FolkWorld #53 03/2014

CD & DVD Reviews

  English Reviews

Jim Malcolm "Still" Scotland
Mick West and Muldoon's Picnic "A Scots Chorus" Scotland
Martin McHugh "The Master's Choice" USA
Doolin "Exile" France
Doolin "Live in Lorient" France
Leonard Barry "New Road" Ireland
Yves Lambert "Trio" Canada
La Cantinière "La Différence" Canada
Gillian Boucher "Elemental" Canada
Gillian Boucher "Attuned" Canada
Ferocious Dog "Ferocious Dog" Britain
Zeptepi "Coming up for Air" Australia
Andy Irvine with Rens van der Zalm "Parachilna" Ireland / Netherlands
Calum Stewart & Heikki Bourgault "Hunter's Moon" Scotland / France
Gavin Marwick "The Long Road and the Far Horizons" Scotland
David Doocey "Changing Time" USA
Siobhán Smith "Timing Is Everything" USA
The Friel Sisters "The Friel Sisters" Ireland
Craobh Rua "I'd understand you if i knew what you meant" Northern Ireland
Ten Strings & A Goat Skin "Corbeau" Canada
Chris Corrigan "Crooked Mountain Road" Northern Ireland
Various Artists "The Scottish Diaspora" Scotland
Ar Re Yaouank "L'integrale" France
Fred Guichen "Le Voyage Astral" France
Kitus "Eh bien, dansez maintenant!" France
David Rovics "If I Had A Hammer" USA
Fabula Rasa "Pörgettyű - Lankattyű" Hungary
Jaakko Laitinen & Väärä Raha "Lapland-Balkan" Finland
Roy Bailey, Robb Johnson, Barb Junr, Jude Abbott, Jenny Carr, John Forrester "Gentlemen" (Double-CD) England
Leon Rosselson and Robb Johnson "No Gods No Masters" England
Nua "Bold" Canada
Gwenan Gibbard "cerdd dannau" Wales
Lors Landat & Thomas Moisson "An Tan Skornet" France
Various Artists "The Leitrim Equation3" Ireland
Ahlberg, Ek & Roswall "Näktergalen" Sweden
Rant "Rant" Scotland
Chris Newman & Maire Ni Chathasaigh "Christmas Lights" England/Ireland
Ashley Hutchings "By Gloucester Docks I Sat Down and Wept" England
Téada "In spite of the storm" Ireland
Rosalind Gregory "Sheath and Knife" Canada
Las Hermanas Caronni "Vuela" Argentina/France
Ensemble Eriu "Ensemble Eriu" Ireland
Alias Means "Light Matter" USA
Blues Point "Simply Blues" Poland
Pete Huttlinger "McGuire's Landing" USA
Folkabola "Jolla Pipiola" Italy
La Talvera "Cancons del Cap del Pont" France
Basco "The remarkable return of Old Man Basco” Denmark
Basco "The Remarkable Return of Old Man Basco" Denmark
Anja Praest Trio "Resonans" Denmark
Anja Præst Trio "Resonans" Denmark
Patsy Reid "The Brightest Path" Scotland
Frigg "Polka V" Norway
4Square "Hearth & Home" England
De Temps Antan "Ce monde ici-bas" Canada
Aly Bain & Phil Cunningham "Five and Twenty" Scotland
Davoc Rynne "The Humours of Ennistymon" Ireland
Mórga "For the Sake of Auld Decency" Ireland
Catriona McKay "Harponium" Scotland
Les Poufs a Cordes "La Trotteuse" France
Alasdair Fraser and Natalie Haas "Abundance" Scotland
John Blake "The Narrow Edge" Britain
Marit & Rona "Turas" Scotland
Éamon McGivney, John Kelly, Peadar Ó Riada "The Drôle" Ireland
Mícheál Ó Raghallaigh & Danny O'Mahony "As It Happened" Ireland
Paul Anderson "Land of the Standing Stones" Scotland
Pádraig Rynne "Notify" Ireland
Casey Driessen "Singularity" USA
Draupner "Hälsingland" Sweden
Draupner "Hälsingland" Sweden
Gisen, Ulvsand & Tullberg "Diphtong" Sweden
Aire "Aire" Spain
Kepa Junkera "Galiza" Spain
Korrontzi "Tradition 2.1" Spain
Port City Prophets "Mule" USA
The Two Sisters "Songs & Chansons" England
Sugaray Rayford "Dangerous" USA
Kara Grainger "Shiver & Sigh" Australia
Chris James & Patrick Rynn "Barrelhouse Stomp" USA
The High Bar Gang "Lost & Undone" Canada
Diana Jones "Museum of Appalachia Recordings" USA
Chris Flegg "Gazing at the Stars All Night" USA
Maurice Tani & 77 El Deora "Blue Line" USA
Maurice Tani & Mike Anderson "Two Stroke" USA
Rick Shea "Sweet Bernardine" USA
Peter Gallway "Hello Stranger" USA
Love Over Gold "Fall to Rise" USA
Kejaleo "Alaire" Spain
Juha Kujanpää "Kivenpyörittäjä" Finland
Clica Drona "Musica de Gasconha" France
Burdon Folk Band "Divytsia" Ukraine
Nadia Birkenstock & Steve Hubback "The Glow Within" Germany
Svestar "Svestar" Denmark
Txütxükan "Surf the River Lee" Belgium
Jazgot "Muzyko, siłę" Poland
Di Chuzpenics "Glat asoj!" Germany
Le Chauffeur Est Dans Le Pre "New York, Istanbul, Bamako" France
Hot Griselda "Meow" Belgium
Corde Oblique "Volontà d'Arte" Italy
Jarmo Romppanen "Solmogen II" Finland
Lajla Renate Buer Storli "Møya som drøymde" Norway
Østfolk "Østfolk" Norway
Erlend Apneseth "Blikkspor" Norway
Anne-Mari Kivimäki "Aikapyörä" Finland
Jitka Šuranska "Nĕzachoď slunečko" Czech Republic
Hewar "Letters to a Homeland" Syria
Roisin O "The Secret Life of Blue" Ireland
Barbara Dickson "To Each and Everyone" Scotland
Michael Mattice "Comin’ Home" USA
Sean Taylor "Chase the Night" Britain
Morgan Finlay "Fault Lines" Canada
Misner & Smith "Seven Hour Storm" USA
Allan Taylor "All is One" England
Jonas Carping "All the Time in the World" Sweden
Stephen Kellogg "Blunderstone Rookery" USA
Scott Cook "One More Time Around" Canada
New Country Rehab "Ghost of Your Charms" Canada
Chauncey Bowers "Rumors of Reason" USA
Labus "Deceptive Cure" Germany
Enter the Haggis "The Modest Revolution" Canada
David Serby & the Latest Scam "David Serby & the Latest Scam" USA
Raina Rose "Caldera" USA
Butchers Blind "Destination Blues" USA
Susan Cattaneo "Haunted Heart" USA
The Harmed Brothers "Better Days" USA
Kevin O’Donnell "Deep is the Well" Ireland
Lou Dominguez "We the People" USA
Suzie Brown "Almost There" USA
Chris Eckman "Harney County" USA
Che Sudaka "1111 Lives" Argentinia
La Zikabilo "Todos a la Mesa" France
Harpeth Rising "Tales from Jackson Bridge" USA
Calum Ingram "Making it Possible" Scotland
Dawa "This Should Work" Austria
Jan Seides "Siren Song" USA
Ian McFeron "Time Will Take You" USA
Loveflowers "Bridge or Barrier" Sweden
Pierodread "Real Vibes" Italy
Jan Rørdam "Extraordinary Heart & Soul" Denmark
Dana Pomfret "Float" USA
Valeria Caputo "Migratory Birds" Italy
Garland Jeffreys "Truth Serum" USA
Christian Masser "Cool Water" Germany
Shorts "Shorts featuring Zan Zone" USA
Hubertus Rösch "Better World" Germany
Lloyd Williams "Time" Britain
Mark Lotterman "Funny" Netherlands
Various Artists "American Songbirds" USA / Canada
Bourbon Boys "Hail to the Chief" Sweden
The Nutopians "Lennon Re-Imagined" USA
Henry Priestman "The Last Mad Surge of Youth" Britain
The David Liberty Band "Chains and Bones" Canada
Heated Land "Heated Land" Germany
Akasa "Portal" USA
The Coals "A Happy Animal" USA
James Crawford "James Crawford" USA
Emily Herring "Your Mistake" USA
Karyn Oliver "Magdalene" USA
Bernard Brogue "Trick of Light" Britain
Alec Morrison "Nowhere is the Place for Me" Canada
Rónán Ó Snodaigh & The Occasionals "SOS" Ireland
Craig Gerber "Leaving Tonight" USA
Brother Dege "How to Kill a Horse" USA
The Men "This Way" Sweden
Esquela Band "Are We Rolling?" USA
Seoirse "Windmills of the Mind" Ireland
Johnny Duhan "Winter" Ireland
Tim Snider "Let Go, Jump in the River" USA
Jens Lysdal "Easy Heart" Denmark
Yagoda Galo "Polar" Russia
Dave Goodman "No Rest for the Wicked" Canada
Colin Gilmore "The Wild and Hollow" USA
Joseph Parsons "Empire Bridges" USA
Lisa Lim "Lisa Lim" USA
Wolf in Loveland "Wolf in Loveland" Netherlands
Eric Scott "Where the Water Runs Deepest" USA
La Chiva Gantiva "Vivo" Colombia
Short & Sweet: Amsterdam Klezmer Band, AnnaMy, Joseph Arthur, At First Light, Karim Baggili, Bags of Rock, Beat Bouet Trio, BettySoo, BezoBratři, Robert Sarazin Blake, Sandra Boynton, BraAgas, Vincent Bucher, Clannad, Max García Conover, Contradanza, Corde Oblique, Chrissy Crowley, Rachel Davis, Deep End of The Ford, Peter Doran, Evarusnik, The Farewell Drifters, David Francey, The Full English, Mary Gauthier, The Gentle Good, Gondwana Dawn, Stefan Grossman, Noah Gundersen, Gypsy Swing Quintet Liège, Roy Harper, Matt & Shannon Heaton, IF Trio, Sarah Jarosz, Karol Kus, Lagrange Rutkowski, Laurie Lewis, The London Klezmer Quartet, Matawa, Chance McCoy, Jimi McRae, Mercy Child, Ashley Monroe, Elliott Morris, Cahalen Morrison & Eli West, Mumford & Sons, Nisia, Finn Olafsson, Lee Harvey Osmond, Will Pound, The Railsplitters, James Tristan Redding, Janet Robin, Stan Rogers, Salt House, She'Koyokh, Martin Simpson, Sinouj, Slonovski Bal, Jeremy Squires, June Tabor, Ward Thomas, Will Varley, Vinnie's TV, Alan 'Blind Owl' Wilson, Yellow Sisters, 9Bach, Various Artists "Arctic Paradise", "Bluegrass Ramble", "Deer Lodge: A Tribute To George Jones", "Gaelic Ireland", "Indies Scope 2013", "Looking Into You - A Tribute to Jackson Browne", "Riverboat Records", "The Rough Guide To Scottish Music", "Tiny Desk Concerts", "Wolf" Various

  Deutsche Rezensionen

Eva Curth "Nussknacker & Mausekönig" Germany
Nua "Head Full of Dreams" Germany
Stoppok solo "Auf Sendung" Germany
Dikanda "Live in Zakopane" Poland
Väsen "Mindset" Sweden
Oliver Rajamani "Texas Gypsy Fire" India / USA
Various Artists "The Leitrim Equation3" Ireland
Mórga "For the Sake of Auld Decency" Ireland
Alasdair Fraser and Natalie Haas "Abundance" Scotland
Emily Smith "Echoes" Scotland
Pádraig Rynne "Notify" Ireland
Duncan Chisholm "Live at Celtic Connections" Scotland
Doolin "Live in Lorient" France
Loreena McKennitt "The Journey So Far – The Best of Loreena McKennitt" Canada
Marga Muzika "Marga Muzika" Lithuania
Livonia "Runenspiel" Estonia / Austria
Hiss "Das Gesetz der Prärie" Germany
Hiss "Das Gesetz der Prärie" Germany
David Buchbinder's Odessa/Havanna "Walk To the Sea" Canada
Startijenn "El-TaQa" France
Sancto Ianne "Trase" Italy
Ellika, Solo, Rafael "Now" Sweden
Lajkó Félix "Mező" Hungary
Annika Fehling "Rust & Gold" Sweden
Ensemble Noisten "Curry auf Oliven" Germany
Orchestre International du Vetex "Total Tajine" Belgium
Matilde Politi e Compagnia Bella "Vacanti sugnu china" Italy
Ryuichi Sakamoto "Three" Japan
Sofia Ekberg "All the small Details" Sweden
Samy Daussat/Tchavolo Schmitt "Nouvelle Vague" France
Klô Pelgag "L'Alchemie des Monstres" Canada
Holland K. Smith "Cobalt" USA
Aoife O'Donovan "Fossils" USA
Rachelle Garniez "Greetings from Dreamsville" USA
Psaltron "Polykratia" Germany
Enrique Ugarte "Café Musette" Spain
Gwennyn "Beo" France
Gustav Peter Wöhler "Wegen mir" Germany
Fernando Miceli "Arrabal y Exilio" Argentina
Septentrio "Nordic Folk Music" Sweden
Baraka "Tribute to Nargis" Latvia
Laura Cortese "Into the Dark" USA
Pierre Bensusan "Encore" France
Monster Ceilidh Band "Charge" Britain
Duo Milla Viljamaa & Johanna Juhola "Tango Diary" Finland
Marco Zappa & Guests "PolentaEPess" Switzerland
Pippo Pollina "L'appartenenza" Italy
Ulrika Bodén Band "Kärlekssånger" Sweden
Fjarill "Tiden" Sweden
Fei Scho "Weltensprung" Germany
Mókus és a Fabula Rasa "Hühó much ado" Hungary
Kozma Orkestar "Kozma Orkestar" Germany
Phon & Zu "Nr.1" Germany
Evelyn Kryger "Evelyn Kryger" Germany
Firil "Smile som sumarsole" Sweden / Norway
Pristup "Wien, Ostbahnhof" Austria
Various Artists "Black Horse Tracks" Germany
Betse Ellis "High Moon Order" USA
Les Tireux d'Roches "Xo 15 Ans d'Age" Canada
Christina Zurbrügg "Doodle It" Switzerland
Maurice Tani & Mike Anderson "Two Stroke" USA
Oysterband "Diamond on the Water" England
Nameless Trio "Explore" USA
Las Hermanas Caronni "Vuela" Argentina/France
Tako Lako "Though the Mud" Denmark
Etage.2 "An Hellen Tagen" Germany
Bejarano & Microphone Mafia "La Vita Continua" Germany
Contracorrente "Contracorrente" Portugal
The Pokes "Mayday" Germany
Limbohofvet "Klingade Klenoder" Sweden
Poeta Magica "Saga" Germany
Various Artists "Way to the Blue – A Tribut to Nick Drake" Britain
Junip "Junip" Sweden
Lo'Jo "Cinema el Mundo" France
Luluc "Dear Hamlyn" Australia
Canongate Cadjers "Open With Care" Scotland
Roy Book Binder "The Good Book" USA
J.T. Lauritsen & Friends "Play by the Rules" Norway
Red Moon Joe "Midnight Trains" Britain
Schluckauf "`s hot olles sei Zeit" Germany
Brad Vickers & his Vestapolitans "Great day in the morning" USA
Brigandu "Dragon Fly" Germany
Marina Baranova & Murat Coskun "Firebird" Ukrainia / Turkey
Alias Means "Light Matter" USA
Sherry Finzer & Darin Mahoney "Transformation" USA
Snarky Dave & The Prickly Bluesmen "Big Snark" USA
Linda Valori "Days like this" Italy
Red Hot Chilli Pipers "Breathe" Scotland
Veronika Malatincová & Musica Folklorica "Ej, zeny, zeny, poradteze mi" Czech Republic
Esther Golton "Stay Warm" USA
Lowrie Evans "Corner of my Eye" Wales
Jadea Kelly "Clover" Canada
Levin "Between the lights" Switzerland
Carbon Leaf "Ghost Dragon Attacks Castle" USA
Frida Annevik "Ville ord" Norway
Hounds of Finn "Gravity pulls" USA
Jimmy Kelly & The Street Orchestra "Viva la street" Ireland
The Fenians "Take me home" USA
Tish Hinojosa "After the Fair" USA
Wouter Kellerman "Mzansi" South Africa
Norbert Schneider "Schau ma mal" Austria
GUZ "Der beste Freund des Menschen" Switzerland
Howard Glazer "Stepchild of the Blues" USA
Paul Armfield "up-here" Britain
Randy Scott "Out of the blue" USA
A Daneem "Herzöd" Germany
Missy Raines and The New Hip "New Frontier" USA
Oleg Ponomarev "Russian gypsy violin" Russia
The Bankesters "Love Has Wheels" USA
Téada "Ainneoin na stoirme - In spite of the storm" Ireland
Tune up "from there to here" Germany
Friedrich & Wiesenhütter "Alles auf Anfang" Germany
Django 3000 "Hopaaa!" Germany
Paul Simpson Project "Jetzt ist immer" Germany
The Rapparees "Re-Session" Ireland
Wilfried "Wieder da! Das Live Album" Austria
Smokin’ Joe Kubek & Bnois King "Road Dog’s Life" USA
Dun Aengus "Fox" Germany
Raina Rose "Caldera" USA
Stilbruch "Alles kann passieren" Germany
Wolfgang Gutscher Trio "Truly Ourselves" Germany
Aniada a Noar "khult" Austria
Wasteland Green "Where have you been so long" Germany
Tony McLoughlin "The Contender" Ireland
The Harmed Brothers "Better Days" USA
PurPur "ZwillingsFolk" Germany
Manfred Pohlmann "gguggugg" Germany
Kurz & bündig: An Rinn, Arz Nevez, Billy Rückwärts, Steve Broderick, Bukahara, Lars Bygdén, Nick Cave, Chupacabras, Josienne Clarke, Alela Diane, Dieselknecht, Elaiza, Faltsch Wagoni, William Fitzsimmons, Fox and the Bird, Melody Gardot, holstuonarmusigbigbandclub, Hoppe Reiter, Johna, Robb Johnson, Yannis Kapoulas, La Internacional Sonora Balkanera, LaBrassBanda, Jaro Milko, Moddi, Yvonne Moore, Volkwin Müller, Muyayo Rif, Napolilatina, Netnakisum, Odenwälder Shanty Chor, Orquesta el Macabeo, Die Pressgëng + Mr. Hurley & Die Pulveraffen, Adrian Raso & Fanfare Ciocarlia, Tom Rennie, Rubinstein Klezmer Project, Schandmaul, Sakina, Tom Shaka, Simon & Jan, Slack Bird, Sora, Isla St Clair, Subway to Sally, De Temps Antan, Robert Top Thomas, Linda Thompson, Karsten Troyke, Vivid Curls, Naomi Wachira, Windstill, Young Chinese Dogs, Various Artists "The Electro Vintage Revolution Vol. 1", "Global Hits Vol. 1", "Home Is Where The Heart Is", "Nordic Notes Vol 2" Various

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