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The Finer Singer Songwriters Around Town

Drew Gibson - Flo Anito @ Iota, Washington DC - May 30 2015.

Flo Anito

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Drew Gibson

Artist Video Drew Gibson @ FolkWorld:
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This is my first listening to this local talent and talent is certainly the operative word here. It is a stark approach with just her voice which she accompanies with her fine piano skills and her more rudimentary, but effective acoustic guitar chops. Her songs are folky with lounge elements and offer a variety of emotional depths.

Her speaking voice is on the cute side, but when she takes to song she merges that with a bluesier style that ends up somewhere in between Karen Dalton and Susan Tyrell. She plays well, especially in adding to the dynamics of the required intensities to her son. But it's the voice that is keeping this crowd riveted to this set. Great job.

Drew Gibson

I've missed the last few Drew Gibson shows I've tried to attend, so I am happy to finally catch up with him after some time away. And he's got his band with him tonight including the familiar faces I have seen with him in the past.

He's got a rhythm section and pedal steel guitarist to support his many original songs. No acoustic guitar for him tonight, but he does his usual mix of finger style and plectrum moves on his electric. His voice is ever in great shape and he mixes his songs well between the folkier and the more moderate rockers. With the full band, the Americana style is more prevalent than at his acoustic shows and it does allow a nice variety if you see him anywhere near as often as I do.

I don't know if I prefer this over the solo shows or not, but it's a great way to hear his music in different styles and it was quite a pleasure tonight. Still one of the finer singer songwriters around town is Drew Gibson.

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