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"Hot, Hot, Hot"

  Tønder Festival 2013

Hi, I have just read your fantastic review on Tønder Festival 2013.

I work together with round 2000 other volunteers on the festival every year. A few days ago we got some very scary news about the financial problems the festival is up against at the moment, so we have started a support group on Facebook. Within less than 24 hours we have got over 1.300 "likes" and it is growing for every hour. It's just a thought, but maybe you would like to help this wonderful festival by making this public?

Thank you in advance. Best Regards, Eva Lees

  Stephen Harrison: Today Tomorrow

Hi. Thank you very much for the favourable review.

"Today Tomorrow"

I very much appreciate it and am grateful for the points made, which I will take on board and hopefully learn from.

I'm currently recording my next CD!

Best wishes, Stephen Harrison

  Cauldron Sessions

How can we offer the many followers of Irish music in all its variations a platform, a special unique experience?

Irish music enthusiasts all over the world deserve to have access to this music (in sound and picture) and not only when the musicians happen to perform in their region. On the other hand this vibrant, passionate music deserves to receive as much attention as possible. With these thoughts in mind a new idea was conceived: High quality, exclusive concerts broadcast directly into living rooms around the world – using the internet.

Within a 12 month period there will be 10 concerts (summer break in July and August). Each concert will be available on the 1st of the month. Subscribers will have access to this concert until the 1st of the following month – to watch, listen and enjoy this concert up to 3 times within this time frame. It is also possible to download the concerts for an additional fee.

The concert performers will be mainly from the Irish traditional music, contemporary Irish folk music and the singer/songwriter genre. Not only will many well-known stars of the Irish music scene be taking part but we also want to support the new and upcoming performers. In each concert there will be three singer/bands who will each perform for approx. 30 minutes. Each concert will be accompanied by a presenter who will briefly introduce (interview) the musicians.

What do you think? If you are interested, please register. We need at least 700 subscribers in order to get started.

Markus Dehm

The Henry Girls, Fil Campbell, Mick Flannery, Zoe Conway, Mary Black,
Roisin O, Mary Coughlan, Andy Irvine, The Whileaways, Nuala Kennedy,
Cathy Jordan, Sarah McQuaid, Grainne Holland, ...

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