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The Next Market Day

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Cran: Dally and Stray

The Next Market Day

Bardic, Ceilí Moss, Fling, Jim McCann, More Maids

Barbara Cassidy, Chris Jones, Chloe Matharu, Sarah McQuaid

The Next Market Day

A maid going to Comber her markets to larn
And to sell for her mammy three hanks of fine yarn
She met with a young man along the highway
Which caused this young damsel to dally and stray.

“O Sit down beside me I mean you no harm
Come sit down beside me this new tune to larn
And here is three guineas your mammy to pay
So lay by your yarn till the next market day.”

She sat down beside him, the grass it was green
The day was the fairest that ever was seen.
“The look in your eye beats a morning in May
I could sit by your side till the next market day.”

So they sat down together and the valleys did ring
And the birds in the bushes so sweetly did sing
He took out his fiddle and well he could play
And he played her the tune called The Next Market Day     

So this sweet bonny lass she did laugh and did say
I love that wee tune called The Next Market Day
The Next Market Day is a great tune ‘tis plain
So play that tune over again and again and again…

Now as she went homeward, the words he had said
And the tune that he played her still rang in her head.
“I’ll search for that young man by land or by sae
Till he larns me the tune called The Next Market Day.”

O Sit down beside me I mean you no harm ...

So she went back to Comber and searched for him long
And she found this young man and it’s well they got on
And now they are married in sweet Killyleagh
And he plays her the tune called The Next Market Day.

Seán’s reworking of the old traditional song of dalliance and straying collected by Belfast composer Herbert Hughes in 1905. The album title “Dally and Stray” is a quote from this song in which a young girl going to sell home-made linen at the market in the town of Comber in County Down meets a young man playing the fiddle along the way which causes her to “dally and stray”.

Photo Credits: (1)-(2) Cran (unknown/website).

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