost" Sweden
Colm Phelan "Full Circle" Ireland
Polkaholix "Polkaface" Germany
Aaron Novik "Secrets of Secrets" USA
Aaron Novik "Secrets of secrets" USA
Hannah Köpf "Flying Free" Germany
Christina Fuchs & No Tango "2" Germany
Sumi Tonooka "Now" USA
Georg Breinschmid "Fire" Austria
The James Low Western Front "Whiskey Farmer" USA
Michael and the Lonesome Playboys "Last of the honky tonks" USA
Nanci Griffith "Intersection" USA
Franka De Mille "Bridge the roads" England
Marketa Irglova "Anar" Czech Republic
Sinouj "Were" Algeria / Tunisia / Nigeria / Italy / Spain
Open Range "The Elevator Story" Germany
1982 "Pintura" Norway
Viaggio "Ode" Germany
Soetkin Collier "Reiseiland" Belgium
Five Men in a Boat "Five Men in a Boat" France / England / Norway
Quadro Nuevo "In concert" Germany
Colm Mac Con Iomaire "Cúinne an Ghiorria" Ireland
Josetxo Goia-Ariba "La Orquesta Jamalandruki" Spain
Josetxo Goia-Ariba "En Jota" Spain
Servais Haanen "Temporale" Netherlands
Asgeir & Mo "Danza de Andalucia" Norway
Eda Zari "Toka incognita" Albania
Nu & Apa Neagră "Descăntecul Apei Negre" Romania
Malando "Latino" Netherlands
Slide to Freedom "20000 miles" Canada / India
Charles Frail and the Moulting Frames "Morning it breaths" Netherlands
Ilgi "Tur saulīte pērties gāja" Latvia
Sharon Shannon "Flying Circus" Ireland
Aubergine "De griffioen sessies" Netherlands
Orchestre International du Vetex "Total tajine" Belgium / France
Sturla Eide "Slåtter vol 2 og 3" Norway
Pust "Kry" Norway
Regimantas Šilinskas "Taip ir kitaip" Lithuania
Sutaras "The wonders of the beggar’s kingdom" Lithuania
Delyth Jenkins "Llais" Wales
Cornelius Claudio Kreusch "Heart & Soul" Germany
Arja Kastinen "The last gathering" Finland
Nordic "Hommage" Sweden
gruber + gruber "gruber + gruber" Germany
Robert Wolf "Per il mio amore" Germany
I Fratelli Tarzanelli "Palomino" Belgium / Italy
Veretski Pass "The Klezmer Shul" USA
Klezmafour "5th Element" Poland
Jydsk på næsen & Betty Gregers Arendt "Vintermusik" Denmark
Hungrytown "Any forgotten thing" USA
Nazaket Teymurova "Mugham" Azerbaijan
Samantha Gillogly & Tim Maurice "Live in concert" USA
Albastro Euforico "Albastro Euforico" Italy
Banda "Jedna" Slovakia
Annbjørg Lien "Khoom Loy" Norway
Harald Haugaard "Den femte søster" Denmark
Guo Gan "Scented Maiden" China
Boémia "Os peregrines do mar" Portugal
JazGot "Świeta z JazGotem" Poland
Fred Pellerin "C’est un monde" Canada
Nick Burbridge & Tim Cotterell "Gathered" England
Levellers "Static on the Airwaves" England
Derek McGinley & Tara Connaghan "The Far Side of the Glen" Ireland
Lucy Ward "Adelphi Has To Fly" England
Treacherous Orchestra "Origins" Scotland
Dan Brouder "The Lark's Air" Ireland
Breabach "Bann" Scotland
Titom "Second Souffle" France
KAN "Sleeper" Britain
Breanndán Ó Beaglaoich "Fé Scáth - In the Shadow" Ireland
Séamus Begley & Oisín Mac Diarmada "Le Chéile / Together" Ireland
Gerry Harrington "At Home" Ireland
Horslips and the Ulster Orchestra at the Waterfront, Belfast Ireland
Al Andaluz Project "Abuab Al Andalus" Germany / Spain
Rachel Hair Trio "No More Wings" Scotland
Jaakko Laitinen & Väärä Raha "Yö Rovaniemellä" Finland
Kilfenora Céilí Band "Chapter Eight" Ireland
Folke, Emma & Josefina "Kontakt" Sweden
Dónal Donnelly "Tremolo" Ireland
Ewan McLennan "The Last Bird to Sing" Scotland
Noreen O'Sullivan "The Quiet House" Ireland
Blackbeard's Tea Party "Tomorrow We'll Be Sober" England
Avven "Kastalija" Slovenia
The Old Dance School "Forecast" England
Dealan "Impuls" Spain
Sprag Session "Sprag Session" Canada
Deluce's Patent "Deluce's Patent" Ireland
Kyle Carey "Monongah" USA
Cathy Jordan "All the way home" Ireland
The Strata-Tones "Dressed up to fess up" USA
JT Coldfire "Always & Never" USA
West of Eden "Safe crossing" Sweden
María do Ceo "Fado con Outro Acento" Portugal
Pancho Álvarez "Sonche Atlántico" Spain
Os Cempés "Tente Mozo" Spain
Quempallou "Vellas Novas" Spain
Los Hermanos Cubero "Los Hermanos Cubero 7" Spain
Ana Alcaide "La Cantiga del Fuego" Spain
Lilt "Onward" USA
Norma MacDonald "Morning You Wake" Canada
Danjal "The Bubble" Faroe Islands
Ron Spielman Trio "Electric Tales" Germany
Daniel Bustone "Those Thrilling Days of Yesteryear" France
Dyl "Folk Off" France
Richard Koechli "Howlin’ with the Bad Boys" Switzerland
Allan Thomas "Deep Water" USA
Daniele Dall’Omo & Antonio Stragapede "Bologna tra le Corde" Italy
Brathanki "Graja Skaldow" Poland
Mike Stevens & Matt Andersen "Push Record – The Banff Sessions" Canada
Eliza Rickman "O, You Sinners" USA
Sheila Mac Donald "Half Light" USA
Kate Reid "Doing it for the Chicks" Canada
Paul Benoit "Ragpickers" USA
Dennis Warner "Seeds" USA
Carl Cleves "The House is Empty" Belgium
Jeff Beam "Be Your Own Mirror" USA
Mr. Jones "I Thought I Was Already There" Germany
Jenai Huff "Transitions" USA
Adam Arcuragi "Like a Fire that Consumes All Before it" USA
Lonely Drifter Karen "Poles" Belgium
Fabrizio Cammarata & the Second Grace "Rooms" Italy
Jay Brannan "Rob Me Blind" USA
Great Lake Swimmers "New Wild Everywhere" Canada
The Elders "Wanderin’ Life & Times" USA
The Klezmatics "Live at Town Hall" USA
Christina Martin "I Can Too" Canada
Cowboy Junkies "The Wilderness" Canada
Adam Donen "Vampires" England
Girlyman "Supernova" USA
Sarah McQuaid "The Plum Tree and the Rose" Ireland
The Greater Good "The Greater Good" USA
Latin Quarter "Ocean Head" Britain
Amy Hart "Congratulations" USA
Miss Quincy "Like the Devil Does" Canada
O Emperor "Hither Thither" Ireland
Otis Gibbs "Harder Than Hammered Hell" USA
Randi Tytingvag "Grounding" Norway
Stefan Grossman "How to Play Ragtime Guitar" USA
John Renbourn & Stefan Grossman "The Three Kingdoms" England / USA
Martyn Joseph "Live at the Brook" Wales
IMG "Interdit de Cracher Gallo!" France
Lee Garland "Hummingbird" USA
Farrar, Johnson, Parker, Yames "New Multitudes" USA
Floatstone "Meet Floatstone" Belgium
Ship of Ara "Ship of Ara" Germany
Kieran Halpin "The Devil and his Dealing" Ireland
Nomadic Orchestra of the World "Ban Jara!" Italy / India
Loudon Wainwright III "Older than My Old Man Now" USA
Rich Osborn "Giving Voice – Guitar Explorations" USA
Rupert Wates "At the Losers’ Motel" USA
Mater Dea "Satyricon" Italy
Matt McGinn "Livin’" Northern Ireland
Joel Fafard "Cluck Old Hen" Canada
Gren Bartley "Songs to Scythe Back the Overgrown" Britain
Aidan Bartley "Silhouettes" Northern Ireland
The 44s "Americana" USA
Scotty Alan "Wreck and the Mess" USA
Paul Brady "Dancer in the Fire – A Paul Brady Anthology" Ireland
Changing Horses "The Nashville Sessions" Britain
Dave McGraw & Mandy Fer "Seed of a Pine" USA
Don Nino "In the Backyard of Your Mind" France
Merry Hell "Blink… and You Miss it" Britain
Philip Bölter "The World Out There" Germany
Lowlands "Gypsy Child" Italy
Crossing Keys "About Time…" Sweden
Craig Cardiff "Floods & Fires" Canada
Famara "The Cosmopolitan Switzerland
Nadine Maria Schmidt & Frühmorgens am Meer "Blaue Kanten" Germany
Jack Sundrud "Cage" USA
In Love "Sister Blue" Sweden
Various Artists "Devil Duck Records Sampler" USA
Matt Keating "Wrong Way Home" USA
Mark Atherton "To Bring Me to You" Britain
Des Wade "The Book of My Days" Ireland
Robb Johnson & the Irregulars "Happily Ever After" England
Nigel Brown "World on Fire" England
Brad Hatfield "Uphill from Anywhere" USA
Tom Rodwell "Live Humble" New Zealand
Jim Reynolds "If Only" Britain
Victor Camozzi "Roadside Paradise" USA
Seth Lakeman "Tales from the Barrel House" England
Roman Wreden "Wayfarers" Germany
Marina Zettl "Thin Ice" Germany
Heidi Happy "Hiding with the Wolves" Switzerland
La Vela Puerca "Piel y Hueso" Uruguay
Brock Zeman "Me Then You" Canada
Nico Wayne Toussaint "Lonely Number" France
Matthias Sturm "Blood and Thunder" Germany
Greg Rekus "The Dude Abides" Canada
The Reptile Palace Orchestra "Songs and Dances of Madisonia" USA
Boiled in Lead "The Well Below" USA
Marissa Nadler "The Sister" USA
Mark Davis "Eliminate the Toxins" Canada
J. C. Cinel "The Light of a New Sun" Italy
Sava "Labyrinth" Germany
Jack McNeill & Charlie Heys "Two Fine Days" Britain
Lylac "By a Tree" Belgium
Andi Neate "Flying Full Circle" Scotland
Jason Heath and the Greedy Souls "Packed for Exile" USA
The Agnostic-Phibes Rhythm & Blood Conspiracy "Campfire Tales" Canada
Jon Brooks "Delicate Cages" Canada
Brad Belt "Some Stories Need Tellin’" USA
The Deep Dark Woods "The Place I Left Behind" Canada
Al Rose "Sad Go Lucky" USA
Rusty Shackle "Was Away these Nights" Wales
Thomas Schleiken "Beech Mountain Hill" Germany
Tim McMillan "Angel" Australia
Jamie Kent "Navigation" USA
Dry the River "Shallow Bed" England
Jeff Larson "The World Over" USA
Richie Kaye "Fire & Fall Back" USA
Joe Fletcher & the Wrong Reasons "White Lighter" USA
Samplers, EP's, Demo CD's, Downloads, ...: Atwater Donnelly, BraAgas, Churchfitters, Mary Coughlan, Crooked Fiddle Band, Johnny Dickinson, Heritage Blues Orchestra, Neal Hellman, The Honey Dewdrops, Wolf Jansch, Jenny & Tyler, Lera Lynn, Anna MacDonald, na-mara, The Other Europeans, Lucie Redlova, Richie Syrett, Mariel Vandersteel, Rosa Zaragoza, V/A Радио России - Folk Album, Rounder Records Various

  Deutsche Rezensionen

Karen Ryan "The Coast Road" England
Rura "Break It Up" Scotland
More Maids "III" Germany
Lilt "Onward" USA
Johannes Schiefner "Watergrasshill" Germany
Ernst Molden "A so a scheena Dog" Austria
Triskilian "neo" Germany
Colm Phelan "Full Circle" Ireland
In Extremo "Sterneneisen Live" Germany
Die Strottern "Wia tanzn is" Austria
Bülbül Manush "The Oriental Train Experience" Germany
Olaf Sickmann "Original Tin Whistle Session Tunes" Germany
Al Andaluz Project "Abuab Al Andalus" Germany / Spain
Lloyd Jones "Highway Bound" USA
Bryan and the Haggards "Still Alive and Kickin' down the Walls" USA
Emily Pinkerton "Ends of the Earth" USA
Lino Davide & Via Medina "Uno, luna e monte" Italy
Le Balluche de la Saugrenue "Root's Musette" France
Le Balluche de la Saugrenue "Los Petites amourelles" France
Banda Olifante "10.000 Migrants" Italy
Brass Noir "On the Trans-Balkan Highway" Germany
Lutz de Shawue "Leinen Los" Germany
The Woodshedders "Oh Dig" USA
Ensemble Draj "Ale shvestern" Germany
Whiteboy James and the Bluesexpress "Extreme Makeover" USA
Julius Pittman & the Revival "Live Jonite" USA
Willy Schwarz "Love is a river" USA
Various Artists "Closer to the Music Vol. 4" Miscellaneous
Capud Draconis "Musica Divina" Germany
Jack Harrison "The Enchanted Island" Canada
Hoquets "Belgotronic" Belgium / France / USA
Heidenspass "Bluomenrot" Germany
The Imagined Village "Bending the Dark" Britain
Gary Hunn and the Wayward Angels "Dust and Gin" Australia
Joe Cassady "Whats your sign?" USA
Raul Mannola "Inner Visions of Flamenco" Spain / Finland
The Klezmatics "Live at Town Hall" USA
Jazzkantine "spielt Volkslieder" Germany
Hussy Hicks "A Million Different Truths" Australia
Las Sombras "Casino Tango Noir" Germany
CJ Taylor "Nichts so wie Früher" Germany
Miquel Gil "Marcianes" Spain
Carmen Souza feat. Theo Pascal "London Acoustic Set" Cape Verde
Tokyo Rosenthal "Who was that man" USA
Trailerpark Idlers "The Rumble & the Roar" Sweden
Erik Beisswenger "Frühling" Germany
Dotschy Reinhardt "Pani Sindhu" Germany
Cobario "A Vagabond's Tale" Austria
Steve Gerard & The National Debonaires "Voodoo Workin" USA
Rudi Zapf und Zapf'nstreich "Unterwegs" Germany
Pedro Soler & Gaspar Claus "Barlande" Spain
Giulia Y los Tellerini "L'Arrabbiata" Spain
Ivan Mazuze "Ndzuti" Mozambique
Els Berros de la Cort "Los nòstres vices e pecats" Spain
Zita Swoon Group "Wait for me" Belgium / Burkina Faso
Potir "Gothic City" Russia
Coriandre "Itinerança" France
Mariachi El Bronx "Mariachi El Bronx (II)" USA
Downtown Ramblers "On the Other Side of the City" Sweden
Big Pete "Choice Cuts" USA
Katja Maria Werker "Mitten im Sturm" Germany
Grupo Sal "Horizontes" Germany
Josetxo Goia-Aribe "En Jota" Spain
Nathalie & Natalie "Parole Musique" Germany
Chris Barber "Memories of my Trip" England
Pantagruel "Nymphidia" Germany
Alcoholic Faith Mission "Ask me this" Denmark
Blandine Bonjour / Bernd Köhler "Les nouveau mousquetaires" Germany / France
Django 3000 "Django 3000" Germany
Eläkeläiset "Humppasheikkailu" Finland
Judy Collins "Bohemian" USA
Kai Degenhardt "Näher als sie scheinen" Germany
Mick Fitzgerald "Still live" Ireland
Shabani "I love Wohlstandstrash" Switzerland
Michael van Merwyk & Bluesoul "New Road" Germany
Pascal Vallée "Was mach ich hier" Germany
Andrew Mill "Drain Pipe Dreams" Scotland
Alistair Ogilvy "Leaves Sae Green" Scotland
Ape & Feuerstein "Da steckt doch was dahinter" Germany
Balkan Beat Box "Give" Israel / USA
Beggar's Ride "Beggar's Ride" USA
Blues Family "International Blues Family" USA
Duncan McCrone "Colourblind" Scotland
Fionnuala Gill "Whispers of Love" Ireland
The SonnenhofSongs and Friends "Down in Burgstrasse" Scotland / Germany
Top Dog Brass Band "The Top Dog Indicator" Germany
Bodenski "Auto" Germany
Bodenski "Auto!" Germany
Christoph Greuter "Nämis spille" Switzerland
Christoph Greuter "Nämis spille" Switzerland
Daniel Bustone "Those Thrilling Days of Yesteryear" France
Herrn Stumpfes Zieh und Zupf Kapelle "Wohlwär" Germany
The Lennerockers "High Class Lady - Best of" Germany
Söllner "Mei Zuastand" Germany
Tommy Sands "Arising from the Troubles" Northern Ireland
Bukahara Trio "Bukahara Trio" Switzerland
Polo Hofer "Polo Hofer singt Bob Dylan 1981-2011" Switzerland
The Real MotherFolkers "Bitte recht folkig!" Germany
The Civil Wars "Barton Hollow" USA
Simon & Jan "Simon & Jan " Germany
Frida Annevik "Synlige hjerteslag" Norway
Patapan "Mäneskin" Germany
The Kilkennys "Meet The Kilkennys - Live" Ireland
Lowlands "The Last Call" Italy
Celtica "Rising" Austria / USA
Elin Furubotn "Heilt nye vei" Norway
Ya-Ha "Immer & überall" Germany
Latin Quarter "Ocean Head" England
Heather Dale "Fairytale" Canada
The Early Folk Band "Northlands" Sweden / Germany / England
Mund-Hand-Werk "zsammag'schuastat, zsammag'flickt" Germany
Arja Kastinen "The last gathering" Finland
Arja Kastinen "The last gathering" Finland
Mr. Hurley & Die Pulveraffen "Affentheater" Germany
Gwennyn "Kan an Tevenn" France
The Sandsacks "Far away" Germany
Auburn "Indian Summer" Britain
The Red Hot Serenaders "Such a night" Switzerland
Loreena McKennitt "Troubadours on the Rhine" Canada
Stefan Dettl "Summer of love" Germany
Tibetréa "Cadbodua" Germany
Kofelgschroa "Kofelgschroa" Germany
Dala "Best Day" Canada
Nadine Maria Schmidt & Frühmorgens am Meer "Blaue Kanten" Germany
Big City Indians "Tuwa" Austria
The Chieftains "Voices of Ages" Ireland
Vermaledeyt "Saltaneo" Germany
Seth Lakeman "Tales from The Barrelhouse" England
Cuppatea "Alternative" Germany
Stephen David Austin "A Bakersfield Dozen" USA
Koenix "Vo de Gipfle" Switzerland
Thomas Lukassek "Reed Adventures" Germany
Horslips and the Ulster Orchestra "Live at the Waterfront Belfast" Ireland
Troglauer Buam "Geboren in Troglau" Germany
Fräkmündt "Heiwehland" Switzerland
Pascal Lamour "Le chant de la Mandragore" France
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