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Kihaus Folk

Kihaus Folk Festival

3 - 4 July 2015

A Soup Worth Tasting

Kihaus Folk will celebrate its 25th birthday!

At the heart of Kihaus Folk Festival is of course folk music, seasoned with a spicy mix of dance, blues and pop music, with some stories and tales thrown in for good measure. It will be a soup worth tasting for, cooked up by virtuoso performers from Finland and from abroad and enjoyable by all ages.

Kihaus is held at scenic municipality of Rääkkylä and by visiting us you will also have a chance to enjoy the beautiful Karelian nature. Music will be played in different locations, including the beautiful church of Rääkkylä. There are also shows directed for children, so the littlest ones will also find much to occupy themselves with.

Tellu Turkka

Artist Video Tellu Turkka @ FW:
FW#33, #41, #46, #52

Some Performers 2015:

Antti Paalanen plays accordion music that combines many elements, for example folk and electric music. The result is a primordial and furious music that refuses to be denied. According to Paalanen, the accordion wants to make noise, it is a rebel instrument home at raves and festival stages.

Epically named Esko Järvelä Epic Male Band is a new and energetic folkrock band from Helsinki. Fronted by the violinist Esko Järvelä, the band combines its players backgrounds into a fusion of folk, jazz and rock that they themselves call “progressive hard folk”. Their debut album, Epic Male Band was released in 2013 and has drawn international attention.

The ownly Finnish band that produces new music in Karelian language. Kiviveneh from Joensuu uses many folk styles diversely. The combining elements are the Karelian language and touching stories from human life.


Artist Video Värttinä @ FolkWorld:
FW#7, #14, #18, #21, #26,
#27, #38, #38, #41, #41, #49

Puhti, loosely translated as stamina, is a crazily fiddling, at times sensitized, joyful and pathetic cooperation of a dancer and a musician. The Duo deals with folk tradition with daring transgression and cuts through fenno-ugric melancholy with a whipsaw, laughing all the while.

Roihu is a group for young folk musicians, created by Sari Kaasinen. It continues in the spirit of the most famous Finnish folk group, Värttinä.

What is tradition? How is tradition born? Sari Kaasinen treats the power of tradition in her musical lecture. She confronts the listeners with questions about tradition in their own lives.

Jotain lainattua ja jotain punaista is a cross-art piece by folk musician Tellu Turkka-Saari and circus artist Karoliina Turkka. It speks of Karelian wedding traditions with the language of circus, folk music and clownery. The show ignites interest in tradition in a whole new way, being perhaps the first time in the world a clown lectures of folk tradition.

Famous Finnish folk band Värttinä is a righteous main artist of the saturday evening at Kihaus Folk. This flagship of Finnish folk music has gotten international respect and now they perform at their own land (Omilla mailla) again.

Photo Credits: (1) Kihaus Folk Festival, (2) Tellu Turkka (unknown/website); (3) Värttinä (by The Mollis).

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