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Infectiously Toe Tapping |

The Devil Makes Three - Shakey Graves @ 9:30 Club, Washington DC - Nov 15, 2013.

Shakey Graves

As I stepped into line tonight, they said the person in front of me had the last ticket as it was now sold out. Fortunately, they had my name on the list and had space (barely), so I made it in a little late to see the opening solo act.

Although I caught about half the set, I immediately was sorry I didn't catch it all as Shakey Graves is one interesting 'gentleman from Texas'. He sings, plays acoustic guitar and kicks at a kick drum (while standing), yet if you close your eyes, you swear you can hear a whole band roaring away. The fuzzboxes in use creates this strong sound for his heartland songs.

The Devil Makes Three @ FolkWorld: FW#49 |

The songs are good enough to work for acoustic busking, but I am happier to hear them fill the big club so well. He was over huge with the crowd where you could hear the building enthusiasm during the set. He is clearly one to watch for future tours.

The Devil Makes Three

When you have a trio of standup bass, acoustic guitars or guitar and banjo with three voices (one female) you can probably guess the general direction of the sound. And you would certainly hit their sound because this band has a wonderfully broad blend of Americana taking us through folk, Appalachian, Western swing, rockabilly, country rock, and many more.

The songs are rich and hearty and the playing crisp, quick, and enthusiastic. They vary the rhythms, although most are infectiously toe tapping. They add a guest violinist for a few numbers which adds even more interesting sounds to the mix.

Their vocals, personality, and steady enthusiasm pulls the crowd right into the hootenanny they created here tonight. I can't really find anything to fault here tonight. This is a strong band that plays in a comforting manner that will get a lot of fans from a lot of different places and genres joining in.

The Wood Brothers
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Photo Credits: (1) Shakey Graves, (2) The Devil Makes Three (unknown/website).

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